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I Tested Viral Tik Tok Hair Hacks on Very Long Hair

February 23, 2020

Since apparently people are actually
into Tik Tok now, we’re gonna try Tik Tok hair hacks. hello and welcome to the Queendom.
I’m Sarah Ingle and today we’re trying the Tik Tok hair hacks because
we’ve been on this mission going through the internet finding the best and worst
hair advice. Some of that’s from Troom Troom some of it’s from 5-Minute Crafts some
of that is from Tik Tok, and actually the last time we looked at Tik Tok stuff, it
wasn’t as bad, but before we were kind of looking at hair care on Tik Tok today
we’re actually gonna try the hair hacks. This makes me nervous because sometimes
with really long hair, hair hacks just don’t work the same way as they do on
shorter hair, so we’re gonna see how this goes. so without any further ado we’re gonna pull up in the Tik Tok requires only
two hair ties space buns if I do space buns using nothing but two
hair ties they’re gonna stay up for like two seconds
that wasn’t even a hair hat let’s just hairstyles I’m still supposed to try it
guess so I guess and it’s just gonna look stupid
I’ll that’s like a horn maybe if I squish it together and move
it like this there I actually made it not so worn like that it’s not gonna
stay up like if I start moving but I did put it up so just imagine the other one
up apply Vaseline on your eyelashes every
night for healthier longer lashes that’s not going to No
in fact Vaseline as petroleum jelly in it that’s like not you don’t do that if
you want to put something on your lashes something like a jojoba oil or argan oil
or even castor oil still any time putting anything close to your eyes be
careful something like that’s gonna work a lot better than vaseline vaseline scan
you if you don’t want no I missed it yes you can curl your hair with braids we’ll
get to go back and find the one we missed straighten to up I’m not enough
okay if you don’t have eyebrows gel a great substitute as Elmer’s glue stick
you can just put hairspray on your finger and then tap it down I mean you
can use Elmer’s glue but I feel like if you a more realistic hack it’s already
gonna be in your bathroom it’s the hairspray perhaps this will actually
sound hair acts so another hair hat okay instead of mayonnaise you can use egg
yolks but this is not what this video is supposed
to be a supposed to be me trying things I’m not me reacting to things we will
try some wouldn’t someone actually gives us something to try the egg thing we
have bit us did this myth if there is actually no scientific evidence
whatsoever if you look at the research that’s been done that egg yolk actually
does anything for your hair people think that it does because it’s full of
protein and hair is made up of protein and it might feel nice what’s on it it
doesn’t actually do it besides make your head I’m sorry it’s any vodka and it’s
not just lightening any hair it’s how to remove henna from your hair henna dye so
anybody that uses Hana this is a very confusing hat it’s dirty one way and
then it’s like just kidding it’s not a hack if you don’t have to worry about
missing your hair if at all where there’s no creases than you see this
country completely over okay I can do that
wait let me say she’s gonna do flippin had to completely over we can do that
let me pull these out for a second I don’t know how much that really even
keeps my hair I don’t my face that much cuz it’s long but
okay I don’t know for me it always feels like it’s pulling cuz I have so much
hair it gets really heavy I don’t know if I would want to sleep like this it
almost even gives me a headache just sitting here but that’s a thing
nope none of those no heat no heat no he like rinsing ha ha ha ha you guys I want
to test the hair hacks not bust your hair myths there’s a myth that if you
wash your hair in cold water after you wash it in hot water or warm water that
is going to close the cuticle but I have a whole video on hair science if you
guys should check out and basically wet hair at all opens the cuticle um he also
opens up the cuticle but it’s not cold water isn’t gonna close the cuticle cuz
water still opens it it’s just not true Pony too short? he’s not a pony. man, he’s a mini horse. there’s a big difference. okay oh this is actually a hair hack
I’ve heard them before. if you want to make it look like you have a really super
long ponytail brush we’re gonna put this top ponytail here and then we do the
bottom one also in one and then your hair is supposed to look long because
somehow people are supposed to not notice that your hair is in two
ponytails there now it looks like my ponytail is
extra long extra-long ponytail okay and I’ve been seeing the stock curls were
you leavin and overnight I wonder if it’s gonna work for her and I’ve decided
to try it we tried this and it does work we tried different types of heatless
curls she looks less ridiculous than I did I hate it when Tik Tok videos do
that and they’re like oh we’ll check back tomorrow and see how the results
are is that your trick to try and get us to subscribe I I think they’re saying you’re like
pulling your eyes up somehow with your hair oh I see like if you pull really
art or maybe that’s just me yeah if you pull really hard you guys I
wind up being the mythbuster not the myth tester the problem is if you’re
pulling your hair hard enough to pull on your face you’re gonna give yourself
what’s called tension alopecia that constant tension is likely to make you
lose your hair and you’re gonna wind up with a receding hairline because you’re
pulling on it constantly so I’m not gonna try that one because know what is
this does this been ten that I got off of Amazon it’s like she answered me I
don’t have 100 that one spin pin is equal to six bobby pins usually is it
you basically tie your hair up like you normally would so instead of using a
bunch of bobby pins to secure it you basically twist the spin pin into your
bun this is this so I guess what we need to do is have a whole spin pin video or
weird hair gadgets I’ve been wanting to do a weird hair gadget video so if you
guys see any weird hair gadgets on Amazon or like some weird places I know
we’ve done some weird things from Target when weird things for us to like flat or
just weird hair gadgets you can include this. a bandana hack
what’s the hack? don’t pull it like that twirl it oh we have bandana and she just
like and then you tie it in our hair can you
tie it can you tie it in the flow can you baby no two ears you know what I
think this one work we need to make sure we give her a heart underrated
underrated you give us a real hair hack cuz that actually helped us with the
spinning the spinning I didn’t know that that was quite easy I don’t know if it
looks cute it looks like something take your hair and gently scrunch up with
your towel there you go or you can use a t-shirt not have to rub your conditioner
in just run it down let it cover your hair make sure you get every stand if
you have to buy box dye to dye your hair it’s not worth it you are destroying
your hair with box top yes listen to Casper Jay Casper Jay speaks
the truth what’s this is that a what is that okay I think we can try this with a
bandana since we’ve got one and we got a care hat on how to do this underneath
underneath underneath the hair and then I’m gonna go down towards the bottom and
then I went it okay I gotta pull this down again my hair so layered this is
gonna be tricky then we’ll pull it up here and then we’ll tie it and now my
hair is go hey she curl her hair on random objects like we did we curled our
hair on random err ones like a light bulb and and a lamp there we go we got
to test some tick tock hair Hawks I’d anything to test as many as I originally
planned but we still have to go through them and talk about which ones are good
which ones are bad somewhere do you know are good or bad and then just test them
cuz they’re fun anyways if you guys have any special hair acts or ever see any
weird hair gadgets you want me to try please tell me below if you’ve got any
color of hair naturally growing out of your head even a color of hair that
doesn’t naturally grow out of heads what color hair would you want to have
anyways if you guys want to see more videos like this remember to subscribe
we put out new videos every Monday Wednesday and Friday and you want those
videos to come right to you ring the little bell anyways thank you guys so
much for watching I’ll see you next time oh no is that a split end no it’s not
just two hairs stuck to each other Tik Tok hair attacks. tax? hair tacks. that’s a good thing. eating everything in sight. that’s right! meowth! I hate pulling these out of my hair I feel like I’m just like ripping my hair
every time I do it but I’m taking one for the team, you guys, cuz we got to try
the hacks, but anyway I gotta go to the bathroom I can’t wait


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