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I thought i had the virus… | SS5

March 13, 2020

i was a bit ill, i was a bit worried! this is how Corona virus be tempting people that have coronavirus give it to them! what? give it to them who’s talking? give it to them huh? give it to them what? give it to them who’s talking? give it to them look I’m always washing my hand – washing my hand anything i touch oh! i’m washing my hand you want a hand shake? no, we do the leg one oh! the leg one oh why? everybody say – CORONA CO – CO CORONA everybody say CORONA! CO – CO CORONA AYE CORONA CO-CO CORONA yeah Man! okay, it’s not a joke it’s not a joke, it’s not a joke
it’s not a joke it’s really serious ladies and gentlemen it’s your boy
Shady Shae Shady Shae guys, i’m back! hello everybody! my name is shadyshae the one and only so for those that don’t know what I’m speaking this is Indonesian yes guys I’m an international guy no guys, i’m back! really really guys, i’m back! I’m very back yesterday! you’ll be like , oh Shady you dropped a video
yesterday yes i dropped a video yesterday guys but I’m back i was a bit ill, i was a bit ill
i was a bit worried a few of my subscribers, Elsa, vlad the impaler, Marianne, umm.. Daniela Cristina, Vidhan – Tushar! many of them just kept sending me messages that oh shady you just stay well hope you’re good, hope you’re good! someone was like go to the doctors okay I’m going to tell you what happened yeah i had a sore throat and i got really worried I got really worried I was like have i got it? have I got it? then I had a runny nose!
I was like… have i got it – have i got it? then I felt a bit feverish TIME TO CALL MY FAMILY AND LOVED ONES TO SAY GOOD BYE yo, i was like.. I hope it’s not my psycology playing
tricks on me but maybe I have it? maybe I do so what I did I went to check for the symptoms I read through the whole symptoms list um..let’s have a look at symptoms so if you go to The Sun that’s the website they show you the symptoms right here okay so I checked the symptoms i was like okay um.. corona virus we have a fever with cold it’s rare, with flu common i was like oh I have a fever oh my days fatigue! well, i felt fatigued, a bit so sometimes here, common here, sometimes I’m like okay sometimes then cough i was like i have no cough at all I was like good mild, common usually dry sneezing? no sneezing at all, i was like yay I had like, i sneezed, i sneezed like twice or three times so common that’s fine a few times I mean, i sneezed a few times then aches and pains i didn’t have any aches and pains then runny and stuffy nose oh I had to runny stuffy and blocked nose i was like but i was like rare? i was like oh okay all right then I guess it’s a common cold then sore throat they said sometimes, are you serious? common yes i had sore throat diarrhea? I had none at all. NO! headaches? I had none at all shortness of breath?
I had none at all. I was like yes yes I don’t have it I do not have it guys I felt so really good with myself a lot of people right now will be a bit ill and be worried they’ll be like have they got the corona virus they’ll start getting scared and their psycology will start playing on them and they’ll start feeling like they have the symptoms of corona virus and before you know whats happening you are – you are scared already you start living your life in a funny way and your immune system will start getting affected and then you’ll start getting depressed guys – guys stop panicking in the disco! stop panicking guys.
you don’t need to panic yeah just watch out for the main symptoms
soon as you have the cough I’m not a professional but soon as you have that cough yeah that’s it dry cough i’m not saying the one that goes..uhu uhu uhu..and you go spit spit spit i mean as soon as you have the dry cough you have a fever and you feel shortness of breath call 111 they need to take you in yeah they need to take you straight in. but before you call them call your family, call your friends, call your loved ones let them know how much
you love them before you go in because when you go in, the professionals can help you they can help you recover quicker that you could help yourself when you’re home alone my secret medicine is this for a cold! lemsip it’s actually helped my cold it helps me a lot a lot a lot thank you very much lemsip thank you
very much thank you so much God it’s GOD that healed me not the lemsip but the lemsip played its part as well yes guys anyway anyway thank you very much guys for
watching my video ah.. it has been a pleasure it’s gonna be a peace out from me guys and it is a peace out!


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    I love shady

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    Oh, thank God you're ok, our lives are more beautiful and happy with you, dear Shady!! 🙏🙏❤️❤️

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    Subscribe for indonesian people .. this is a good man .. good job shadyshae

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    shady i am scared we all gonna have this.. we are young and probably survice but older people like my parents..

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    Hem di indonesia sudah masuk uda di bandung terus tryout aku

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