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Influenza — Flu protection in pregnancy

October 23, 2019

[sound of blocks clicking] There, there! It goes there, how about that one? This one. The young people I’ve seen
that’ve had the flu have got very very sick. And quite surprisingly you always think
if you’re young you’ll get the flu and you’ll be fine
within a day or two. But I’ve looked after people
that have been in ICU for six weeks and they were very young
and almost died. And also looked after
a pregnant lady who was sick. I got the flu vaccination while I was pregnant
for two main reasons. One is because I don’t want to be sick
looking after a new baby, and also to protect my child. When they’re newborn
they’re quite vulnerable to everything that’s out there. And I couldn’t
I couldn’t bear looking after a child that was sick with …
knowing I could have done something to prevent it. David, my husband, was very supportive
of me getting Sam vaccinated for the flu. I thought about not getting him vaccinated
because it would hurt. And I said to my husband
that maybe we wouldn’t vaccinate him against the flu. And he’s like, you’re being silly,
you’ve got him vaccinated against everything else,
of course you’re taking him and booking him in. I was like, yes. So we took him and booked him in,
and got him sorted. You gonna come and give bubba a kiss? Say hello bubba? One thing that made me strongly
get flu vac while I was pregnant was I helped care for a lady
who was about my age and she was quite pregnant,
almost due to have her baby, and she was very very sick. She almost died. She was with us for quite a few weeks.
And just watching her and what her husband was going through,
and it was their first baby and it was meant to be an exciting time. She almost died. Her husband was visiting her every day
worried about the baby and her. And then when she finally
delivered her baby as an emergency,
he was left with this beautiful newborn and a wife who was still terribly sick
and was going to take months to recover. And I just thought,
I don’t want that to ever be me or my husband.

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