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If I Am Sick While Pregnant Is My Baby Sick Too?

October 20, 2019

If I am sick while pregnant is my baby sick
too? If you’re having morning sickness, the baby
is the stomach bug making you throw up every day – though hopefully it won’t last all
the way through the pregnancy. No, I was more concerned about if I had a
virus or infection or something. If you have an STD, you have to get it cured
now so it does not hurt the baby. I do not have that kind of illness. If you had the measles or chicken pox during
the pregnancy, you’d risk birth defects if it attacked the baby – and it could. I’m glad those things are prevented by vaccination
today. Actually, I’m vaccinated against them. While we’re at it, don’t get any vaccinations
while pregnant unless your doctor insists. I do not want to get the flu. You do not want the flu vaccines linked to
increased risk of miscarriages, either. I’m more concerned about getting the flu
and hurting the baby. So stay away from sick people. Which pretty much makes it impossible to mother
the other kids. Yes, what you eat and drink and get infected
with affects the baby, which is why they say do not get rip roaring drunk while pregnant. That’s usually what causes a lot of pregnancies. If you do get a stomach bug aside from the
impending arrival or a cold, just stay hydrated and get more rest than you would if not pregnant. The doctor says not to take anything for it
unless I have to. Yeah, but a 103 fever does more harm to you
both than a bit of medicine ever would. Ditto for a pneumonia or bronchitis that makes it
hard to breathe, especially when you’re breathing for two. When I’m sick, is the kid sick, too? Some diseases and a few viruses can cross
the placenta, while others won’t. If you think you have a disease the kid could get,
get to the doctor, and always manage symptoms that are serious to both of you. At this point, it can suck a thumb and blink.
I saw it sucking its thumb on the sonogram. But he is not breathing, so he is not sneezing
along with you. But too many super-poops for you can cause early labor from dehydration
and land you both in the hospital. Fine, I’ll talk to the doctor. He does get
active when I take something when I’m not feeling well. The kid can get jittery from your coffee or
cold relief, so talk to the doctor about what you should take for both your sakes.


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    This is so weird lol

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    lol what did I just watch

  • Reply Nature Mum October 27, 2017 at 8:38 am

    all pregnant woman in the uk have the flu vaccination, it does not cause miscarrage

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