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How to Use Theraflu PowerPods for Cold & Flu – The Convenient Kitchen

November 14, 2019

welcome to the convenient kitchen when
colder flu shows up it can turn you into a miserable mess which isn’t exactly
going to rocket you to the top of anybody’s guest list
the quicker you can get back to your normal self the better that’s why one of
my favorite new convenience products is theraflu powerpods these powerful pods
work right in your single serve coffee machine just like your favorite coffees
and teas I know cool right let me show you how easy it
is to brew up a hot soothing cup of theraflu each pod comes in this pouch
which keeps pods fresh and also prevents kids from getting to them simply grab a
pair of scissors cut open the pouch I take out the pot next put the pod in the
tray it’s recommended that you set your brewer to the 8 ounce setting then put
the mug on the drip tray below the nozzle and next and this is the key step
here guys press brew Wow I’m Wowed how about you let’s see how
easy that was again press bro now I know my husband Don has a bad cold so here
you go Don its brewed with love what says I care more than a hot
steaming cup of theraflu just look at those vapors okay back to the couch
you’re done let’s hear it for dawn soon Don will experience powerful cold and
flu multi-symptom relief see how easy that was just press sip relief Oh
special effects fast convenient powerful relief theraflu powerpods until next
time stay well and keep your kitchen convenient

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