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‘Hundreds’ of people rushed off cruise ship after Norovirus outbreak – The News

November 29, 2019

 Hundreds of ‘acutely ill’ passengers were rushed off a cruise ship after a Norovirus outbreak onboard  Some people who had been on the Norwegian Joy were evaluated by paramedics after the 16-day cruise that left Florida stopped at the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro   Those seeking medical attention disembarked the docked cruise ship and are being evaluated by paramedics of the Los Angeles Fire Department, reports NBC Los Angeles  Some sick passengers are being screened separately from the rest of the disembarking passengers, according to reports on social media  Peter Krajewski, who had been onboard, tweeted: “Just got off the Norwegian Joy in the port of Los Angeles  Were you on board? Have you been affected by this story? Email [email protected] uk  “Our ship had been dealing with a Norovirus outbreak the last couple days, but none of the passengers suspected that it was as bad as it was  “Apparently hundreds of people were acutely ill on the ship.”  A statement from the Los Angeles Fire Department said: “LAFD personnel continue to examine “several persons who have been ill” while aboard the currently docked cruise ship, which is disembarking passengers  “A yet to be determined number of those ill passengers desiring further medical assessment or ambulance transport are still being evaluated on shore by LAFD Paramedics  “No patients are currently displaying life-threatening symptoms.”  The Norwegian Joy has a guest capacity of 3,804 passengers and was refurbished earlier this year after being built in 2017 Read More Top news stories from Mirror Online  It also has 1,821 crew, according to the Norwegian Cruise line website  Norwegian Cruise Line are yet to comment on the reported outbreak of the sickness bug


  • Reply The Impaler November 24, 2019 at 11:49 pm

    Y'all need to just send me your money and keep your asses at home.
    It's safer and we'll both have more pleasant memories

  • Reply Alan McKenzie November 25, 2019 at 4:56 pm

    So WRONG! Only SIX people were taken off as 'sick' passengers and they had been quarantined on board the ship for several days. I really hate it when news sites mess up the facts, then other news sites hear about the story and compound it by copying the story (with credit to the first one of course) and it gets spread around like crazy!

    Someone should have read the LOCAL (as in LA) stories that said "SIX treated for flu-like symptoms" and "A handful of people were taken to local hospitals after getting sick onboard"…


    Here's a quote from ABC News 7:
    "SAN PEDRO, Calif. — Six people were medically evaluated after they reported falling ill while on board a docked cruise ship at the Port of Los Angeles Sunday morning.

    The Los Angeles Fire Department responded to the incident on the Norwegian cruise ship, which was reported shortly after 9 a.m., to examine "several persons who have been ill." Officials said the passengers were disembarked from the ship but none of them showed signs of life-threatening symptoms.

    Four out of the six passengers who requested further medical treatment were transported to local hospitals, fire officials said.

    "The captain…let us know what was going on and told us to be vigilant with our hand washing. There were a lot of changes in the dining area. They washed down everything before the new people sat down," said cruise ship passenger Coleen John."

    So, it was SIX people and only FOUR even went to the hospital…

    If it was HUNDREDS as so many stories show and have video of people getting off ships (not even the right one!), then there would be a MASSIVE quarantine setup and they NEVER would have allowed them off the ship in the first place!

  • Reply edgar manzo November 26, 2019 at 9:22 pm

    Get your facts straight fake news

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