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Is Detox Good For Candida?

August 20, 2019

Eric Bakker. Thanks for tuning. I’m from New Zealand. I’m a naturopath. I specialize in Candida, but I also work with
people with a wide range of digestive disturbances. Irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel
disease, ulcerative colitis, for example, Crohn’s, food allergies, many different types
of conditions. Helicobacter pylori. It goes on and on. Is detox good for Candida? Well, detox is a cornerstone for the eradication
not just of Candida, but many different types of bugs or pathogens that could potentially
inhabit your gut. Don’t just think of Candida when it comes
to cleansing. Think really of just a good overall house
cleaning. I’ve written extensively about this in my
book, Candida Crusher. There are many, many videos you can see about
detox on this Candida Crusher YouTube channel. You can also read a lot more on Remember. Detox is fundamental toward getting you to
the stage where you’re going to finally eradicate a Candida problem. You’ve got to clean out the rubbish. I like people to initially do the big clean
up. The big clean up involves you being very careful
and doing a pantry overhaul. Throwing out all the crap, the junk, out of
your house. When you go shopping, don’t buy the things
you know you shouldn’t be eating or drinking. When you make lifestyle changes, which I really
like you to do, you’re going to lower your desire for these foods because you’re going
to live a more stress-free life. You’re going to sleep more. You’ll have more energy. When you feel good, you make the right decisions
in your life. When you feel terrible, you’re going to make
the wrong decisions. And that usually means drinking alcohol and
eating takeaway foods and all the kind of junk that contribute to toxins in the body. Smoking, drinking, takeaway food, deep-fried
food. When I spent time in Las Vegas recently, I
was appalled at how much sugar people were eating and how many sodas people were drinking. Huge big stacks of pancakes with syrup for
breakfast. I wouldn’t even feed that to a pet. This is junk food. These foods induce toxins in the body. You don’t need to do a very complicated detoxification
regime with Candida, but usually we do detox in two or three phases. We like to remove stuff initially like remove
the junk. That’s the big clean up. Two weeks is good for you to come down off
things. Never make very rapid changes in your diet. It’s the same advice I would give to people
if they’re going to exercise. If you’re a big, large person whose tired,
you’re not going to go to the gym and then do a three-hour workout. Then you spend a whole year’s gym fee. You join up. You feel like crap in the first week and you
never go again. Lots of people make that mistake. Don’t make big diet changes because your digestive
system is not used to such a rapid change. Induce changes slowly over two, three, four-week
period. The more unbalanced your life is and the more
you want to become balanced, the slower the change has to occur because it will be more
likely to be a permanent change. Take it easy. You’ve got plenty of time. Don’t be in a hurry. The more rash decisions and the faster you
push yourself, the more likely you’re going to back out and quit altogether. If we look at detoxification initially, we
could look at different types of fibers, psyllium, slippery elm. There are different protein drinks you can
drink with fibers in them. Some people like to have vegetable drinks. These flush the colon out. Clean out the crap. Some people use bentonite clay. Other people are going to use magnesium oxide
or vitamin C powder. This gives you a bowel flush. It’s very good to do that. Then you might want to follow up with CanXida
Remove, which I’ve created, an antimicrobial, to clean out parasites, bacteria, toxins and
crap like that living in the gut. That could be again a week or two. Then you’re going to be looking at a probiotic
like CanXida Restore to rebuild that gut, to stimulate property enzyme production, to
allow the production of beneficial bacteria in there again. A detox doesn’t have to be arduous or very
long drawn out. You don’t need to do 95 colon cleanses, for
example. Most people I see are not that toxic to begin
with because they’ve already implemented a healthy diet. They just need to tidy up before they go into
a proper Candida diet. A small minority of people I see who are smoking
and drinking and doing foolish things like that, so they need to go really slow for several
weeks before they go deeper into it. You can also incorporate over time a bit of
Swedish bitters into your diet, which stimulate toxic bile secretion and clean the liver and
dump toxins into the digestive system that you can discrete. That’s aided by skin brushing and having showers,
stimulating the skin, having saunas. I’m doing a redevelopment next year of my
front yard. I’m going to build a sauna. I’m not a big fan of the fire infrared saunas. I prefer the ones that produce heat and steam
and humidity and I’ll have a sauna every week. I think saunas are fantastic to really stimulate
the diaphoresis or sweating because skin is the largest organ. It’s a great way to get toxins out of the
body. Exercise will do that, too, induce sweating
and toxin release. Breathing property is a great way to remove
toxins from the body. Stimulating the skin. Sweating and skin brushing. Stimulating the bowel with the right kind
of foods. Vegetables, which I speak so often about. Simple, basic stuff. It’s all you need really to detox. If you have heavy metals through a hair analysis
or maybe a urine proficiency test, you may want to do a heavy metal cleanse. I will have no doubt done a video on that,
too. Detoxification forms a fantastic pathway for
rebuilding your health from the ground up and it’s a very good precursor to beginning
the Candida Crusher program. Am I supporter of detox? I totally support it. Please read more of my information online. Do my quiz on or Check it out and have a look at Formulas I specially designed for people undergoing
cleansing detox, yeast eradication, parasite eradication, and ultimately being of great
health. Thanks for tuning in.


  • Reply Felix Stanfield October 11, 2017 at 10:14 am

    Thank you for your insight. Are there any plans of doing a printed version of your candida crusher book?

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    hi doctor.what is your opinion on urine therapy for cleaning candida ?Can you do a video about that ?

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    I am about to start this Psoriasis Program.. And was wondering if I can do the Liver, Gallbladder and Kidney cleanse After "Phase 1 Seven Day Bowel Purge" before starting Phase 2 Seven Day Cleansing Diet???

  • Reply Kathy Reid October 13, 2017 at 11:58 pm

    Please can you tell me if you can use your candida anti-fungal treatment if you are on Blood pressure medications?

  • Reply Candida Crusher December 19, 2017 at 8:24 pm

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    Please do a video taking about heavy metal detoxification

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