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I have Chronic illness…how Coronavirus affects me (and how you can help!) | Ep.302

March 13, 2020

Just so we’re clear, I started wearing
facemasks way before the coronavirus hit been wearing this for six or seven years
now to protect myself from everything in the world that I react to because of my
multiple chronic illnesses hey it’s Jeffrey Lin. Yes, I do want to talk
about the coronavirus day from the perspective of somebody with multiple
chronic immune related diseases and I’m part of the small percentage of people
that are actually at high risk of dying from the prono virus so there’s old
people people over 70 or so and people with pre-existing conditions and people
with chronic diseases like myself so I’ve actually been quarantine myself in
my office in my bedroom is next door but I haven’t really gone out to the rest of
the house for a couple weeks now no don’t worry I don’t have the corona
virus but because I’m very high risk for getting it and if I do get it I have
very little chance of surviving it just because of my compromised immune system
as well as all the immunosuppressive medications
I’m taking that you know any tiny chance of getting the virus is just way too
much risk for me to take but this is nothing new for those of us who’ve lived
with severe chronic illnesses immune related illnesses for our whole lives
and being quarantined is pretty normal for me because basically I just sit
there in my chair working on my computer for days or weeks on end
even before the virus hit the few times you do see me go out those are the only
times I go out any other time I’m basically in here working on stuff and
studying things so I don’t just two groups of people first are those that
are young and healthy and the second group would be the elderly and those of
us with chronic illnesses that probably will die from the corona virus if we
ever got it so the first group that are young and healthy please don’t panic
because this probably wouldn’t affect you most of you might even already have
it and not know it just because about 80 percent of people who get the corona
virus don’t have symptoms the problem is you would be a silent carrier and you
would spread it to those of us friends and family that are either elderly or
friends and family who have chronic illnesses or other diseases that are
very susceptible to dying from the corona virus so it’s basically most
people don’t feel anything and the small group that you couldn’t soundly transmit
it to would have a high chance of dying if they ever got it
and if they didn’t die they would still have severe lung damage and other
physical damages that we have to carry for the rest of their lives
in addition to whatever age or whatever chronic illness they already had going
in so it’s more about protecting friends and family and I know a lot of people
are frustrated that they have to stay home or a lot of events like Coachella
or the NBA is canceled but I think this is a time where society as a whole can
start focusing on the community and family and friends instead of what you
personally want I just feel like as a society we’ve gone so focus on what I
want what I want to do what’s good for my mental health what and so you can
always use the mental health excuse as out just not having enough activities or
not having enough social interaction is bad for you and therefore you put
yourself first and go out and get the virus
even though you’re young and healthy and you
wouldn’t have any symptoms from having the virus you would bring it home or
bring it to the office and give it to somebody who does have illness or who is
old and susceptible to dying from the virus so I think it’s a great time for
us to come together as a community as a family as a group of friends and do
things to help your friends and your family instead of necessary just
something that you impulsively wanted to you or feel that you’re not allowed to
do the fun things that you want to do because at some point it might be your
turn where you’re suffering or you need help or you’re at risk and you would
want your friends and family to be there to support you so that comes to the
second group those of us who are immunocompromised and high risk of
getting the corona virus and dying from it I think quarantine as I’ve said it’s
basically my life every single day so it doesn’t seem that difficult actually for
compared to people who are used to going to social events and even going to the
office getting out of the house you know this I guess it would be kind of hard to
switch to just working from home all the time and not really going out and
grabbing some air but for those of us who have been
bedridden for many many years and just gone through life basically sitting or
lying down this is just another normal day so my advice for those who feel like
they’re being trapped at home just not being able to go outside or not having
that many social activities available you know start reaching out to people
that you haven’t talked to in a while or people that you wouldn’t usually talk to
connect with them and if they’re more of a colleague or work-related friend talk
about ideas of things that you might want to do or where you want to see
things go for your personal career or education you’ll be surprised how many
people in your past you will reconnect with and actually find that you are
actually great friends just you never had the chance to build that
relationship and I’ve been able to do so much building several businesses and now
doing VC investing all basically just from sitting at my desk for the last
about 10 or 15 years another thing being at home is great for
is just reflecting on your life and where you wanted to go and things that
you want to fix it’s really a good time to slow things down and think things
through a lot of times when you’re just going to work and then going hanging out
with friends or have other activities doing stuff with family you don’t have
that quiet time to really think and sometimes to really think through these
big life questions it takes months or for me some have taken years so having
this quiet time where you’re not thinking about the next thing that you
gotta go out to do allows you to think things through and even focus on
starting a business or getting learning something that you always want to do
just because you don’t have ways to procrastinate by going out and if you’ve
just watched everything that you already want to watch on Netflix then you got to
focus down on what you want to work on whether if it’s education or a side
hustle or something else but the most important thing that I think healthy
people need to do is help those of us that are at high risk of dying from the
coronavirus we need help with doing daily things especially if we’re self
quarantine like I am then I can go out and run certain errands or even just
pick up food so again it’s a great time for you to pitch in and connect with
your community your friends and family and do something for somebody else and
finally if you’re healthy then don’t go out and buy up all the supplies and
resources and medical equipment that those of us who are sick would need you
would be condemning us to death or at least suffering a lot also don’t
overwhelm the hospitals and medical system just because you have a little
bit of a cough because those of us who usually need to go see doctors anyway
because of our chronic illness we still have to go and if you’re clogging up the
medical system then it would make it harder for those of us who actually need
treatment to get the care and treatment that we need so yeah that’s my
perspective on the coronavirus as somebody who has multiple chronic
illnesses I’m not panicking just because I’m so used to living with risks and
unknowns I’m literally allergic to everything on the planet including
whether that’s a couple days away I’ll have reactions to it and when I say I’m
allergic to literally everything on the planet it means everything on the planet
can kill me at any time so that’s sort of like the corona virus
what the corona virus will do to those of us that are at high risk but it’s not
out of the ordinary for a lot of us that have lived on the edge of death for a
long time so panicking never helps panicking just makes you act emotionally
and make you make bad decisions under stress and fear fears the I think is the
biggest problem that’s driving all the hoarding of stuff and cancellations of a
lot of events I’m appreciative of it just because I’m somebody who’s at high
risk but too much fear is never a good thing you want to be objective look at
the facts and take careful risk because there’s nothing in life that is
risk-free even healthy people can die from accidents or some other cause at
any time Kobe Bryant it’s just a tragedy that recently happened when he crashed
into the mountainside so just being awake being live every day there’s a
risk just do everything that you know that you can to prevent as much as to
lower that risk as much as possible and then just go on with your life and try
to do as much as you can try this say things that you wouldn’t regret to
people kind of live in the moment live with no regrets and that’s just kind of
how I’ve lived my life with all the restrictions and the danger that I
constantly have to deal with alright guys thanks for watching my name is
Jeffrey Lin. I would ask you please support my channel by hitting the
subscribe button and with all the craziness that’s going on I’m sure you
know somebody who would find this video helpful for so please share this video
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