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How Your Bad Habits Are Increasing Your Risk for Cancer with Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy

October 18, 2019

Dr. Axe: Hey, guys. Dr. Josh Axe here, with Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy. And today we’re gonna be talking about how
bad habits can increase your risk of cancer. And I’ll tell you, there are probably some
surprising bad habits Doc, we’re going to talk about today that people don’t realize
are increasing their susceptibility of cancer. And Dr. Connealy is one of the leading authorities
in fighting cancer. In fact, she has a new book we’ll talk about
at the end on how to fight cancer naturally here as well. But we’re going to dive in and answer your
most common questions. And hey, help us spread this message of how
to fight cancer naturally. So take a minute right now. Punch that Share button, click that Like button,
and we’re going to dive right in. So number one here, how often are we exposed
to environmental toxins, and how does this impact our health and our susceptibility to
cancer? Dr. Connealy: Well, toxins are ubiquitous
in every single thing we do. Even if you were to live in the North Pole
like the polar bears, they’ve actually examined the fat in polar bears and found heavy metals. So it doesn’t matter where you live or what
you do, you are constantly bombarded with toxins. Everything from everything you eat, drink,
or breath, probably has some level of toxicity in it. So we have got to be aware of this because
we’re seeing a pandemic of illnesses. A pandemic means a worldwide situation of
illnesses in all age groups now. Cancer happens to be the largest killer of
everyone 1 to 85 years of age. How can this impact our health? Well, in every single way. Our cell bathes, we have trillions of cells,
and our cell bathes in this beautiful fluid of water, and it has something called the
Krebs cycle of energy. It was named after Dr. Kreb. And Dr. Kreb invented this beautiful biochemical
cycle. I show patients a diagram of how vitamins
and nutrients make this cycle work to make energy for you and take care of you. And then you have chemical X and chemical
Y and chemical A, etc. All the chemicals and all of us have hundreds
of chemicals, and some of the worst that interfere are heavy metals, mercury, lead, arsenic,
aluminum, Uranium. These are terrible in how they infect the
crucial, biological, cellular functioning of our health. We can’t look the other way. We’ve got to take a stand and that’s what
we’re all here today taking a stand and educating you on what you can do and have an awareness
of your surroundings. One of the biggest toxins that we have today
is electrosmog, the invisible energy web that all of us are plagued with. And if we drew a picture, we’d look like a
spider web of all of the different energy that’s impacting our health. Now, yes. Okay. We’re not going to get rid of our cell phone. Probably not going to get rid of our iPad. We’re probably not going to get rid of our
computer. But there are things that you can do to personally
to affect how these toxins affect your health. Dr. Axe: Absolutely. So as Dr. Connealy is talking about, I mean,
toxins are everywhere. They’re everywhere from, as she’s talking
about, from cell phones, to computers, to the food we eat such as pesticides, the meat
we eat. A lot of the antibiotics and steroids in there
plus a lot of other places, we’re exposed to these different environmental toxins. So it’s easy to see why cancer rates are on
the rise more than ever before, or there’s so much cancer and so many other just auto
immune diseases and things that are impacting the body in a negative way. The other question here, “Can bacteria and
viruses cause cancer? If so, how?” Dr. Connealy: Well, that’s a great question,
because if we have a chronic infection, whether it’s bacteria, fungus, parasites, or viruses,
it predisposes us to cancer because why? Because it causes inflammation. So let’s say you have a tooth infection. Well, every one of your teeth correspond to
an organ in your body, and the chronic inflammation will cause distress in the body. Viruses, HPV, we know increases your risk
of cancer. We know that over 35% of head and neck cancers
now are HPV, a Human Papillomavirus. Herpes, Herpes 1, whether it’s 1 or 2, can
increase your risk of cancer. So all viruses, yes, because they wear down
the immune system, they suppress the immune system and cause inflammation. Parasites, things that we think in America,
“Oh, how could we have parasites? We have this pure, clean environment.” No, that’s not true because parasites are
in the water. They’re in the food. We have stressed out gastrointestinal systems,
so we have an open playground for parasites to invade our body. Then we have yeast. Well, if you took antibiotics one time, one
time, one day, you have killed all of your natural microbial. That’s the bacteria that live. We have more organisms that work for us than
we do have cells. And so when we take antibiotics, we eat sugar,
we’re exposed to EMFs, we eat foods that basically act as a drain to our body. Then we have fungus, fungus among us. And I tell people, it’s not just the bugs,
it’s all the toxins that these produce. Mycotoxins, for example for fungus. But all of these organisms produce their own
degree of toxicity. So all this does is suppress the immune system,
create inflammation, and create more toxicity in the body. Dr. Axe: Yeah. Good stuff. Well, again, bacteria, viruses, yes, they
can make you more susceptible. Let’s talk about number three here. What are the worst eating habits that may
be promoting cancer? And I’d love to hear if you have a few surprising
ones as well. Dr. Connealy: Well, first of all, any kind
of packaged food, okay. First of all, I always look at like if I go
somewhere, and how they’re going to put . . . what they’re going to put my food in, okay. Styrofoam for example, it’s stored in there. So you can’t even almost eat out unless you
ask the people like, “Okay, how are you storing the food, one, if I’m going to pick it up,
or if I’m going to take it home?” But probably the worst . . . and I tell people,
“If there’s one thing you change today it’s watch your intake of sugar.” Okay. We already know that with a receptor sites
for sugar are way more for a cancer cell, than they are for a normal cell. Now, we’re talking about cancer, but we could
talk about any other ailment. We could talk about neurodegenerative diseases. We can talk about any illness. Sugar weakens the body, but there’s so much
sugar. You think, “Okay. Cookies, candies, pies and cakes.” Those are the obvious sugars, but what are
the non-obvious sugar? Bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, crackers, popcorn. All of these things basically turn into sugar. We know that if we want to control the energy
cycle of our body, that cutting out sugar and the unfavorable carbohydrates are critical
to the survival. If you want to have energy, everybody’s buying
energy drinks and doing all these things for energy. But you are going to fuel your energy just
by creating the right biochemical reactions in your body with the food that you’re eating. Now, also fast foods. Okay. If they sell something for a dollar, how can
it possibly have something good for you? It’s not going to. Dr. Axe: No. Dr. Connealy: So I know there are emergency
situations. But now today, and living in 2017, we have
available so many quick, easy foods. Just like for myself, I will grab NuttZo,
Nuttzo which is nuts and seeds. And I will grab two tablespoons of that and
I have energy, because fat is fuel. Fat is energy. That’s something you can do really, really
fast. Now they sell those butters in little packets. Now, you can go and get salads, you can get
vegetables. You can get a juice ready to go anywhere now
today. It’s amazing. You can also, like I tell people, if you can’t
afford juicing, there’s amazing green powders that you can get already prepared. And say you don’t have a lot of money, you
go get those, there’s actually raw, different, grasses and things that taste good, believe
it or not, because when I travel, that’s what I bring. And then if you go to the store, and you look
at those, I’ll never forget when I was . . . kids were young in elementary school, and people
bought Lunchables. Dr. Axe: Oh, yeah. Dr. Connealy: Okay. It’s processed. It’s got more chemicals. Do you know now that one of the fastest growing
cancers today is colon cancer in 25 to 35 year olds? So that means what? Their gastrointestinal tract is being laden
with chemicals and toxins and inflammatory organisms. And how can you be having colon cancer at
the age of 25? But what I believe now is our gastrointestinal
tract it’s everything, okay. There’s lots of been on that, but now with
the microbiome discovery and mapping all that out. But then our foods, we are now . . . now you’re
going to be able to scan the nutritional value of your food just like that. So now people are going to be in the know. It’s not going to be a question anymore. You’re going to be able to scan anything you
buy and see what’s the nutritional value just like that. Now, the food industry is going to be accountable. But our food today . . . you need to know,
like I shop at a farmer’s market. So I know all the people who are giving me
food. But even in your local, health food stores,
there are a lot of them like mine does, it tells whoever it’s coming from, whatever farm
it’s coming from. Now, you know, if you get really [inaudible
00:10:27] you can grow your own foods believe it or not, pretty easily, not that complicated. And it’s good for your soul to grow a garden. People just think that downing a shake, and
eating a hamburger and French fries, think about how those French fries . . . the oil
in that French fries. You think about where did those potatoes come
from, and then you’ve just denatured the vital ingredients of that food. So really, people need to start really being
mindful of everything they’re doing, whether it’s their sleep, their water, but the food. What does food do? It provides the information, the energy that
our body needs to work for you. Dr. Axe: So often, what people are eating,
and it’s not food at all. When you think about when you’re eating, ask
yourself, “Is it an actual food?” If it’s in a package, typically, it’s not
a food if it has more than just even one ingredient sometimes, or multiple ingredients. And so again, really getting more food in
your diet. Myself and my wife Chelsea just recently took
a trip, and we always packed snacks. So like you talked about, I know you travel
all the time. Somewhere I think, we bought some grass-fed
beef jerky, we brought some kale chips, we brought some goji berries. And these are things . . . a handful of . . . we
brought some sprouted, salted almonds. And that’s what we take when we travel. I get questions all the time from people saying,
“Well, how do you do it? How do you eat healthy especially when traveling?” Well, you plan ahead. You go to a local health food store or a chain
like Whole Foods, and you get some healthy snacks when you go. And some other thing, before I’m traveling
anywhere, I know I will search for the . . . I look up organic healthy restaurant in Dallas,
Texas, or wherever I’m going or traveling, look that up. And it’s really important that you plan ahead
especially when traveling so you can follow this step as well. Well, most important, hey while you’re at
home getting more real food in your diet. And pick up some healthy cookbooks, another
thing that can help there as well. Number four here. Dr. Connealy, we’re all aware of how smoking
increases the chance of developing lung cancer, but what are some other bad habits that increase
an individual’s chance of developing cancer in their lifetime? Dr. Connealy: Well, first of all, smoking
is really bad. And I tell people . . . I have patients of
mine that they do smoke, okay. There’s few, actually. There’s not tons of people, it’s mostly young
people now. But there’s hundreds and hundreds and hundreds
of chemicals in smoking. So please, be a cheerleader for helping someone
quit smoking. It’s probably one of the worst addictions
we can have is smoking. But sitting, sitting’s the new smoking, okay. What does everybody do today? They sit, and you have 800 muscles in your
body to move. So you need to move your body. You’ve got to activate that lymphatic system. You’ve got to increase your endorphins. You’ve got to burn calories. So I tell people what they need to do is,
if they sit . . . A lot of people sit at computers today. So I tell people, “If you sit at computers
today, every hour on the hour, that means 11:00, 12:00, 1:00, go and walk five minutes.” Clear your head. First of all, you’re going to be a way more
productive person if you go move around, and preferably outside. We’re in the office setting again, with electrosmog,
so if you’re not mindful, like in our office, we’re mindful about the chemicals and things
that we use, the kind of floors, and everything outgasses, chemicals, like a brand new car. And so you go outside, connect with nature,
sit on the grass, any kind of things for five minutes. It’s amazing what it will do. The other thing is like people don’t realize
that going to a gym is probably not as good as for you as going outside and exercising. So I always tell people, “Try to go outside
and again, connect with nature to balance and get your soul re-energized.” Because going in from the . . . you have the
EMFs from the machines and everything, you can use your own body to go outside and hike
with nature. Now granted, sometimes the weather is not
conducive to that, but it is actually a very important way to not only get the exercise
in, but also get the energy of our body more balanced. Dr. Axe: Yeah. Great advice. One of the worst habits is sitting all the
time and too much, and especially in the spring, in the summer, in the fall. When you’re able to get outside in your area,
make sure you do it. Block out some time. Put it in your schedule. And there’s a lot of benefits here. There’s the benefit of exercise. There’s the benefit of sunbathing, getting
some of that vitamin D, and some benefits of grounding. Kick your shoes off, go barefoot walking on
the dirt, on the grass, on the sand, but you can really transform your health that way
and I love this advice here, Dr. Connealy. It’s great. I will let you know about Dr. Connealy’s book. It’s called “The Cancer Revolution,” and this
is a groundbreaking program that goes through how to naturally reverse or prevent cancer
as you can see in the subtitle of her book here. So Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy here, M.D. And you can check it out here on her website, You can also find her book on Amazon. So just go on Amazon right now, and search
“The Cancer Revolution,” and you can find her book there. But again, great advice, great tips from nutrition,
natural treatments, and natural prevention tips as well. Dr. Connealy, thanks so much for being part
of the program. And thank you for watching and for sharing
this information, because there are millions of people battling cancer, being diagnosed
with cancer, and they need to know the truth of the integrative and natural approaches
as Dr. Connealy teaches. Thanks for watching, guys.


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