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February 13, 2020

hello everyone I was really good
actually DNS eh that was really good I’m
impressed you gotta say it a boot due to boot well now I don’t know how to juice
this video since you’ve already said hello to everyone so hello in today’s
video we’re going a little bit old-school and we’re going to be testing
out Pinterest axe I love doing these videos I used to do them all the time on
rachhloves and so we’re bringing it to this channel now and today I’m gonna be
testing out a whole bunch of hacks that are all food-related hence I’m in the
kitchen I found a whole bunch that seemed really interesting and some that
are a little bit weirder than others and some that are just like I’ve never tried
this but I keep seeing it everywhere so I need to try it out now so I hope you
guys enjoy this video give it a thumbs up if you want to see more pictures
hacks test it and leave me a comment down below if there are any hacks out
there that you guys want me to test out and without further ado let’s get into
this so fact number one is actually the one that has been around for a while
I’ve just never tried it out and since could take a while to freeze I thought I
would do that one first it’s the one where you can take Paulo pop you put it
in the freezer you take it out it still looks liquid but as you pour it it forms
into a slush it’ll look really cool and I thought because it’s summertime it’s
kind of appropriate so I have a bottle here and the instructions are you
basically just like shake it a ton this feels really weird I feel like I
shouldn’t be doing this and then you stick it in the freezer for
three hours and 15 minutes maximum if you go over that point you risk it
freezing and because all the bubbles and carbonation have formed it might like
break and cause a huge mess so I’m gonna put mine in for about three hours
because I don’t want to deal with the best so that’s all I could do right now
and I’ll be back for three hours okay so I left it in for three hours and it’s
like kind of frozen like in the middle so I’m gonna do what they say I’m gonna
release the presser and I’m gonna turn it upside down it right-side up and then
I go to pour it in the glass or Z if we have sloshed Pinterest why you do this to me? Now you
really have nothing to wear Christopher tone the sass down all right
you want a big hug? I’ve been about 20 minutes half hour and you can see that
the product here and the rest of it is very slushy I don’t know maybe my
freezer is just set at a lower temperature or it was like a cold spot
in the freezer I don’t know but like that is slush everyone so I don’t know
success question mark for hacking number two this is one of those that I’ve seen
all over Facebook and all of our Pinterest like constantly and I’m always
like boom that looks interesting but I never have the fruit on hand but today I
bought one for this specific purpose and it’s the one where you can take a mango
and you can like cut off the skin on the edge of the glass because like we know
mangoes are delicious like they’re delicious but oh my gosh
there’s so much work cuz this is giant pit in the middle and the pits always a
different size and to cut around it and then it never wants to like peel off of
the pit in the middle this will be just a giant video of me complaining about
mangoes so I have a cutting board and a knife and I just realized you can see
all the different glasses that I’m going to use to test this looks like a scene
from Miss Congeniality you know where she like plays all the different glasses
I would remember that okay so I have my mango here and apparently what you do is
you cut off a chunk hopefully I don’t hit the pit mmm magic
look at that I was far too easy so we have this delicious mango in the middle
and I have a couple different buses because I didn’t know how like sharp the
edge needs to be for this so first I’m gonna try this one just to see cuz it’s
a little bit more of a rounded edge but it’s one that I feel like most people
would have on an everyday basis and I just want to see if that one would work
or does it need something super shirt so all I’m doing is just so I’m like
obviously this needs to be a very ripe mango otherwise this whole thing is not
gonna work for you so far really really easy it requires a little bit of
pressure but really not that much also very weak oh that was awesome
now I have some fresh mango that I won’t get to eat because my children have been
bugging me about eating it for like the last day and a half since I got it let’s
go on to another piece Oh found the pit no work around it cut some of the pit
that’s impressive come on mango your pits getting weak
let’s try it on this one this is a plastic one also like can you look at
that looks like you know jaws has attack this I’m really upset with myself that
I’m just now using this hack oh this is amazing
and look at this you even have like mango juice not very much but a little
bit and like both the shells are fairly clean too like I find sometimes that’s
really irritating it’s like you’ll cut into it and then you’ll have to hack off
sliver after sliver definite thumbs up love this act 3 act number 3 this is one
I had never seen before and I’m really excited to test it cuz I’m quite a drag
by it and basically you find an egg you do some stuff to it and then you
hard-boil it and when you take it out it’s not gonna be the normal horrible
that you’re worried this is gonna fall off the counter and crap all over my
floor when it comes out it’s not like the normal white outside and the yellow
yolk it’s like everything’s blended together to create this golden egg and I
want to know what that looks like and how good is it because like it doesn’t
taste like yolk which is delicious or is it like rubbery yolk because of the egg
white I don’t know basically all you need is a pair of tights preferably ones
you are not wearing and then you put an egg inside of it like so and then you
just twist it up like a mess and then you let it go and you just spin
it a whole bunch of time basically you are pre scrambling an egg we I want to
do this all day and when it’s good and shaken then you take it out and you boil
it so that is what I’m gonna do and we’ll see what this golden egg looks
like where is that there is alright it’s been 10 minutes and now the little egg
is in an ice bath so that I can’t kill it because it is boiling lava hot okay
now that my egg is chilled let’s crack this open and see what it looks like look at that everyone it’s a perfectly
cooked hard-boiled egg and nothing changed I felt like I did it a ton like
obviously I didn’t show all the footage in this video but I saw
on a ton so I don’t know what I did wrong anyway like it’s a really nice
horrible day but it’s not golden okay this golden egg thing is bugging me so
it’s done of research on it and I think I have to I have to spin it more and I
have to use like the less stretchy portion of the tights versus the top
part and also gonna shine a flashlight into it in a darkroom and apparently if
it stays yellow that means that it has not mixed but if it’s red then it’s
mixed together so I am going to try this again I will get a golden egg people I
will the next hack we’re gonna do is going to be testing out a way of making
froth milk for those of you that don’t know I live off caffeine and I do enjoy
myself an iced latte so I thought this would be a really fun hack to kind of
test out and basically all you need is a mason jar or something that has like a
lid on it you put a bunch of milk in here you’re
shaking up really vigorously you heat it up and then apparently you have froth
milk for like a lattes and stuff so yes done I am sold so I’m a mason jar I have
my milk and apparently skim or 2% work best for this and I’m just gonna pour
some in how we’re going to glue on the lid and we’re gonna shake this
vigorously it doesn’t say how long to shake this so
I’m just gonna shake it like it tired oh no that looks foamy to me so now I’m
going to take off the metallic lid put this in the microwave for approximately
30 seconds and obviously if I’m gonna be testing out something that’s going to
froth milk clearly I’m making some espresso yes caffeine apparently the
microwave helps to stabilize all of the foam inside you probably can’t see that
but it’s in there all right this is it out of the microwave and it’s like not
very foamy at all it’s mostly milk so it didn’t really work but I’m gonna try and
just shake it up again and because it’s the the milk is hot I don’t know maybe
that’ll make a difference alright so there’s our foam they’re still not
looking like super foamy I feel like most of this it’s gonna be milk I gonna
have to like try and oh I was gonna try and like scoop off some of the froth but
it is entirely dissolved in the span of about 15 seconds so this definitely was
a fail but I mean I did get like coffee out of it not quite a latte so I think
this is still a win okay and the final hack are gonna be testing out is using
an ice cube tray to make a raviolis and I mean who doesn’t love ravioli so good
oh my gosh and basically what you’re supposed to be
able to do is take a lasagna sheet like this lay it down fill it in with any
sort of ravioli filling that you want I’ve done like a mixture of spinach and
ricotta and Parmesan and then cover with another piece of lasagna and then you
have like really easy raviolis I don’t know if any of you have tried to make
ravioli from scratch but it’s really difficult anything so it’s difficult
it’s just so time-consuming so this seems like a really good have to try so
the first thing we’re gonna do is because these are their fresh lasagna
sheets but they’re a little too stiff to be able to mold into the ice cube trays
so what I’m gonna do is I have some steaming hot water right here and I’m
just going to put it over top just to soften them up a little bit like I mean
it seems like a lot of people on Pinterest have been doing through the
dough from scratch but I on tray with lasagna sheets because that
sounds easier I just wanted to cook like a little bit just so I can like squish
it a bit you know I keep waiting for them to be soft enough that I can fit
them into the ice cube tray you can see there hey I dumped it but it was too
soon they still feel really really thick they don’t at all feel like like normal
dough which is super malleable okay so I feel like it’s been a while and this has
been soaking the water is now cold and I’ve been trying to like fit it in but I
feel like my ice cube tray like the little the pockets are really really
deep so I’m not gonna fill it in all the way and I’m just curious this is gonna
be dicey but we’re gonna try it so I have the filling here and I’m just gonna
fill in a little bit into each of these pockets I’m trying to weigh it down so
that the ricotta can kind of like sink in because it’s a heavier cheese but
this doesn’t seem to want to happen right now and then I think I need to do
like an egg wash tape thing or on the outside to get it to stick to the other
piece of lasagna this is his love that wet I’m just gonna
do it a little bit of an egg wash around all the pieces this is no different
really than if I lay this out flat versus like putting it in it like a an
ice cube tray this season necessary all right Pinterest whatever you think well
it’s doing it’s like barely pinching together I don’t know if I have to go
dry this off or something nope that just makes it hard and difficult to pinch
again no this is you know what this is not gonna work it’s just too Hardy of a
texture it’s been dried slightly and then re cooking it in water it’s just
not making it malleable enough for this to work so yeah unfortunately the boss
so what’d you guys think honestly what was your favorite hack your least
favorite hack and what pacts you guys willing to try in the future do you want
me to do like life hacks or I can do a hack specific to summer or I can do like
household cleaning all sorts of different ones because let’s be honest
if hacks will make my life easier I am all for them then forget to give this
video a big thumbs up if you found it helpful or entertaining and you want to
see more of them leave all of your suggestions down below and don’t forget
to check out the videos on the side here because I have new videos that are going
up not only on Saturdays but every other Tuesday as well so if you missed it I
put up a video on Tuesday for you guys we want to
out and yeah that is everything for this video I hope you guys are having an
amazing amazing weekend and see you guys all in my next video
love you all


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