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Ionic Detox VS

November 7, 2019

This machine has really been a positive influence
in my health since I started using it about three months ago and found much increased
level activity and energy, activities, and relaxation
at night. I find my overall well being and health is improved dramatically. The process
itself is very simple and I look forward to my weekly
treatments. I strongly recommend this product to anyone. In my spare time, I enjoy working out, and
after a full treatment of the ionic foot spa, I noticed that I had more sustainable energy
in my workouts, and I just noticed that I’m not
tiring as soon or as early as I would before my treatments with the ionic foot spa. It’s
just, it’s kinda strange how after just a few treatments you
can start noticing these things that after the first treatment you thought maybe, well,
“Does this really work?” but then you start noticing
the difference in your body. Ionic foot spa is not just for adults, its
for kids and teens as well. I typically like to do my hands for a treatment. It helps me
with the upper body when I get sniffles, sore throat, headaches.
It helps eliminate the toxins and chemicals that build up in my body. It also helps me
sleep better at night. I get more energy and it
just makes me feel a lot better. I have a tendency to get strep throat easily,
so when I use the hand treatment it helps the upper body and helps me get better faster. Since I’ve been using ionic foot spa at the
kids level, I’ve noticed I have more energy during my soccer games and I’m more alert
at school. Starting quality health habits now will benefit
us for the rest of our lives.

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