Introducing Critical Illness 100 (CI 100)

December 23, 2019

We all plan on making the most out of life to experience and live life to fullest. But in an instant, the life you planned can be taken away from you. Statistics show that heart attacks, Stroke, Cancer, and Pneumonia are among the leading causes of death in the Philippines. Five out of 10 Filipinos die due to these conditions And we all know that being diagnosed with critical illness can be devastating, both personally and financially. How financially ready are you if it hits you? It’s not rhetoric. We’re actually asking you. We’ll give you a second to think about it. Not as ready as you thought? At Allianz PNB Life, you will always be financially prepared when illness strikes. Introducing Critical Illness 100. The first insurance benefit in the Philippines that covers up to 100 critical illnesses to help you and your loved ones carry the financial burden of hospitalization. It covers one hundred illnesses for the insured as early as the age of 5, until age 100. Allianz PNB Life will be with you throughout difficult times. With Critical Illness 100, as soon as you get diagnosed with an early stage critical illness, you get 50% of the benefit. So you can get the treatment that you need right away. You get full benefit upon diagnosis of an intermediate stage or late stage critical illness. Critical Illness 100 helps you with other conditions and treatments through additional benefits. With a coverage of up to 5 million pesos, you can focus on getting better and get all the help that you need as we take care of your medical expenses from medicinal needs to therapies, and surgeries. With Critical Illness 100, you can live the life you’ve imagined knowing that you are ready for whatever comes your way.

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