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Inside Medicine | Irene A Birthday Wish | Season 2 Episode 3 | Weill Cornell Medicine

February 18, 2020

What’s it like being a grandmother? Most wonderful thing in the world, and it’s also my reward for not having killed their parents Fortunately we are close family Other than that I don’t think we could have gotten through a lot of the stuff that we’ve gotten through with a smile My husband owned a machine shop and the boys worked for him My oldest son is Gary my middle son is Larry which was a mistake to have the Gary and a Larry Gary was very sick as a young man. He developed a blood disorder aplastic anemia when he was 16 It was one medication for the disease and if he were lucky the work thirty percent of the time and it worked my husband was diagnosed in 1987 with Gastric esophageal cancer, and he responded very well to the first round of chemotherapy but then that stopped working and Nothing really worked after that and guess what I still miss him I was originally diagnosed with bladder cancer and they tried all the conventional treatments, and they all worked But then something else always happened within a very short length of time Most people you know that all bladder cancer. I had bladder cancer I’m fine, but if it penetrates the bladder wall, it’s not so fine And that’s when they decided they had to do surgery and remove my bladder Before the surgery they asked me if I would take part in precision medicine And I said yes to me would only be a win-win situation Precision medicine is when they take a piece of the malignant Tumor or skin or whatever and they study if they find out what it actually might respond to It’s precision. It’s geared to you, and it was recommended that I should go on breast cancer drugs They wouldn’t have thought and I wouldn’t have thought I I have bladder cancer, I don’t have breast cancer. It’s working the last three Cat-scans have been completely clean I have no evidence of cancer How can I not say thank you to Weill Cornell and to precision medicine? I am very fortunate to have a lot of very good friends. I turn 77 they feel that this is a good year to celebrate my good fortune. Oh I love birthdays. How can you not celebrate a birthday? What do I wish for myself? Things go on just as they are

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