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Influenza Pneumonia Hospitalization and Prior Influenza Vaccination

November 14, 2019

[ Music ]>>The JAMA Network.>>For many people getting a
flu shot is an annual tradition.>>What happened, pumpkin? I know, that’s it.>>Pneumonia is one of the most
serious complications of influenza.>>Pneumonia means an infection in your lungs. Deep down in your lungs.>>Often requiring hospitalization.>>The most effective way to prevent some
of the influenza infections is vaccination.>>Doctors Carlos Grehelba
[phonetic] and Catherine Edwards from Vanderbilt University Medical Center and
co authors evaluated more than 2700 patients over three consecutive flew seasons. All patients were admitted to the hospital from the emergency department
at four sites around the U.S.>>Everyone had pneumonia but one
group had flu and one group did not.>>About six percent of those patients
had pneumonias due to influenza.>>Next, the researchers
determined how many patients with pneumonia had been vaccinated
against influenza.>>The people that had received vaccine had
57 percent less chance of getting hospitalized with flu/pneumonia than those
patients that were not vaccinated.>>The study appears in JAMA, Journal
of the American Medical Association.>>The effectiveness of the vaccines seem
to be a little lower for older subjects and for patients with underlying
immunosuppressive conditions.>>The vaccines seem to work very well in
young children and individuals less than 65.>>The study’s results provide one more
reason to get a flu shot this fall.>>Actually it’s all done.>>All done!>>It hurt a little.>>A little?>>Catherine Dolf, The JAMA Report. [ Music ]

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