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Howard County Battles the Opioid Epidemic

December 19, 2019

>>:Medical 911-4 paramedic 115
– paramedic injured 111 EMS 1 responds – Scaggsville Road
near Pindell School Road. Possible overdose. County
police on Alpha 2 – 23-12.>>:Our nation is in the midst
of an epidemic of opioid abuse and opioid overdose-related
deaths. Tragically, deaths from opioid overdoses have
surpassed deaths from motor vehicle trauma and firearm
violence, both in Howard County and across the country.
The problem of opioid overdose and opioid abuse goes far
beyond our highways, parking lots and places once thought
to be the location of opioid overdoses. In Howard County,
our emergency services responders have responded to
calls in people’s homes, places of work, public places
and a variety of other locations. A substantial
increase in opioid overdose-related calls and
opioid overdose deaths in Howard County has occurred
over the past few years. Our public safety, public health
and other governmental partners are working
diligently on strategies to help combat the opioid
overdose epidemic. It’s important for everyone in
Howard County to understand that this is a disease that is
affecting all aspects of society; one that no one is
immune to, and that we all have a responsibility to
understand, be able to recognize, and get those we
care for and know the help they need. We should also know
how to recognize and treat the signs of an opioid overdose to
save a life.

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