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Is A Colon Cleanse OK While On The Candida Diet?

August 17, 2019

Here’s an interesting question I get asked
regularly. I think I may have answered this one already
in a previous video. I don’t know the title. “Is a colon cleanse okay while on the Candida
diet?” Of course, it’s okay. But in most cases, it’s not really necessary
to do colon cleansing. It’s something I believe that can be done
in time. It may work to your detriment. If you like to do colon cleansing at home,
for example, maybe do one or two. I’ve had some patients who do daily enemas
for years and years. Every single day they do an enema. It’s crazy. What the hell are they doing that for? It’s like changing the oil on your car every
week. Why would you do that for? It disrupts the colon significantly by doing
this too regularly. It disturbs the very delicate micro flora
balance quite profoundly. I’ve seen many stool tests results in the
past several years where there were no bifida bacteria. When I spoke to the patient about it, they
did agree that they were having coffee enemas every other week for sometimes months on end. Stop doing it. Many people get tired with colonics if they
do them again and again. It’s a crazy belief that the more tired they
get, the more colonics they have to do to get more energy. In fact, they’re decreasing their energy,
becoming more fatigued. I don’t think it’s a good idea in my personal
opinion to do colonics all the time. However, if you went to a colon therapist
and had a professional colonic irrigation done by someone whose really in the know,
by a person’s who’s registered. I’ve got a good friend, ?????????, for example,
in a clinic in England, who is one of the UK’s finest colon hydrotherapists. That’s a totally different ball game. You’re going to someone who really understands
the colon and has worked with thousands of people like I have, but just focused on colonic
improvement. These people are professionals and know exactly
what they’re doing. When they clean you out, you can watch the
tube what’s coming through the water. They can understand. They massage the colon. They can feel around for the pockets of hardness
and inundations. They’ll talk to you about your diet. They feel the bowel and they wash the bowel
out. They look at what’s coming out. Are you doing any of that stuff? How the hell can you work on yourself? Are you a person who services their own car? Replaces water pumps and puts crankshafts
in there and stuff like that. Don’t fiddle with your middle. You keep playing with all these things, you’ll
break them. Trust me on this. It’s not really a good thing to do. This is not really a DIY job. It really isn’t in my opinion. I’d rather leave that kind of stuff to professional
people. Personal opinion, professional opinion. I’m entitled to that. Thanks for tuning in.


  • Reply Maria N. May 25, 2017 at 5:26 am

    I've read that people do probiotic e enemas (break a probiotic capsule in an enema bag) to help with the candida cleanse. does this help or is it insane?

  • Reply J_issa King August 20, 2017 at 3:59 am

    Hey doctor I've got your book and I'm consulting a naturopath in my country frankly she is one of the only or few naturopath in my country and she says that colon cleanse will clean all the bacteria and make the yeast go crazy so I'm very scared and careful if I should do it,could you tell me some advice and info desperate 18 year old male

  • Reply I Robot October 16, 2018 at 1:45 am

    what supplements do you have for us to use for colon cleanse while liver also needs a cleans. I know you mentioned that we need to cleanse colon first then liver. so what method or supplements do you recommend? thank you

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