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I Challenged an Actual SWAT Team to Camo Hide and Seek!

March 12, 2020

this is the SWAT team and we have an
hour to hide from them using extreme camouflage at 15 minutes to initial SWAT
members will be added to the game at 30 minutes they’re gonna bring in the SWAT
dog 20 minutes and the timer starts now right now okay
guys I think John should help me hide because he’s better at paintball than me
we were not playing paintball though we’re gonna be hiding from the SWAT team
as they come out I have a good hiding spot I’ve already scouted the area I’ve
done my homework Bree I have a good spot for you I will show you so house goes my
spot I’m keeping that for me I won the last slot hide-and-seek I need the best
spot wait wait wait I need my hands I need a good think is gonna help me steal
away myself in my spot one second wait here bring I’ll be right back hi guys
let’s get this bread I almost read this what team wants I’m not going to lose to
them again see if it do you know what about Heidi’s – I do okay guys meet
brother Gaiden come on if you’re watching this video leave a like down
below if you think we can beat this watch tape let’s go
so wait hold on this is an option – we actually added these boards to this fort
to hide underneath here so this is option number one I don’t think this is
the best option let’s keep looking for this yep one Rakata scanning for
possible hiding places let’s see I’m seeing a nothing really good right now
it’s just not whole bunch of open fields but oh wait wait take off my glasses for
speed of movement Bree this is your bag in there’s the walkie-talkie /
communication while we’re hiding I’m telling you right now ten bucks I bet
you on the last one pound shake on it 20 bucks you can’t just
change shipping so if I have to climb a tree for this spot I am out of luck guys
we have a massive field I think we have three paintball courses for us to be on
maybe four oh we got so much time left yeah we have 18 minutes do you want me
to hide in these I have out of this first things first
play we said wait come back oh yeah that’s a hot care package we got oh my
gosh X
camouflage all gloves yes yes I’m feeling more confident now
I can’t lose like GoPro shoot this f2 I don’t remember how to put this thing on
I’ve only put this ghillie suit on once before feel like this is like putting on
grandma’s pajamas there’s life situations you never know what’s gonna
happen I don’t know who’s gonna come from what corner there’s like 30 of them
here they’re never gonna find me oh my goodness I gotta find the perfect one
I’m a little tall so it’s like difficult yeah can you get up there though like
it’s gonna take some serious parkour as I see John and Briana they finally got
there so slow I think bran that’s gonna be the first one caught then John then
WT I hear someone talking behind my back you got the walkie-talkie I brought you
your bag what are you saying behind my back now the dude I just think you’re
gonna be found pretty fast I’m gonna be the last one fat I just made a berry 20
bucks I guess Wow Oh Preston Sal’s gaming mouse pad all the way out of
intervention pack the bags I just delivered I’ll leave it as a red herring
I wait yeah that’s a frisbee not a mouse Matt well if you come to you come to
this bay ball park it’s yours okay I’ve got some new fire merch is
this new merch I haven’t any the st. Patty’s Day this is also brand new merch
Hydro dipped flame tea they’re driving for the Sun to to have already three
shirts huh what’s the fourth one dude what am I suppose this stuff is mainly
useless did you get a wocket issue of your walkie talkie in there
okay finally wait horn too hot too hot I hold on let’s see the timer I have you
got 14 minutes this is Barney copy that oh we’re money let’s go baby let’s go
okay go go go is there anything else you need from your bag you guys want to see
the beautiful part oh my gosh beef jerky I got two walkie-talkies this is a decoy
walkie talkie I’m gonna secretly put it where you’re hiding on full volume
Morini not with our mighty what you did SWAT unit we have around we Howard round
you want to do you see you later Dave might be jerky
of course just kidding it’s my jerky no no no can’t take a man’s a jerky like
that’s illegal Preston just said I’m gonna get found first you know what that
is he’s bitter because I have one every
heidi WT then join then Preston’s didn’t meet if I got to choose my own hiding
spot I for sure would win but now I’m a little unconfident I’m also not running
whatsoever I’m just lollygagging probably should
actually look for a spot I need to climb it into something that’s typically what
I do a school bus we’re in there can you go
in that white tube I may never be seen again if I do that hold on how bout it
definitely oh why did I do that ah Maddy can we open this car I could
slide under the car I would get real dirty well why am I afraid of that
someone else has hidden in their icy water there’s a water bottle in there ah
stupid nachos my back pocket multitask guys multitask
really go but I had to figure some when you get up there without my stuff I’m
not gonna lie I’m great at this but this thing is like 10 feet tall and it’s
gonna be hard to call you with a girl for a man for a jar for like two seconds
like undo this thing I can hide in the rocket launcher free free free free yes
yeah come on you’re playing around we need to get you hidden come on lolly
gagging I’m lolly baggie you’re gonna need this this is a new since I doubt
put it flip it right that’s you’re gonna like what you see when you open that up
it’s the st. Patty’s Day Christian shirt you need the look you
have your walkie-talkie in my bag grab it let’s get out let’s don’t be away
during the fireman hide-and-seek Keith there’s an alarm on here ring
I am your number one asset right now what am i doing guiding your hiding spot
then you your walkie talkie on the radio comms so I can scout for you Johnny’s my
number-one asset I’m offended by that maybe maybe number one maybe number two
behind your husband we’re getting distracted from the original goal we
still have yet to figure out how to put this on feel like this is rocket science
I’m stay down the truck uh hi dude we’re gonna give these glasses up to I these
are not gonna help us at all hide shoot me hi we’re looking good starting to
warm up all right we got to make sure we’re putting this on right I’m still
not confident Oh check it haha it’s probably a bad idea to play hide and
seek into the SWAT team when you have we have a cold Bravo
I have found my spot ten-four say your callsign cannot be Bravo ladies and
gentlemen Brees hiding spot John this is a little obvious
there’s a bug in here? where’s the bug no it’s not it’s not a live green I’m
gonna die for the sake of hide-and-seek leave a like on this video because I’m
literally about to crawl in here with a big bug
and I need support okay it’s fine I look like Oscar the Grouch take your
luck oh I’m gonna put it over my head you got your radio yes I think so make
sure it’s turned down don’t make too much noise here is the maximum
camouflage I feel like my pants are just look like my pants are coming off a
little bit you like my pants are coming off
alright tighten it up boys alright so check it out wait there’s supposed to be
a hat oh no dude no the ghillie mask we don’t have the ghillie masts this is so
not gonna work without the ghillie mask what is this piece of garbage are you
kidding me 100% there supposed to be a mask that comes with a ghillie suit and
we definitely did not grab it what does this thing mean we’re like tiny people
I can’t even my arms don’t even get covered fully we got it we got to hide
all this stuff what is this extra pants so we’ve got extra pants and this is a –
this stuff is useless I’m definitely gonna put this on put my phone on
airplane mode I’ve gotta hide all the evidence I don’t know about this hottie
spot anymore oh man okay this is bad so we have like there’s five minutes left
and I still am not 100% sure I was gonna hide we were gonna hide underneath the
tubes but we don’t have the ghillie masks and I don’t want to get caught in
the first five minutes you have a bear see that would be oh dude I don’t know
where to hide it’s busted see they’re gonna check they would check under the
car 100% oh no this is dead it’s terrible tell you what guys if you
really want to help me out at this point of the video take the device you’re
watching this video I’m turning like this subscribe and turn those
notifications on cuz we’ve got the lose it’s time to get down to business Maddy
I don’t want to boast I do have the best spot in the whole game because I pay
take a little money and we’re literally just locking me up in a cabin on the
very edge of the course you see over there you see that truck that’s my main
man daga see that cabin back there on the pond we’re boarding it up I
literally won’t see the entire course I’m gonna be shielded from the course my
man care package my man I need to I need some hands – come on come on let’s go
let’s make this happen so we just lay it across the chute let’s
just lay it across and we won’t board it up I’ll board it up from the inside at
AG the two driver from the outside from the inside
get out of here breaking my window big get out of here get out of you y’all
selling me out guys I don’t know if you can see me in here I’m literally afraid
of the dark and I’m in a dark tube I have a shirt on my head I’m dirty and
cold this is not my best moment ahh they said this is a good spot but I’m
gonna be honest I just have a wooden top on me and I really want to sit down but
look it’s dirty just like my pants if this doesn’t come off I’m going be oh
that was scary they’re gonna check under the bridge for sure we’re also getting
like really into it but like the thing is is like this doesn’t blend in with
anything I feel like it’s got to be something over here but even over here
like under the trucks that’s kind of a dead giveaway I mean dude you could try
to cover me in these leaves and see if it works – this is so obvious I feel
like there’s no way oh my gosh what are you about to put on me I might give you
my shoes – bruh or just like throw them like put them in the school bus we got a
cover up all the skin no skin if only I got a tan – the things we do
for YouTube and that looks the hour starts now guys so we’re
starting here No darn it
alright you got me you got me I’m sorry I’m sorry
alright I’m coming out I swear that was a little dramatic I try running
all right it didn’t work how does it feel to be the first loser all in good
time my friends this is only the first one
mark my words defeat teaches you many things so this would be a good spot for
a ghillie suit you can almost hide out in the open as
long as you don’t move and blend right in
that’s the problem with the ghillie suit stuff you’re gonna scan nice and slow
definitely look it come back all right one one down in four to go
I caught one we got a house over here that I didn’t clear I wanted to wait for
you guys because I didn’t really want to clear that just by myself I haven’t hid
this at all just so you know very briefly did everything up to about these
trees right here over to here I hit these two vehicles oh yeah I gotta say
they’re either in a really good spot on the courses but it could be somewhere
around the perimeter let me show you guys my setup here I’m in a dilapidated
cabin this out here is the very edge of the course I got four screws in the door
here here up there and down there and there’s a little tiny gap right there
I’m pretty confident about the spot they have an entire hour to try and find us I
don’t think they’re gonna be able to get me I’m acing this pretty well but we’ll
see so we’ve got this big house right here that we haven’t cleared and we got
this Shack back here and whether this weird clown face building
is yeah like these tubes are gonna be fun
there’s a hundred different tubes over here that could be in any one of those
all right not bump against suicide hey got one I got the winner
oh there’s Sun again oh it’s bright that’s why it’s hard to see you opening
lids and going into a dark space I’m so dirty yeah I do well I think as we knock
out the really dense stuff like this we got a wide open area we can probably
do pretty pretty good just spreading out and kind of working our way through
because like that stuff over there you kids yeah you can’t really hide I mean
last time I thought I started losing a little bit of confidence as time winding
down and it all just kind of happen at once as we started with anything all
behind in spots no no God would so crushed it was in the
Gillian yeah okay I’ll walk right over it was the Hat Stephen it was the hats
that had been blended with a brush we forgot the helmet that was the problem hi boss man you found me fair and square
I was so determined to win like my determination was was up there but if I
was a real criminal I when I’m gotten away that’s all that matters man good
luck to whoever is the last man standing there’s no structure over there this
okay blocked it off sort of now this is blocked off hey got 100 all right down
I go put your hands in yeah get up anis give it a push your hands are here you
thought you’re gonna be here for a while huh I thought I was gonna be here for a
while what gave it away J you know I almost overlooked this heading back
towards the other side and then what we we’re about halfway out almost now I
haven’t looked back here and I said you know there’s another structure better
better be safe than sorry and then as I approached I saw the pallet flipped up
it was like you know they’re blocking it off try to make it hard to get to hey
yeah sure get the pallet down I thought that was my secret sauce J’s called me the worst timing ever
no way I thought that Bristol’s got plenty time we definitely don’t know who
the last hider was that was remaining oh that is true how long would you how long
did you get back probably a minute and a half ago shoot I
think we lost I think John won guys that’s the end of the video don’t forget
if you make it here in the first 60 minutes to comment down below because we
will feature your comments right here but I can’t show you because I don’t
have any hands we are now 1 to 1 against the SWAT team we’ve beat them one and
they beat us once make sure you guys click on either of these videos that
YouTube recommends you and we’ll see you guys next time


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