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Is CanXida Any Good For Parasites?

November 18, 2019

Eric Bakker, the naturopath from New Zealand. Thanks for tuning in. We’re talking about parasites in this series. I’ve had many people ask me, many people with
parasites asked me through my YouTube channel, Eric, does CanXida work at all for parasites? Is it any good? I’ve tried X, Y, Z product from this website. I’ve tried this product from this website. I’ve tried this. Is yours just another one of these pills that
I’m going to end up chucking in the drawer, I tried for a little while and then it didn’t
work? Well, my reply to those people is CanXida
does work. We’ve had it now released now, what, for four
years, five years? We’ve had many thousands of people send us
incredibly good feedback from CanXida. I’m not interested in publishing testimonials
all over the net, but if we wanted to, we could create a website with 500 testimonials
on this product. I’m not interested. Who gives a damn about testimonials? It’s something you need to try for yourself. CanXida has been based on over 30 years of
my clinical experience working for multiple companies, including foreign research, Douglas
Laboratories, Dr. Wilson’s original formulations. I’ve worked as a technical specialist now
for decades in this field. I know the companies, I know the raw materials,
I know the manufacturing procedures. It’s just my game, it’s what I do. But I also always had a passion to really
help people on a deep level when it came to gut dysfunction. And it’s why I created CanXida Remove. I got disappointed of giving people six or
seven different containers, you know, caprylic acid and oregano oil and neem and a bit of
this and a bit of that. I was sick of it. So I thought, what can I make that’s got everything
in it? That’s got the best of what I like to use
with people? And that’s how CanXida Remove was born. Okay, this one with a red label. So we’ve got patients now all over the world
in over 60 countries. I’ve seen patients that have been purchasing
CanXida Remove. It’s expensive in some countries because of
freight costs. I appreciate that. And we are seriously looking into European
distribution in 2020, so I’m looking at getting a warehousing there so we can dispatch to
all of our customers all throughout the EU region. But why does CanXida work? Why would it be any good for parasites? Why is it different than anything else you’ve
taken? Well, CanXida is different in that it was
designed by somebody who actually sees patients. That’s a big deal. Many supplements that you take have been made
by people sitting in rooms with McDonald’s wrappers in their hands and an iPhone cell
phone in their other hand, typing on a screen. They’ve never seen a patient. They’re either academics or they’re supplement
formulators. They’re actually not people sitting with their
butt on a chair talking to people about health problems. Because what you quickly realize as a clinician,
some supplements work, some don’t work, some are junk, and some just are totally outrageously
over-expensive crap that just shouldn’t even be designed. So when you work with multiple brands like
I have, you start to understand also the power of the raw material and the quality. And that’s why I’ve never liked the cheapest
supplements because I’ve always found that certain countries make these raw materials
and they are not a good thing to look at. I look at the certificate, you know the certificate
of analysis, the COA. I look at the COA and when I see some country
origins and I have a look at their microbial contamination and the [inaudible] contamination,
you know, and the excipients in there, I just reject this crap. There’s so much crap on the market. So it all starts with good raw materials. So I select the best raw materials to put
in my product and I only use the types of ingredients that I know from experience actually
work with people. So CanXida Remove contains a whole bunch of
things in there that target not just parasites but also bacteria and yeasts. It’s one of the few formulas ever designed
on the market today that works equally well for a lot of gut dysfunction. Whether it’s a SIBO related problem, whether
it’s a colonic related problem, whether it’s a parasite related problem, whether it’s a
yeast related problem, CanXida Remove has an influence on all of those systems. Okay? On all of those particular pathogens. And I’ve seen this, it’s been proven to work
through multiple, multiple, multiple stool tests, which we’ve performed over a thousand
stool tests in the last three years alone. This clinic has performed over a thousand
in the EU region, Australia, New Zealand, and predominantly North America. So when you compete that quantity of stool
testing and you get a really good feel for the susceptibility panels and what works,
that’s how you formulate supplements. Okay, well that’s how I formulate anyway. And it’s worked for me because the feedback
I get has been outstanding. Now, many people believe you can’t eradicate
a parasite with a dietary supplement. What a load of crap. You can do that, but you have to know how
to do that. That’s the thing. Many people disbelieve a lot of things, but
then realize later on that it was a fallacious disbelief. Okay? You can get your gut in a very high shape
regardless of the condition, but there are some obviously conditions that we can’t do
much for. If you’ve got advanced bowel cancer pathology,
if you’ve got Crohn’s disease with massive lesions throughout your gut, well come on. You know? It’s pretty hard to turn something around
that’s in that condition. But in most cases of patients I’ve seen that
have dysfunction with parasites, bacteria or yeasts, we can turn them around usually
between three to six months if it’s over a year duration. If they’ve had the dysfunction for two to
five years, it may take eight months or 12 months. If they’ve had the problem for 10 or 15 years,
it could take up to two years. Right? But I’ve yet to see a gut case in my clinic
that we can’t turn around and improve. And that level of improvement can be for minor
up to full on outstanding health. And all you need is basic dietary principles. I’ve got a basic quality supplement like CanXida,
and some basic information like you’re getting now and that will get you on the right track. You don’t need endless doctor’s visits with
drugs and stool tests that lead to nowhere that just pinpoint one or two bugs but don’t
look at the full picture. You don’t need that. You don’t need to leave clinics with bottles
and bottles of 50 different dietary supplements. One of my patients a few days ago was spending
$1,000 a month on supplements and is getting nowhere. So don’t do that. You don’t need tons of supplements for the
gut. The CanXida Remove is the cleaner. Okay? So I like people to be on that to get the
gut into a clean state. It’s got high quality oregano oil in it. Caprylic acid, grapefruit seed extract. There’s neem in there. There’s berberine in there. I put all of the best in that tablet. And the dosages? Please look at the playlists on CanXida supplements,
you can learn all about dosages. Okay? The second product which I recommend to take
for parasites is the Restore. Okay? It’s this one here with the green label. So this is the second product I developed
because I wanted to put a probiotic into someone’s hand that also had enzymes with it. So I find enzymes and probiotics work extremely
well together. So the reason why you would use a Restore
is exactly like what it says. It resets and restores the gut function. Now Restore and Remove can be taken together
or some patients also take Remove anywhere between one up to six per day for a few weeks
and then may take Restore. But I find that Restore works very well one
capsule once or twice a day, then Remove one to three tablets per day. And the protocol normally can be 21 month,
two months, three months, up to six months. It just depends on your gut. But by using the enzyme in the probiotic,
you facilitate a significantly better breakdown of food. All right? Because there’s specialty enzymes, there are
seven specialty enzymes in that formula, so they’re going to break down proteins, but
especially vegetable fibers and carbs and the smaller particle size. That’s going to allow the bacteria further
down, give them something to feed on. So the fermentation will be better, the short
chain fatty acids will improve, your butyrate level goes up, the propionate level goes up,
all of these things improve, they become more balanced. And when they become more balanced, the hormone
signals to the brain become more balanced. Ghrelin and leptin, for example, are influenced
by butyrate. So when short chain fatty acids come up, you
can more easily control your cravings and desires for foods. You don’t have to be a member of the BBC anymore. Okay? The big bum club, the big butt club. Okay? Enzymes are great for that. So if you get this gut in great shape, get
good bacteria happening in there, the appetite will be much more easily controlled. Energy will be outstanding. Inflammation goes down and good bye parasite. Parasites can’t stand a digestive system with
a balanced PH, high levels of beneficial bacteria and the imbalance floor in their place. Okay? So commensals, a flora I call politicians. You’ve got the good bacteria, you’ve got the
not so good bacteria, and you’ve got the imbalanced ones. So I call them the politicians of the gut. They can go any way. They can go good or bad depending on how much
money they’re getting from someone at the time. So okay, in this case, these guys, if they
get McDonald’s, well they’re going to go bad. If they get asparagus and broccoli, they’re
going to go good. So depending on what you eat will influence
those commensals. Depending on the drugs you take and the stresses
you have. Okay? Life is a really cool thing, but it’s all
about balance and moderation. As soon as you put antibiotics in there, ka-pow,
candida or bad bacteria. So be careful. Okay? So the balance of taking Restore and Remove
is very, very good for parasites. It’s a protocol I recommend you do if you’ve
got blastocystis or dientamoeba fragilis or a similar parasite or another amoeba for example,
could be [inaudible] or it could be worms. You could have all sorts of parasites, but
to me it’s all the same thing. You use the Remove and the Restore side by
side for a period, usually at the beginning for about a month or six weeks, you improve
your diet, you have a look at some of my videos on relaxation, on eating properly. That will really help you to get you your
body in a great shape and overcome this parasite problem. So the probiotics, I forgot to mention in
the Restore, I’ve used the best strains I can find for boosting gut immunity. So a lactobacillus rhamnosus is one of my
favorite ones, that’s in there as well. We’ve got some really good strains in here. We’ve got the plantarum, rhamnosus, and we’ve
got the DDS1 acidophilus. So that’s the Department of Dairy Science
1 which was developed by Dr. Kim Shahani in the 1960s, would you believe it? Dr. Shahani was one of America’s leading pioneers
in microbiology. A Pakistani microbiologist who devoted his
life towards studying lactobacillus. There are I believe over 250 papers published
on DDS1. It’s considered to be the ultimate lactobacillus. It’s a human strain, one of the few from the
human gut that was actually taken and colonized. It’s a very powerful lactobacillus. So that’s in that supplement. We’ve got the bifidobacteria in there of course
as well. Longum, and I think we’ve got the bifido bifidum
in there. So we’ve got a nice balance of the lactobacillus
and the bifidobacteria in that supplement, along with the enzymes. A perfect accompaniment for the Remove. And the feedback we get from the [inaudible]
has been exceptional from now hundreds and hundreds of cases that we received. So there you have it. A simple protocol for a powerful potential
pathogen. It can easily be done. Okay? The funny thing in life I’ve found is sometimes
we look at things and we think we need a really complicated solution, but we don’t. Generally, the simple solutions work the best. Right? Think about it. Thanks for tuning in.


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    Which stool test company do you recommend in the U.S.?

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    Would candixa help against cryptosporidium and blastocystis?

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    Eric, can you help me figure out what I’m missing? I can fly to you… or do video etc. I guess I just want to pick your brain and will pay for your time.


  • Reply hello ! November 16, 2019 at 3:54 pm

    Hey Eric. I started the Candida Crusher program and have been taking Canxida Remove + Restore for 1,5 months. When do you think my brain fog will go away? 🤔

  • Reply gipsyqueen65 November 16, 2019 at 8:32 pm

    I've been using canxida restore for three days now. But now I have gotten a very bad breath and "naked pale red big spots on my tongue. Why do I get this ? I am eating almost nothing, because I get sever migrains that lasts for days from about everything I eat.

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