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How To Treat Fungal Acne : Tiny Little Bumps on the Forehead

August 14, 2019

If you’re struggling from those tiny little bumps on the forehead that does look like acne But they’re really not this is the video that you might want to watch till the very end Hey guys, Lia here so today. I’m going to talk about one of the most highly highly highly requested videos ever which is all about Fungal acne, this is a very tricky and interesting subject It does look like acne And it’s very often misunderstood and is often misdiagnosed as acne so a lot of dermatologist would put you on antibiotics Or benzoyl peroxide which is not necessarily going to treat this acne like breakout It’s a fungus not bacteria and while researching for this I came across a beautifully written Blog post from simple skincare science com he did a terrific job breaking this down from A to Z So I highly recommend you guys to check out his blog post this video is going to be based on his Research and his approach as well So what the hell is this guy the technical term for this acne light breakout is Peter aspirin for the colitis or? Malassezia for the colitis sounds like Italian, but it’s really not anyways it’s like an acting like breakouts. That’s it often accompanied by itchiness it has like white little Yellowish kind of tiny bumps, it doesn’t seem like it’s squeezable or palpable, and it flares up mostly in the area Where it gets super oily like the t-zone or the chest or the back on the shoulders now this Melanesia? Is actually a form of fungi that are present in a lot of people or it only becomes problematic? When this malassezia guy grows like a Super Mario after eating the mushroom There are several classes of anaesthesia folliculitis the very first obvious obvious one is definitely excessive sebum production and That’s because malassezia is a microorganism that is lipophilic which basically means that it loves and loves and loves and Grows on oil and lipid they use human sebum as a food source to grow bigger and bigger and bigger Another reason is definitely excessive sweating or skin care products that are either too occlusive or that contains the food stores for Malassezia to grow and will go through every single ingredients in the later part of this video external factors such as hot and humid climate Accounts and pretty heavily, too And that explains the reason why there are a lot of acne patients that also struggle with peter osprey folliculitis in hot and humid countries such as the Philippines It’s pretty easy to tell by just looking at it, but to have a proper diagnosis You have to look in a microscopic level, so if you do have a chance to visit dermatologists Which I definitely recommend you guys to do So there are definitely kind of Assumption that you can make based on what it looks like and how it feels a lot of times these kind of acne like bumps would accompanied with itchiness a lot of effective ways that you can definitely tell by how your skin responds to traditional acne treatment such as antibiotics or benzoyl peroxide because these are not the treatments for Malassezia folliculitis, and it’s not going to affect them, but it can sometimes Exacerbate the look or the appearance at bounce easy to Licklider another pattern, that’s found in between Malassezia folliculitis patients is that they have been using antibiotics for such a long time that it kind of disrupted the entire hotel or the skin flora Which leads to setting an environment for malassezia to grow and flourish? This is the strategy to kind of avoid giving us easier any kind of food to grow So the very first group of ingredients that you might want to watch out is most fatty acids and most Oils and it’s very very hard to kind of avoid this because in a lot of creams moisturizers It’s so So easy to find any kind of fatty acids or any kind of oils to be honest fatty acids can be found in a name Such as lauric acid stearic acid myristic said palmitic acid linoleic acid oleic acid They’re definitely oils that are safe for you guys to use my chart MCT oil Squalane not squalene mineral oil besides these three oils It’s best for you guys to just avoid it, and if you do see any kind of fatty acids There are definitely exceptions that doesn’t really feed to melt easier But it’s just the best bet to avoid anything that is fatty acid the next skincare ingredient group that you might want to avoid is pesters esters is basically a combination of alcohol plus fatty acid and the creates ingredients such as it’s appropriate and anything that ends with a te at the end an ester is used very very beneficially in a lot of Skincare products you are looking for us to look country moisturizers if you’re looking for oil free moisturizer esters are very very very very beneficial because it’s less like far less crazier than any kind of Natural oil or beeswax or butter such a shea butter, so it provides a very lighter weight consistency It’s a super effective in moment plus Skin conditioning agents. That’s why it’s often used in moisturizer However since it has fatty acid inside the combination it might be best to avoid Polysorbate is another group that you might want to watch out Ingredient name goes by polysorbate 20 plus over 40 60 and 80 and it’s a very effective surfactant and an emulsifier mixing oily ingredients with watery ingredients, but to malassezia This is going to be another food another bad news is Gallic Dom Isis And this is basically the e spearmint and it’s found in a lot of Korean Fermented skincare products such as cost our exhale up to my sister essence manufactory talked to my sister Emily a lot devices but yeah It’s a bad news following ingredients are the ingredients that may or may not affect the growth of anesthesia cholesterol ceramides phospholipids and Scalene and these four ingredients that only have very limited amount of that can conclude that Malassezia is going to grow on these if you’re like super strict and you want to avoid just every potential ingredients I believe like these however if you’re more chill maybe give some room for these guys So we learned about all the food sources of malice India now. Let’s move on to the treatments that can actually kill and Inhibit the growth of mel celia the very first one and the most popular one is hands-down Ketoconazole and a lot of study after study suggests that ketoconazole can actually inhibit the growth of malassezia and interesting enough ketoconazole is the active ingredient that a lot of anti dandruff shampoos have So that’s why you might have seen this somewhere on YouTube somewhere outline as a treatment for fungal acne And that’s because of the presence of 1% ketoconazole quite this on clean skin probably on the problematic area for about five to ten minutes or even 15 minutes and to see how it goes with your skin another treatment ingredient is honey or propolis extract High five, honey is a super potent antimicrobial substance that can be very very beneficial for acne prone skin, but it’s also beneficial for Malassezia folliculitis, so if you do have raw honey on hand applied it as a spot treatment on the forehead or wash with raw Honey that can actually inhibit the growth of malassezia another effective treatment is salicylic acid aka beet hate This phone in a lot of acne fighting products as well, and it is antibacterial and inflammatory, but it’s also Antifungal which makes it very very effective to treat from go acne also It is a character ludic agent basically character ludecke agent means it’s going to Soften the skin or excessive skin growth which happens a lot with fungal acne patients another treatment is Sulfur and sulfur is a super effective acne treatment But also fungal acne treatment as well it promotes the shedding of fungal from the stratum corneum Which means the outermost layer of your skin according to a study when you apply a sulfur on the skin it produces some? substance called tent that acid which is toxic Demelza last, but not least we have urea urea is a Super duper hydrating and moisturizing ingredient that is often prescribed to atopic dermatitis patients or eczema patients And if you do have extremely dry skin where dry skin in general urea might be a very very wonderful ingredient to include but at the same time it is a character litigator this might be very very beneficial for those who have excessive growth of skin which is oftentimes found in fungal acne patients I know this was such a heavy extensive very very complicated subject definitely Let me know with your progress if you do Implement this in your skincare routine and in your treatment routine definitely check out the description box for more products and conditions that are safe For from galactic go check out simple skincare signs that come for further details about Mel C Jie folliculitis I think it’s a very good read anyways Thank you guys so much for watching if you’re new to my channel definitely hit the subscribe button down below to get notified And I’ll see you guys next time until we see each other stay healthy and happy and eat a lot of veggies bye


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