I don’t want to drink medicine, he unexpectedly used this method to feed me!|ep36-1

February 22, 2020

Princess, I heard that the Prince is in a bad mood. Do you want to visit him? He is in a bad mood You let me go see him You are not afraid that I touched his mold. Why is he in a bad mood? Prince You have something to worry about about others. Why don’t you worry about yourself? You see no He said that his own business is something of others. You still let me care about him. Then you say that I am not someone else. What are you doing? I heard that you are not willing to take medicine today. I don’t have to take medicine I am healthy That medicine is so bad Smell the smell It’s this smell… it’s coming again. so I am going to drink with you today. The doctor said Your body is particularly cold Need conditioning Otherwise you can’t take your child In fact, I want to give you a child. princess This is a big mistake. You can’t talk nonsense I am cold Why are you drinking? I am also cold. So I am drinking with you. So clever Either drink it yourself Either I feed you, don’t use it, I drink it myself. I will do it myself okay I will accompany you to drink medicine every day. Where is his mood? Prince is because of a bad mood. So come to you here. I will say. You two are more and more like a little couple. Are you blind?

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