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Improving Officer Safety in Interactions With Citizens Suffering From Mental Illness

December 6, 2019

CARA ALTIMUS: My background as a scientist for the last decade has been really understanding how the brain is different in cases of mental illness. And when I was a fellow at NIJ, I realized
that outside of an academic or medical environment, there’s a lot misunderstanding about what
mental illness is and what causes it, and even the fact that it is a physiological state, it’s a difference in the brain. And so when I was asked to speak in this session, I was actually really excited because I viewed that as another opportunity to speak to an
audience that deals with mental illness’ first responders and to better explain and to reach those people to talk about what is mental illness and what causes that. Mental illness and drug addiction are actually really tightly connected. Both of them are states of the brain, they’re changes in the brain. So, we know that almost twenty percent or one in five Americans suffer from mental illness. We know that-I believe it’s one in ten-ish
are suffering from substance use disorders. And that overall, when we put all of the people together that are suffering from mental illness or substance use disorders at any given time that it’s about one and four, one quarter of the population. And in both of these cases, mental illness
or substance use disorders, what you’re dealing with are changes in the actual neural circuits, changes in the way a person-a person’s brain processes information. Law enforcement are often the first responders in cases of a call for your service that involves mental health. And so in-when people interact with each other, we have expectations of what that is going to be like. And in three quarters of the situations that we interact with somebody, we’re interacting with someone that’s not suffering from mental illness or substance use disorders and it’s easy for us to predict what those interactions are going to be like. But in the one quarter of circumstances that in-that a police officer or you are coming into contact with someone whose neural circuitry is actually physically different, it’s going to be a lot harder to predict what that interaction is going to be like. And what that means is that we have to have structures and systems in place so that police officers and first responders can be successful in interacting with those people. And so we have a lot of programs right now that, you know, talk about de-escalation, and creating distance, and time, and, you
know, lowering the tone of voice, all of that actually is happening. What we’re talking about is changing the inputs so that as that information is processed by the brain, that person can respond better
and keep everybody safer.


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    What clinical trials have you done? are you an Alcoholic, at what point did you lose You self control… What is your diagnosis If your Honest. How do spiritual Practices affect the Brain and Nervous system. How much of the CNS is Covered in your Field. IE Neurological not Books, Tests. Have you cracked on the Job or got super frustrated in collegue. What do a Phycologyst do to Help diagnosis Mental Illness. IE Masters Unsupervised and How many Years do they have. Do you have 2 days to do the Test. Have you meet Dr. Bob or Bill W. Or Dr. Silkworth. Have you asked Internal medicine versus Chiropractic. How are you different from Karl Menninger. are you trying to Reinvent the wheel. Have gone to a self help meeting or Church. Are you writing papers or are working in a Treatment center. Can you explain why people get Cancer without Pre existing Conditions RARE.. NO medical Federal Clinicals to say what caused Cancer 4 Times in 15 Months. Expect more than This. what Diagnostic manual are you using. Would you please share your Finding with The Doctors who treat people. why was Mental Illness #5 Plague of Human History. what drug will work?Were were you in the last 15k years. What is the effect of Plastic on the brain and protein cells why did a civilian point out security Problems on the inside from the outside.. It wasnt a metal case that Droped the ATom Bomb. what is the FDA rulling? Why is the USA number 1 illegal drugs in the World per CIA. We know the countries that Produce Compounds needed for ie Heroin and were these points in the world are but they are Part of???? How many People are Wrongly Diagnosed and used as test rats.. Resperiadol why do that Drug go apeshit on my nervous ssystem to answer my own Question CNS is the Entire Human Body not the Brain only. If you only deal with the Brain yoiur not changing the Whole body thus it gets worse. Why is there FDA WARNIINGs on atiseizure meds and they get handed out like Candy and cause and are the leading Drug that Causes Suicide. What do ffuctioning successful alcoholic or recoverying whatever Look like when they Dont use the shit you allow into the Country. SPAM your email. what Federal law do you want to Break. Can I have a Copy of my medical Record you must obtain which is Protected by Federal Law a Federal Judge. The other is not Protected under CFR. Why are people in suidcide watch in the County Jail committting suicide while being wathed and not Given medications. You know its ilegal to impersonate law encforcement— law enforcement must show they are who they say They are. If they aare working for a Private Propertie alot of Laws are not applyed in writing or posted. Not just law but it makes sence if you see a actual seurity guard instead of going about ARMED in Street cloths Badge NOT visable. Cant see thru ya back… Do you think its a good idea to let the Merchant Guard who can arrest ya know. Until you say who you are you dont look like a cop. the only difference is $$$$$. Midemeanor A B Felony are arrestable Offenses. If you tell security they can serach you no permission or explaining that Your safety and theres is at Risk, and if you Detain or use Cuffs withoutsaying anything Then the persona can sue 1` Cop for being a Guard who illegally detain a Citizen, 2 Sue the store 3 sue the corperation. Becaue you broke the Personas Civil Rights. Not bad for a Rental cop with best PR and turn over, in top5 citys crime rate in Nation. 150k people and e got more Cops and troopers than kansas City Kansas 1 million.How is mental Illness affecting That. I got a lifetime of experience. Oh mine is under CDC

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    Please send emails from a Credited school that dont exist google or or other Biased media. and get verified

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