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Imperial College London student stories: Kimberley studying Medicine

December 23, 2019

My name is Kimberley, I’m a third-year
medical student and this is my Imperial journey. I chose Imperial because, when I came here for the open day, everyone was really welcoming. Everyone was really ready to answer my questions. I wanted to study medicine here because obviously, I looked around lots of other unis for the course that I wanted. I just felt like this was one of the places that matched the most for me. Just because of the structure of the course, the way that we learn, the location. So living in London and being a student here is, I think, probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I love being a student here. There’s
always so much to do, even if it’s not involved with the university itself, just
outside of Imperial in general there’s always so much to do,
so many places you can go. You’ll never be bored but also there are places in
London where you think it’s just a massive bustling city but there are places of
peace, places of calm, where you can you know, just wind down. So it’s a six year course
which is split into sort of three stages. So the first stage is for the
preclinical years where you’ll be sort of going over like the bare bones
as you like of medicine. The third, fifth and sixth year, are the clinical years. So we spend them in hospitals with patients and applying our preclinical
knowledge to real-life scenarios. Then our fourth year, is a year where we get to intercalate. So we just a BSc of our choice, which is a
subject affiliated with medicine so that’s what the course looks like. I just love that there’s so much variety every day, even with the same like normal science. I also love all the other stuff that the medical school allows you to do. like the opportunities that there are. So I have chances to do all sorts of stuff around
my studies as well with the medical school. I am a part of the
minority group in terms of the UK. Imperial actually has quite a strong
international presence in that there are people from all over the world. In my
friendship group I have people that grew up in South America, grew up in Asia,
grew up in Africa. Literally from all over the all over the place. I never felt
like it has hindered or affected my learning or the way that I go about my uni
life in any way, I feel like no, not all. I do have quite a strong work-life
balance, so I don’t spend all my days in the library. I don’t spend all my
days after lectures five hours doing work. I do have fun. I do get out. I spend
time with friends doing other things. But it is about, you’re at
university to work at the end of the day. So finding that time to work as well as is
important. So the clubs and societies when I first joined, I was kind of open, but I always kind of knew which ones I wanted to get involved in. So I always
knew that that netball for me was something that I really want to do because I played it in
school. I wanted to keep up here. That’s something that I had always
considered but in the past I played hockey. At school, I done a little bit of lacrosse and I wanted to see what that might be like at
university. If I can try something new there. In first year, there are times where I felt maybe, get a bit of welfare. Have a chat to some of the
reps in my year who connect you to other people. Staff that are relevant to whatever it
is I wanted to talk about, and I found that was a really helpful channel. Very efficient, they’re all really on it in terms of wanting to get you to the right
person. I’ve also used the help when I was
finding my first flat with my friends in second year, when you’re moving out of
halls. There’s so many questions that you’re gonna have and everyone has the
same questions and the support that you get from university, is quite
detailed in that they can always answer any of your questions or lead you to the
right place if they can’t. I very much, still enjoy my social life. I don’t let
my work hinder me having that balance because I think it’s really important,
just mentally to have something else in your life that isn’t uni work. I’m a sucker for staying in bed and watching Netflix. I’m not even going to
lie. I love doing that sort of thing. I don’t feel any sort of guilt towards
it. I love doing it so I’m just going to do it.

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