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Internal Medicine on the Treasure Coast: Lindsey Patterson, MD

February 4, 2020

So I’ve always been interested since I
was about five. Actually, my neighbor was a plastic surgeon. It’s kind of what
started it all. He really used to come over and stitch us up a lot when we got
hurt in our backyard. That’s really what got the ball going, but when I was 11, I
had third-degree chemical burns on both my hands and it brought me into the
hospital and then sent me home you know very sick and several physicians from
all over the state were calling my mom and dad checking in on me seeing how I
was doing and just the outpouring of support from people that I didn’t know
you know from a medical community, you know to an 11-year-old really stood out
and it really made me want to be part of that when I grew up. So that’s kind of
what really solidified my choice of medicine. Well, I think everyone when they
start medical school wants to be a surgeon because that’s what you always
think medicine is. I quickly went away from that and I started to kind of see
where the root of medicine was which was in primary care. I liked the idea of
establishing a relationship and rapport with my patients and kind of watching
them grow and you know either fight a disease or overcome a disease and I
really kind of liked the idea of being like a Sherlock Holmes sort of thing in
medicine kind of trying to find out what the cause is. But also just being there
to keep people healthy. I would think I want patients to know that I’m not going
to ever give up on you, that I will no matter what I’ll figure out what’s going
on, regardless. May take me a little bit, but I’ll get it. So, I think the fact that
I’m just willing to spend time and you know really kind of get to know you. you

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