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I Tested The Most Viral Pinterest Halloween Recipes

December 14, 2019

– My name’s Ashley and
today, I’m gonna test some of the most pinned Halloween
foods from Pinterest. Every year, Pintrest rounds
up their top most viral pins for the Halloween season,
and I picked three of those food items that
I’m gonna make today, to see if it’s really worth it. Do they look really cute? Do they taste really good? And are they practical to make? Now, I am not a chef by any means. I am pretty far from it,
but I am an avid Pinner. They claim to be that
anybody can make these, and you can totally
make them and bring them to your next party. I’m gonna see if that’s true. (laughs) (mystical chimes) The first recipe that I’m
doing are these Pizza Skulls. You know pizza rolls that
you make in the microwave? Imagine a really big version of that and it is shaped like a skull. Let’s do it! First step is to unroll the pizza dough and press into a five
by 10 inch rectangle, and cut into six strips. That’s not a rectangle. Oh my gosh, what was
when all the continents were put together? Pangaea! That’s kinda what this looks like. Okay, there we go. That’s what I’m talkin’ about. I’m using the word
rectangle loosely, here, because this is a little blobby, but it’s pretty much a rectangle. And now we’re gonna
cut it into six strips. I was a little skimpy with
this last piece of dough. My rationing was a little off. I’m skeptical about the amount
of dough it tells you to use, because right now, these
strips are pretty thin. This is actually a very easy recipe. It’s basically just making pizza in this glorified muffin tin. There we go, that’s
what I’m talkin’ about. Now we’re gonna fill our Pizza Skulls. Sprinkle with a little cheese. Define “a little cheese”,
though, you know? A little cheese to me is
probably a lotta cheese to somebody else. I’m gonna do half of the skulls with meat, and half of them without meat. Now, I’m just gonna
fill up the rest of the skulls with cheese. I’m definitely noting
which one is the cheesiest, and saving it for myself. Now I’m gonna put it in the oven at 375, for about 20 minutes. The skulls have just come out of the oven. The dough looks tasty. They don’t look like
anything from the back side, so I have to take them
out of the mold to see if it actually looks like a skull. (drum rolling) Wow! You can’t see this, but everyone
around me is like (gasp)! – [Woman] Those look amazing! – Thank you! – [Ashley] Will you try my skull pizza? – Okay, sure. – This is really cute. – I would be impressed
already by the look of it. – Whoo! – Mmmm! – I like it. It’s hot! – Pizza rolls on hydraulics for Halloween. This is dope. – I did notice that the
ones with meat in them are much greasier, and
they’re a little bit messier, and the skull doesn’t look as clean. So if I did this again, I
would probably do just cheese and sauce, because these
look really neat and crisp. Obviously, this goes without saying, but the Skull Pizza is
definitely Pin-able. (mystical chimes) Now onto recipe number two. This is Chicken Boo-dle Soup, haha. I made bow-tie pasta
because it’s supposed to look like a little bats. The next step is to dye the pasta black, and we’re gonna do that
by putting all this pasta in a big Ziploc baggy with a
lot of black food coloring, and then shaking it around. There we go. Now I’m gonna cut the vegetables
into cute little shapes. Cut two shallow lines about 1/4 inch apart from each other. (disk scratching) Whoa, okay this blog goes
from peeling and chopping Bam! It’s a pumpkin. There are a few visuals
that are missing from this. Two shallow lines. Okay, I think I’m getting it. Uh… It’s not easy like at all. So I’ve kinda got the grooves
that should create the stem. Hopefully, pumpkins will emerge
from this but I don’t know. I’ll believe it when I see
it, you know what I’m saying? (gasp) No, that’s so cute. Oh my god. Very excited about this. That shit is cute. And then next, I’m gonna cut the celery, and I don’t really actually
need to do anything, ’cause when you chop up celery,
it looks like a little moon. Celery is not really looking like moon. At all. (laughs) (energetic music) – There is a lot going on. – Oh, they’re like little pumpkins here. Did you cut them? – I love the black noodles. – I’m scared of the noodles. – It’s odd. – The look is cooler than the taste. – This way, it looks like a mushroom. When you look at it this way,
it looked like a pumpkin. – Chicken Boo-dle Soup is Pin-able. (mystical chimes) Now, we’re onto third and last recipe, and those are some deviled
eggs that are meant to look like little alien eggs. Gently crack the hard-boiled
eggs with a knife, or by rolling them on the counter. I’m gonna try the counter
method first. (gasp) (laughing) I was like, “These are never gonna crack!” So now we only have five eggs. I’m afraid I’m gonna put
my thumb right through this whole egg. I don’t know what to do. Okay, I’m gonna try the knife method. (tapping) Oh, this works, okay. Looking like little dragon eggs. So we boiled our eggs,
we cracked our eggs, and now we’re gonna color the eggs. (energetic music) Now it’s time to peel
these eggs and see if all of our hard work paid off, and if this really cool
pattern is on there. Wow, that is so cool. I’m very happy about this. Now, basically I’m just
gonna make deviled eggs. (energetic music) – [Woman] Deviled Alien Eggs? I love it. – These are so pretty. – How’d you get that pattern? – That is really good. – This would be a crowd pleaser. – Very in-theme, but also tastes great. I would totally eat this
at a Halloween party. I’m really happy about it. The Deviled Alien Eggs
are definitely Pin-able. I have been on Pinterest
long enough to know that there is some Pinterest
BS bein’ pinned around there. But these totally work. They were super fun to make,
they tasted really good, and they look even cooler. What more can you really
ask of a Halloween recipe?


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