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How To Treat Fungus – 4 Types Of Fungal Infections

August 20, 2019

Hey, everyone. A fungus among us. Here it comes.
Do you know that you are being constantly attacked by thousands of
bacteria, viruses, fungus, yeast, or Candida and the body’s immune system is under
constant assault attacked by the environment? In this video, we’re going to
talk about the four types of infections and my favorite ways to treat Candida,
yeast, mold, and mildew. This is Dr. Jason West in the West
clinic and we’re coming at you with a hundred years of healing. Please type in
fungus in the comment link for your free report and I’m on a mission to help as
many people as possible achieve and maintain optimal health so please like
and share the video. Let’s talk fungus. Here it is! Fungus among us.. Natural ways to beat fungus. Do you have questions about fungal
infections? Who gets them? Where do they happen? Is it toenail fungus? Is it
a chronic sinus infection? Is it respiratory disease? And what are the
treatment options? How can you prevent fungal infections? And after watching
this video, you’ll know the four types of infections, what you can do to avoid
fungus and you’ll the difference between yeast, candida and fungus and what
treatments are available to work the six solutions and as a bonus, the for
advanced therapies for fungal infections. Hi, this is Dr. Jason West, coming at you
from the West clinic for generations and 100 years of healings. Now before I go on,
I need your help. I want to help as many people with a cause to help people
achieve and maintain optimal health without going to doctors, without
unnecessary drugs. I was asked yesterday by a patient, what
can you do about infection? And I replied, what type of infection? Because there are
four types of infection, bacterial, viral, parasites, and fungus. And after the
discovery of antibiotics, it seemed like everyone assumed infections were
bacterial and we just hammered people with antibiotics, it was called the
wonder drug and the dictionary defines anti meaning fighting, opposing or
killing and bios is the Greek word for life so it literally means life killing. Now
I’m not anti medicine but I feel you should use antibiotics cautiously, they
can be life-saving but they also can be detrimental to your health and remember
this, I have seen hundreds of patients with the after-effects of antibiotics
and often antibiotics are the cause of the contributing factor to chronic yeast
and funnel infections so let’s talk about mushrooms. I mean who really eats
these things? I mean you need an MRI schedule for your brain if you’re a
fungus or mushroom eater then I say that jokingly because I don’t like mushrooms
but it’s a proven fact that people that eat mushrooms eventually die. Okay, I’ll
drop the comedy act, I just have an aversion to mushrooms. I mean, do you know
what they grow on? Seriously, it’s poo! Okay, okay, nevermind about the fecal
living organisms, the video must go on. Really, this is a good place to talk
about the definitions because mold, yeast, mildew, they’re all fungus and the words
get used interchangeably and many times people are talking about yeast or
candida or candida fungus to describe the same thing. Now some ground rules,
yeast are a unicellular fungi while fungus are made up of a whole bunch of
them or long tubes of hyphene and Candida are basically the precursor to yeast, it’s
kind of like a caterpillar and a butterfly, the same organism just a
different life cycle and there are different areas that yeast and Candida
is some fungi, the monster likes to go after. You can have skin problems like
athlete’s foot, jock itch, fingernail or toenail fungus and ringworm and why is
this such a problem? Because Americans unintentionally fertilize yeast. What? Who
does that? It’s because the American diet is filled with so much sugar and simple
carbs and it’s the one way to address the problem and if you starve the fungus,
you’ll start feeling worse because it starts initially to release toxins and
the natural thing to do is to start eating sugar and the yeast laps it up
and then all of a sudden, we feel like we were before. When the yeast and Candida
multiply that makes us crave sugar, sugar is like cocaine, it’s really addicting.
Now how do you know if you have a yeast problem? One clue symptoms like oral
thrush, fingernail, toenail fungus, vaginal yeast infections and respiratory
infections and it can get up into your sinus and caused enormous sinus and
eventually lung problem. I personally believe that Candida
is a huge contributing factor to fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue
syndrome or the new name systemic exertion intolerance disease. Now a lot
of medical practitioners don’t believe in Candida or systemic Candida and it’s
like it’s some religion. I don’t believe in that. Now the medical practitioners
that do recognize these problems may be shooting them wrongly. Many antifungals
affect the liver and kidney function especially if you mix the antifungals
with alcohol or another drug. Antifungals weaken the hearts ability to contract.
This can lead to heart failure and the medicines the antifungals react with are
usually common prescriptions or over-the-counter medicines. Now fungus
are microorganisms that are present everywhere, indoors and outdoors. In fact,
there are more than 50 thousand types of fungi in the environment, they can
coexist or live on your skin for years without a problem but sometimes, a change
happens, you get immunocompromised or you have chronic fatigue or chronic immune
suppression and then bam, an infection occurs and it can be ringworm, it can be
toe nail beds, candidiasis, it can coat your mouth, your vaginal tract, your
urinary tract. Then this can be brought on by a weakened immune system, the side
effects of antibiotics, of diabetes, poor hygiene, a warm and moist environment,
poor circulation, traumatic skin injury, and number one, a poor diet. So let’s talk
about something really important.. If you’re having focal infections or fungal
concerns or problems of fungus on your toenails and fingers, it’s a sign that
your immune system is not working correctly. Let me repeat that, a fungal
infection is the sign of a deeper problem. You can’t avoid fungus, yeast and
mold, what you can do to avoid fungus? You can’t, they’re everywhere. The only way that
you can survive fungal infections is to have a healthy immune system. Immune
system deficiencies, lifestyle problems, like stress, too much sugar, not enough
sleep, an empty calorie diet. What? An empty calorie diet? That means you’re
getting food space takers but no real substance and in my opinion, the only
long-term viable solution for chronic yeast Candida infection is to work on
the person and make them healthy, not the fungus, not the yeast, you must take charge
of your health and lying on a pill or antifungal medicine
in my opinion is a recipe for disaster. So let’s talk about solutions, here’s the
best way to treat types of infections. Number one, remove the food source for
the yeast, candida and fungus. Stop eating food cocaine and I say that because it
sounds cool and everyone says sugar is more addictive than cocaine so avoid
sugar. Apple cider vinegar helps to kill fungal infections and the acidic
properties that help to kill the infection you can use externally and
internally. Now for systemic problems, I really like probiotics, culture foods and
plain yogurt but not yogurt with sugar in it. Oils like tea tree oil, oregano,
peppermint and clove oil. Now my favorite antifungal is a natural remedy called Lomasium,
it’s a wild crafted herb that was originally discovered by Native
Americans that bolster the immune system and in my opinion, is the number one
remedy for fungal infections and there are two ways to get this as a tincture
or as a capsule and this is particularly affected against skin infections because
it literally burns up the fungus. You can rub it on your fingernails or toenails
that have fungus and you can order this through the West Clinic online website.
Now for people that are not responding to the home therapy, there are some
advanced therapies that are important to help your immune system. I love immune
system bolstering therapies like IV vitamin C therapy, dilute hydrogen
peroxide therapy, dilute hydrochloric acid therapy, ultraviolet therapy, and the
natural therapies that help to reset the nervous system like neural therapy. So to
summarize the information, you can’t avoid fungus, it’s a sign that your
immune system is not working well if you have those signs and symptoms and
antifungal medicines interact with other prescriptions and are really hard on the
liver and kidneys. The only way you win in a yeast Candida fungal infection is
to make the body healthy and to beat this you need to follow a candida diet
and get rid of the food source for the bad guys. Now as a bonus, if you’ll
message me, I’ll send you my favorite candida diet outline, totally free. Now Lomasium
is the best treatment for candida systemically in my opinion. You can put
Lomasium on your fingers and toes, it works really well as long as you’re
consistent, if you’re more determined than the fungus, Lomasium
application consistently is great and some people with long-standing yeast and
Candida fungal problems need the advanced therapies that bolster the
immune system like IV vitamin c, UV lacks therapy, dilute hydrochloric acid therapy
or even ultra bio blending radiation therapy. Hey you guys, thanks for watching
the video on fungus. Remember, there’s always hope. This is Dr. Jason West in
the West clinic, please help us to help other people by liking and sharing the
video and we’ll see you on the next video.


  • Reply Clint Richardson April 13, 2018 at 4:19 pm

    This is way too prevalent today and doctors are overlooking it. Thanks for not being one of them. Mold is causing Lyme like symptoms in many. It makes you irritable and paranoid. I went through it myself and only realized it after treating. I believe there is an undetected dimorphic fungus affecting many.

    It doesnt sound like you can take loatia internally so how does it possibly treat systemic fungal infection ?

  • Reply Rodolfo Ruiz June 30, 2018 at 6:09 am

    What is the name of the Native American tincture? Sounds like Lumeishan, but I am unable to find it on the website…

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  • Reply Garin3737 September 2, 2018 at 11:32 am

    Dr. Jason West is a D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic) and NMD (Naturopathic Doctor) with an Acupuncture Certificate.

    It is smart to approach the world's problems from multiple angles, but they must be approached scientifically with supporting documentation. It should never be treated as "I believe this" and "they believe that"… you should only believe something based on supporting scientific evidence.

    This video could have been more concise, I hope my summary below is helpful.

    Ways to Treat Fungal Infections:
    1. Improve your immune system (eat healthy, eat less sugar, sleep more, reduce stress, exercise, etc)
    2. Use apple cider vinegar (topical and ingest)
    3. Add low sugar plain yogurt to your diet for "good bacteria"

    West's additional suggestions:
    4. Research the following oils: tea tree, oregano, peppermint, clove (Scientific research is still in progress, but suggests that tea tree oil might have antimicrobial properties)
    5. Research "Lomatium" herb (I failed to find a credible research paper on this herb, other than one that caused a woman to break out in rashes. If this is the next best medicine, I look forward to seeing peer reviewed scientific articles about it–articles which I have failed to find.)
    6. I don't want to list the last four "advanced" therapies, because they sound very "out there". One study showed that "dilute hydrogen peroxide therapy" causes dangerous blood clots, so please research that thoroughly before considering any therapies–especially when it involves you giving someone money.

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