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Is Diatomaceous Earth Good for Candida

August 21, 2019

Greetings, New Zealand naturopath, Eric Bakker,
author of Candida Crusher, formulator of the Canxida range of dietary products. I’m no fan of diatomaceous earth. I’ll be quite up front with that. I used to recommend it a long, long time ago,
along with crazy treatments like drinking turpentine and stupid things like that. But I think all practitioners go through different
stage where they try things on people and then later on they think, “What was I thinking?” Later on think of that. Diatomaceous earth is about 80 to 90 percent
silica. Silica is the same stuff that they make glass
out of, so it’s probably like drinking shards of microscopic glass. It just doesn’t make any sense. When I did recommend it for people, I found
no benefit from it all. Can you clean your body with diatomaceous
earth? I think it’s a lot of crap. I don’t think you can clean your body with
diatomaceous earth any more than you can clean your body grinding up empty Budweiser bottles
and drinking those. Kitty litter is actually made from diatomaceous
earth. Think about it. Would you grind this stuff up and eat it? Then not only that, if you have a look on
a lot of science sites, they recommend that you wear masks around it, so you shouldn’t
put it in your eyes or in your nose. Don’t breathe in the fine fumes because it
can play havoc with your lungs or respiratory. I just think it’s another one of those crazy
fad treatments. A bit like coral calcium, another scam. Grinding up coral and then passing it off
as calcium. Come on. And you think I’m going to come down with
a large shell. What are they going to do next? Grind up dog poo and put it in capsules and
tell people it restores their hair? These are the snake oil peddlers, folks. Be very careful about what you buy into on
the internet. There’s so much crap on the internet. If I create a channel with 5,000 videos and
tell people that smoking is a really good benefit for the lungs like doctors did back
in the ’50s. Because doctors back then recommended pregnant
women to smoke because it helped to settle their nerves. Then of course all women started to smoke. They believed them. As my mum used to say to me once, “If I tell
you to jump off a cliff, will you jump off a cliff? Are you going to jump off a cliff if I ask
you to jump off a cliff?” If you’re going to believe that diatomaceous
earth is going to cure your parasites or clean up your Candida, maybe you should jump off
a cliff. Don’t forget to subscribe and also click on
the link in the description box below where you can get my free Candida report. Thanks for tuning in.

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