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I Find A 15th Century Cornish Healing Well!! Menacuddle Well

December 10, 2019

Here we are in St Austell today. We are going
to go on a hunt for the Menacuddle well. Which is in the middle of St Austell town centre.
Not many people know about this well. Even locals that have lived here for years! Ive done some research it on the internet, lets go and have a look! You are best of parking
in the Priory car park in the centre of town, on a Sunday its free. Persevere with it if
you are parking in the car park in the centre of St Austell. Just walk up the hill, Bodmin
road. An then you will come across a sign that says elderly persons crossing. After you see that sign take a little left, and head down into the valley. The water in the well has been held in great esteem for its powers. Often used in treating aliments such
as ulcers An sickly children were regularly bathed in its waters. Victorian matrons would
also recommend the drinking of its liquid. There is a local tale that suggests, that
if you wish for good luck in life. You should drop a crooked pin into the water. An see all the others float to the surface. Granting your wish. You know what? Whoever made this, they did a good
job! This is really really comfy! So this well dates back to the fifteenth century. It is said that the locals of the area, would bathe their children in the well. To make them better.. Just can’t believe that this place is so close to St Austell town centre
and I didn’t even know about it!


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