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Introducing Foods Back Into The Diet After Candida Crusher Treatment

August 24, 2019

Greetings! Eric Bakker, New Zealand naturopath. Author of Candida Crusher and formulator of
the CanXida range of supplements. It’s great to be back. Thanks for checking out my video. Today we’re going to talk about introducing
foods back into your diet after a successful Candida treatment. Many people contact me and say, “Can I eat
this food?” and “I’m feeling better, can I eat that food?” I’ve already done some videos on this topic,
but I think it might be good to sort of go over a few things with you again. The thing with reintroduction of foods is
you’ve got to think about it very carefully and logically. How are you going to introduce the foods? What stages are you going to introduce them
in? Don’t make the mistake of introducing lots
and lots of different foods at the same time. It’s not a good idea. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. This is how you do it. You make a list of the foods that you’ve avoided
or that you want to introduce back into your diet and you want to grade them. Now for simplicity’s sake, you can just do
it in two categories, but three’s probably better. You can say for example: “The foods I love
the most,” and “The foods I love.” Just say A and B. Foods that you like the
most and the foods that you like. Now every food that you’re going to reintroduce,
you either put A or B next to it. Simple. The foods that you’re going to introduce first
are not the foods that you love the most. The reason being, is if you like them the
most, that probably means you’re going to overeat them the most, too, and probably get
a reaction again. So introduce the B-grade foods first, and
introduce one food a day for a three or four-day period. Just one serving of that food per day or maybe
two small servings for a three-day period and then tick it off your list and move to
the second B food. Don’t put like eight B foods back in on a
Wednesday and on Thursday three A foods back in. Don’t do that. Have a slow gradual introduction. Make haste slowly. I much prefer you to take your time. Now when you’ve got your A column of the foods
you like the most, if you think carefully about it, you can put the foods that you really
like the most and the foods that you like. So you can A+ and A. The A+ foods are the
foods you introduce the last. Because again, there could be a tendency for
you to want to eat those foods every day, twice a day, or after dinner every day. Remember, if you’ve got a very powerful relationship
with a food, it’s going to have a very powerful relationship with your gut or your immune
system. You may find it hard to say no to that food
when you reintroduce that food. So take care. It could be something like ice cream for example. Not a great food to eat. We’ve got some beautiful ice cream in New
Zealand. Really good ice cream. I do eat ice cream, but it may be once every
week or two. It’s not a food I would commonly eat every
day. It’s very congesting, it gives me phlegm and
mucus, but I tell you what, there’s nothing better guys, than a nice bowl of beautiful
New Zealand Kapiti ice cream from a region called Kapiti Coast with a couple of nice
slices of peaches on there, fresh peaches out of the garden, with a tiny bit of cream
on top. It’s beautiful. It’s one of the pleasures in life. Eating beautiful ice cream. But we’re not talking nine scoops in a bowl
covered with a gallon of chocolate sauce on top of that, we’re talking a small helping. Common sense. So remember, if you like it, it’s either illegal,
immoral or fattening, usually. One of those three. So just go slow on it if you like it. Take it easy with this food. Don’t be in a hurry to introduce the foods
you like the most. Give yourself quite a few days between the
spacing of these really high desirable foods. If you take your time and do a proper introduction,
particularly when you start feeling good, you’ll find that you don’t have to go on a
roller coaster anymore of feeling good and feeling bad as your immune system may go to
town on that food. When you reintroduce foods, it’s like reintroducing
people into your lives. There could be a few relationship issues until
things settle down. Try and understand that you have a relationship
with every food you eat. Now you either hate that food like brussel
sprouts, or you love that food like ice cream. So don’t forget: Take it easy, do it slowly
in a regulated sense and you’ll have no problems reintroducing foods into your diet. I’m a firm believer that when you’ve got really
good health like me, you can eat all foods. You can eat a little bit of bread. You can have a bit of meat. You can have some eggs. You can have chicken, a bit of ice cream. You can have maybe a cold beer. All these things are possible when you’re
healthy, and don’t let anyone tell you that foods are poison and you need to avoid them. I hope you’ve got some good information out
of this video. Please click on the link below if you haven’t
got my Candida report and please subscribe. Thanks for tuning in.


  • Reply Sharon Barnes October 21, 2016 at 10:33 pm

    thx u very much im on my 4th infection with yeast in 10 years I am diabetic and he's infection started around the time my diabetes came into play and the Kaiser doctors here in America think that yeast in the gut is mythical like the Unicorn even after doing stool studies that show I have yeast in my gut they like to call it irritable bowel it's so stressful I'm looking forward to receiving your book

  • Reply bayarjargal batbayar October 21, 2016 at 10:38 pm

    doc, would you recommend food intolerances test? I'm tired of guessing­čś×

  • Reply dawid klang October 22, 2016 at 10:00 am

    Hi Eric, dont know if u mentioned ginger Before but there should be some beneficials of eating it right? we put it in tea and drink it and then i eat the ginger that had boiling along in the water afterwards, its a good idea right? it taste like garlic abit

  • Reply Almendra Rosas October 22, 2016 at 3:55 pm

    Thanks y for your video doc!!!

  • Reply Pauline Gray October 24, 2016 at 11:49 am

    I know I'm rare but I LOVE Brussel sprouts!

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