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How to Treat Diaper Rash – DadLabs Video

August 20, 2019

Daddy Clay: There are very few things that
can cause a more visceral reaction for a new dad than peeling back a diaper to reveal a
bright red, spotted baboon butt. Daddy Brad: Today’s episode is all about diaper
rash. Daddy Clay: So to get the full 411 on diaper
rash prevention and causes, we spoke to our favorite pediatrician and Baby 411 author,
Dr. Ari Brown. Dr. Ari Brown: Diaper rash is an irritation
of the skin when it’s been wet or soiled. If you sat in a wet or poopy diaper, your
skin would probably get irritated too. So garden variety diaper rash is just red. If
you put some cream on it, any type of barrier cream, whether it be Vaseline or a zinc oxide
based product like Balmex or Desitin, that should do the trick. It should start to get
better and as long as you’re staying on top of diaper changes, keeping moisture away,
it should clear up on its own. Yeast diaper rash is a little bit different. It looks like
raw meat with little pimples around it. And that’s not going to get better with your regular
diaper rash cream and so that, you actually need an anti-fungal cream for. Brand name
will be Lotrimin AF, it’ll say it’s for jock itch, but it treats the same stuff because
yeast is very similar. So you use that which is an over the counter product and it should
get better on its own. But in either case, if the rash is not improving in the next few
days after you have been treating it, that’s when you need to call your doctor. If your
child is really sensitive to moisture or poopy diapers, then you can put a barrier cream
on the skin. Anything to protect the skin really works well so Vaseline or any basic
diaper rash cream should do just fine. Just put it on at every diaper change and then
you can protect the skin. For disposable diapers, the advantage is your child might have a wet
diaper and there might not be as much moisture on the skin. But if you don’t stay on top
of a disposable diaper and the child’s been sitting in a wet diaper for a while, the problem
is still the same. Some children are actually sensitive to some brands of disposable diapers
and so sometimes kids will come in with some irritation, not in the genital area, but actually
along the sides where the elastic is on the disposable diaper or where the tabs are and
if that problem arises, then you actually may need to change brands or go to cloth diapers.
One thing parents should know about is that when their baby is taking antibiotics, it
leaves them susceptible to getting a yeast infection in the diaper area. So if your child
has been on antibiotics recently or is still taking antibiotics and your baby develops
a rash and it looks a little different that your usual diaper rash that you’ve seen before,
that’s when you should think about it being a yeast infection. When garden variety diaper
rash heads really south, where the skin gets so raw and irritated that maybe it’s even
bleeding, that’s when you need to call the doctor because it’s possible that you need
a prescription antibiotic cream or a thicker cream that they can prescribe to put on that
diaper rash. Daddy Clay: Some really good points there
from Dr. Ari Brown and I agree. I would say there’s more than just two kinds of diaper
rash. I mean there’s like sub-categories and multiple branches of the diaper rash tree.
Daddy Brad: Yeah. The inferno is the worst. The other day, I peel back the diaper, poor
little Myers, steam coming out. Steam. Daddy Clay: I’m not sure that’s going off
a diaper rash. But you can tell there’s just redness, there’s the spreckles, there’s sometimes
it looks like a burn. It’s almost like when you have that newborn and you kind of can
categorize the poop. I think you can categorize a diaper rash as well.
Daddy Brad: Lava. Daddy Clay: You know what, that’s all for
this week in The Lab. If you’ve got thoughts on diaper rash prevention, stories about baboon
butt in your family, join the conversation at
Daddy Brad: You know baboon butt, my aunt had that. But it wasn’t about diaper rash,
it was just kinda wide. Daddy Clay: We’ll see you next week here in
The Lab. Daddy Brad: Really wide.
Daddy Clay: Why are you? That’s not nice. She watches the show.
Daddy Brad: I’m sorry.


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