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How We are Surviving Corona Virus in Belize – Ep 108 Sailing Luckyfish

March 4, 2020

Hi Guys welcome back to Luckyfish channel here we are in beautiful place. Placencia Belize. Beautiful weather. Perfect for sailing. I’m Zaya. I come from Mongolia and we have been sailing across the Atlantic ocean and around the Caribbean for the last five years and I’m Stewart and I’m passionate about sailing and teaching sailing and just recently, our crew has expanded with the arrival of this little guy Leo, I’m Ariun and I recently joined the Luckyfish crew on board for the longterm and I’m so excited to learn all about sailing. So we’re going to have so much fun in today’s video, so stick around. But before we actually start the video, we’d like to make an official announcement of our first merch! first Luckyfish merch. So these ones are actually our very first design. It comes in all different sizes and five color sections available. These are the tee shirts that we’re wearing, but there’s also tank tops available. So be sure to check out the shop link in the description below. For more information. We are actually giving out free shirts to our top 10 Patreons for all their support and encouragement throughout this time and if everybody else is interested, just be sure to go down and check the description in the box below. Actually this week is in lunar new year in Mongolia. Due to the Corona virus, we are not celebrating but nothing stopping us to cook some Mongolian meal. So go with us to town to pick up some ingredients. Even in Mongolia they’re not allowed to celebrate. Maybe just at home they cooking some meal. That’s about it. so guys right now we are at Mings Supermarket. Yeah, they have it like a free for supermarkets, all owned by Chinese people. This is one of them. It’s so hot. So we just arrived at the store and I picked up a coconut water. I can’t wait. I’m just going to drink this. All right, let’s get going. We have a lot of shopping to do now. We’re going to stop by markets or pick up. Nice fresh ready do you are looking at our very first recipe. It’s going to have a ground. Ethan there some green onions. They smell so good. We’re going to have some red and green peppers. Dice them up, mince them up with the garlic, put in some line in there. But then all Steve’s if he, the fennel seed is definitely the key ingredient at our second recipe here we have some defrost, the chicken breasts, yellow onion, some lime red and green pepper as usual. And of course you can mix it up with any vegetables you wish to. Our key ingredient in this recipe is the chili garlic sauce because the chicken will give us a very nice, smooth and balanced taste when you’d like to balance it out with a kick of the chili garlic. So if any of your guys wondering what’s happening with lucky fish syndicate, it is actually happening successfully. We have chosen three priests indicated owners. First one was from Ibiza, his name was Raul. Other two owners are from America, Tim and Marvin. Marvin just left yesterday. Tim is here. So today Stewart taking Tim out for sailing and showing him the lucky fish. Good. How are you doing Marvin? Real busy. Shake and come off the winch. That’s very shallow. So I would be watching that tip. Good job. Yes, we’re here so far and we’re still floating. This was pretty interesting because the point over here, do you know where you can see that there’s a reef over there and that point does reach is over. We were wedged in here behind the silence, so we don’t get any, you’re not going to get pushed around by the wind or by the current. So this would be a nice place for lunch. The chicken one is all blended or Grindr. The beef one is sole chopped. That’s the difference. That’s the have the traditional Mongolians there. Uh, buy and chocolate there’s many ways to quote dumplings. So we’re going to show you a couple of different way of. all right guys. So I’m waiting for the dumplings to be ready. They are getting Steve right now. In the meanwhile, I thought I would open this line that we got this afternoon from that little vegetable shop. All right? So I tasted it and it, whoops. Alright. I tasted it. And the men on the crew doesn’t like it. They said as this very primitive and they said that it was a taste that they probably didn’t intend to have. But for the woman, me and this, it tastes really good. It kind of makes me feel like it’s, it tastes like Eric, which is horses milk. So our conclusion was that this wine probably isn’t as good as it’s supposed to be, but because of the homey feeling we think it’s got, which is very fitting to the occasion, hence we’re trying to celebrate lunar new year here. Hi Tim. Did you expect that on your second day you’ll be what you’re doing right now? No I didn’t, but I liked to cook and here I have a chance to cook something I’ve never cooked before with a group of people who know really how to do it. So I’m kind of learning from the experts. And what more could you ask for? Maybe I’ll even get to eat them at the end of the day if they lock me outside, if I didn’t misbehave too badly. Has lucky fish been treating you so far? Well, lucky fish and the wind seemed not to be on the same team, but lucky fish is beautiful and we had a good time and I managed. I think we’ve avoided colliding with the land so far. The land does pop up in the middle of the sea in a rather distressing fashion. I’m so excited to learn more about sailing and future videos. If you liked our video, don’t forget to like share, subscribe to our channel, and as always a huge things to our Patrice for making these videos possible. If you’d like to support us, we hope you consider becoming a patron and help us continue sharing our journey..


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    I enjoyed the video! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

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    Condition in Germany is also starting to get worse. The supermarkets are starting to get empty ! See for yourself as I visited 5 supermarkets in Frankfurt, Germany

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    The W.H.O is a joke.

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    Added to my Cooking mix! Nice tutorial.

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    Stay safe and far away from the virus. That means no travel for anybody of the crew into populated areas and airports. I hope you come through unharmed. Don't take it lightly.

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    This site has now lost me, no longer a subscriber

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