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I Tested VIRAL TikTok PRANKS to see if they work

February 24, 2020

– Hey guys, how you
doing? My name is Robby, and right now my buddy
Johnnie Guilbert is over. I honestly don’t know
why he keeps coming back. You’ve been pranked! – Oh my god. – You’ve been pranked! Double pranked! – Is that a prank? – You’ve been pranked. – Ah! – Woo, anyways, so you guys seem to really enjoy the viral
TikTok life hacks so, I decided to try some viral TikTok pranks. Let’s try some of these on Johnnie (evil laughter) (upbeat music) Woo, Okay guys so I
thought it would be really funny if I used a whole paper towel roll instead of just a toilet paper roll because it’s super fricking long. Anyway, I’m going to try to
take this out really quick. Come on! You got this! It doesn’t want to come out. Get outta there. (boing) What am I doing wrong? Probably cause its glued to the fricking cardboard tube. This isn’t working out. Okay, almost there (plop) Got it! (plop) Take this off. Perfect! Now let’s soak this puppy. Here we go. (smacking) (water running) Yes, good, good. Yeah that could totally pass as dog poo. Put a little towel over it. Now let’s go test this out on Johnnie Oh hey, Johnnie Guilbert! Here’s some of Benji’s
poop, do you want it? (horrified music) – Ah! Why, that’s not poo. – You’ve been pranked! That’s a toilet paper roll! (chomp) Why you eating that? Stop! Johnnie! Johnnie what are you– Oh my god stop! Why are you doing that? That is so gross! – This is not poop, I’ve had
poop before, this is not poop. (cricket chirping) It’s pretty good though. – Dude get that outta your mouth! Well guys I guess we
could say this one worked? Argh no! – I got you. – I’ve been pranked. – You’ve been pranked. (evil laughing) – [Camerawoman] I dare you to
wear this at the grocery store – Are you kidding? (goofy music) – Okay guys so here is our costume time to make Johnnie
wear it out in public. Oh Johnnie Guilbert! Johnnie I have a surprise for you. – What is it? What is this? – That’s a costume, you
get to wear it to Wal-Mart! (children cheering) (cricket chirping) – I have to wear this to Wal-Mart? – You have to wear it to
Wal-mart. C’mon lets go! (mischievous laughter) – Here I’ll help you get
it on, get over here. – Robbie why do you have tattoos? – I’m a tatted Guy. – How do I put this on? Oh there’s the legs! Do you think I’m going to tear it? It kind of thick. Is this a life jacket? (punching) Is this a little kid costume? Oh this looks pretty good. This is a little kid costume. This does not fit, it doesn’t fit. – This is pretty good so far. – Yeah this looks great, Robby. – Are you ready for the good part? – Yeah it is going to inflate? (buzz) – It sounds like its dying. – Is it alive? – You know what I think
we might need a bigger charger for you. – What does that mean? – Here we go. – Hey what’s up I’m Johnnie Guilbert and I have a dinosaur and I don’t know why. Why do I have this? – [Robby] Okay Johnnie you’re
all ready to go to Wal-Mart? – Yes! Let’s go, dinosaur. (upbeat music) (smack) (cartoon sound effect) (dog barking)
– [Robby] What is it Benji? What is this thing? – I don’t understand, what’s the problem? Let’s go Benji! (smacking) (intense music) (smacking) – [Robby] Argh! Get him, get him! Argh! Let’s go Johnnie! – I’m trying, this makes
life so much more hard. Argh. I’m a little bit thicker now. – I think you might have
to lay down in the back. – Yo, put me in the
trunk. I think I’m good. Is this legal? It’s inflating I think. – Oh it’s deflating. Did It get unplugged? Oh it’s ’cause there’s
no air getting to it. – [Woman] It’s because
the vent’s on the butt. [Robby] You just gotta keep
your butt off the floor. Here you go. Are you comfortable Johnnie? – No. Can’t wait for everybody to
see my costume at Wal-Mart. – Okay Johnnie are you
ready to go to Wal-Mart? – There is one more dinosaur that lived through the meteorites. His name is Dingoes. Go! (comic hopping) – This is very rawr XD, isn’t it? – Lets hope we don’t get kicked out guys. – I’m not going to get kicked out. I’ll run away from all
of the security guards. I don’t care. I have a dinosaur. Why would I care? They can’t kick you our
for living your best life. – What did we come here for? You wanna smell the strawberries? Can I get some flowers for my dinosaur? Grab them with your arms. – [Robby] He is weak. Just like his father. – I’m gotta go get some groceries. (cartoon sound effect) (mellow music) – [Comic Voice] Joshua wake
up there is a spider on you. – No! Get it off right now! (sobbing) – [Comic Voice] No it’s huge. – Okay guys so Johnnie
is currently sleeping in the guest room. I have a little spider. Let go prank him. (mischievous laugh) (suspenseful music) (squishing noise)
– [Robby] Oh my god Johnnie! Oh my god there is a spider on your face! – What!
– [Robby] It was on your face. Look over here! Oh my
god it’s on your bed! Oh my god (smacking) You did it! Oh my god! – What the hell? – [Robby] You’ve been pranked! You never saw that coming did you? – I was asleep – [Robby] You’ve been pranked. – Okay thank you. I’m going back to bed. – Well guys I guess we can say this works! – Ice cream prank on
my girlfriend, lets go. She thinks she is going
to get ice cream but she she is really gonna
be getting shaving cream. Oh my god she isn’t going
to be too happy about this. Got you ice cream – Yay! (coughing) (smack) – Okay guys so here is our shaving cream here is our ice cream cones (shaking) (spattering) Oh yeah this looks like totally legit Oh no, its melting! Oh my god, oh my god. Argh. This is getting everywhere. Oh no! I’m starting to think I might
need to use a different cone. I need to wash off really quick. (smacking) Okay lets try this again. Shake really good this time. (splattering) Maybe a different shaving cream brand. Oh no. Well I guess this is gonna have to do. Lets go test it out on Johnnie. (mischievous laugh) Oh hey Johnnie Guilbert! – Hey what’s up? – [Robby] Hey I’m really
sorry for all those pranks that I did to you. Here is an ice cream
cone to make up for it. – Oh
– Sorry it’s a little melted. I just got back from
the store and it melted on the way back. Anyway take a bite of it. – Are you serious? I’m not taking a bite of this Robby. – [Robby] What, no! – I’m not taking a bite
of this. What is this? – [Robby] Eat it! – Its not ice cream. Robby this is not, it’s
getting everywhere! Why don’t you take a bite of it. I need to make sure its not poison Here you take a bite – [Robby] What? – Yeah lets reverse the role Robby. Um there you go! – Okay here, uh. – Oh Geez I have it on my hand. – Oh, its on my camera – Okay lets try this
out. Lets see if this– – Okay, yeah this is
totally legit ice cream. I’ll take a bite and then
you take a bite right? – Yeah. Oh, looks great, let me have some. (vomiting) (vomiting) – You’ve been pranked! Why
are you still eating it? Johnnie don’t eat that! It’s dangerous, its shaving cream. – It’s ice cream you idiot. (vomiting) – Guys don’t do this at
home, it really tastes– (vomiting) You’ve been pranked! – This is not ice cream. – [Comic Voice] Want some ketchup? – No, I’m eating– (screaming) ouch – Okay guys so, here is the bottle. I have already pre-filled it with string so that it looks kinda like ketchup. I’ll put that in there just like that Its really easy peasy. This is just regular red yarn
inside of a ketchup bottle. I just pull it out like that. I kinda like sucked on it so that the string would come through
and all you gotta do is like woop! That works so well. Lets go ahead and test it out on Johnnie. (tip toeing) (suspense music) Hey Johnnie you want some ketchup? – Oh gosh, argh! That’s string. That sucks – [Robby] You’ve been pranked! Are you okay? – I just can’t take it anymore – Well guys I guess we have
to say that this works! – This is not ketchup – [Robby] Put that one your hot dog! – This is not ketchup! – [Comic Voice] My girl friend
said she wanted a makeover so I’m going to give her a
little spa day in her sleep. Nail time Time for a tan – What did you do!? This isn’t funny, what is this? (mischievous laughing) (smack) – Okay guys so here is our fake nails I’m actually going to
use some eye lash glue because I feel like it’s
going to work real well. I don’t know what else you would use. Nail glue? I don’t know where to get that. Okay lets try this out on Johnnie. (suspense music) Okay so here are the fake nails. I’ve done anything like
this before so this is going to be weird. Here is the eyelash glue. So I just put it on like this. Here you go Oh this is awkward, I just have to hold his hand It’s not sticking. What the heck am I suppose to use? I’ll just try to do the next one. Okay perfect I officially
made him into Wolverine. Okay guys now its time to wake up Johnnie. (horn) – Oh my gosh – [Robby] I made you into Wolverine! – Agrh! I’m a monster! – [Robby] You’re now Wolverine! – Now I’m just. – [Robby] You’ve been pranked! – One left, only one stayed
on, this a good prank. – [Robby] You’ve been pranked. – I’ve been pranked. – [Robby] You’re not actually Wolverine. – I know I only have one claw. – Well guys I think I’m going ahead and say that this one worked. Johnnie one hundred percent
thought that he was Wolverine. – I was so scared I
thought I was Wolverine. I still think I am Wolverine. – [Robby] Okay well I’ll see you later, enjoy your nap Johnnie. (keys jingle) – [Comic Voice] Hey can you
turn on the light for me? I can’t– (screaming) (mischievous laugh) – Not funny! – Okay guys here’s our spoon. Perfect. Now lets prank Johnnie. (mischievous laugh) Hey Johnnie! – [Johnnie] Yeah? – There is something stuck in the sink I need you to turn on the
light. Its underneath the sink. – Underneath the sink? – Yeah, I dropped something
in the sink and now its just – Oh right here?
– Yeah – You want me to just hit it?
– Yeah just (screaming) Oh my hand! (demonic scream) You’ve been pranked! – Oh man I thought I actually
hurt you. It was just a spoon. – Thought I actually hurt your hand. That was really scary. – Take that! – You know like that actually scared me. I thought I just saw his
hand going like, arh. That was kinda creepy. – [Robby] You’ve been pranked. – Oh gee not again! – Well guys I’m gonna have
to say that this works! Take that Johnnie. Please, please don’t do that – [Man] Right there, this on top of that, right there. All right, let’s go. Hey mom. – [Mom] Yeah? I need to talk to you. (squeaking) (mischievous music) – [Robby] Yeah this
looks like a good seat. Here we go, right here. Perfect. Now a little bit more tape. Okay now lets test this out on Johnnie. Oh Johnnie Guilbert! – [Johnny] Yeah? – Come here, come take
a seat with me Johnnie – Okay are we having a
business meeting or are we, what are we doing? – Move your seat down a little bit. You’re a little tall I don’t
like. (high pitched squealing) – Ahhh its gonna explode! – You’ve been pranked! – What the heck was that?
– That was an air horn. (high pitched squealing) – Oh no way! You’ve been pranked! – [Robby] What, no you’ve been pranked! – I’ve been pranked. – Well guys I guess we have
to say that this one works! – [Speaker] Push pin and
you are going to insert it into the nozzle of the silly string. Duct tape Press town the lid of the silly string. Tie a piece of string around the push pin position the can of silly
string in the cabinet, stick it in places like this. (rock music) – Okay guys now it’s time for the classic silly string prank. I actually done this on my
buddy Hair Jordan before and it turned out pretty funny and ah he ended up getting me back. It was extreme! Here if you want to watch the videos you guys can actually click the link in our description down below. Anyway I plan on out-doing Chris. I got a lot more silly string this time. See! There is a lot. I bought like seven cans. So lets do this! (smacking) (upbeat techno music) Now I brake out my thumb tacks. I got this guy from earlier
’cause I need the string. Just tie a bunch of
this to the thumb tacks. There we go. Okay these are all done. Now we need to put them
on the silly string cans. Now I have to tape these to the door Here we go! (smacking) And that ought to do it. This honestly took way
longer than I thought it would but I think its
going to be a good prank. Now lets test this out on Johnnie. Okay guys let’s do this. Oh Johnnie Guilbert! I have something cool to show you. Yeah come in! (disappointing music) [Robby] What! No! It didn’t work! I didn’t shake them first. No! – Oh no Robbie, not the
hair, my beautiful hair – [Robby] Take that Johnnie Guilbert – Oh it got in my mouth – I got you! – Oh my god its everywhere Robby – Okay guys thanks for watching
the video if you like it make sure you give it a thumbs up yeah that’s right down there. You guys like this video. You want me to be doing more of them life hacks, crafts, and pranks
will play them right here. If you guys are new make sure
you hit that subscribe button You can subscribe to
Johnnie click right here You have anything to say Johnnie? – I don’t like silly string. Here have some – Thanks
– Here you go – Okay guys love you so much, I’ll see you guys again real soon. Peace, love and wifi. Now we are ending, okay, bye!


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