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How To Treat Chronic Candida Yeast Infection

August 13, 2019

Greetings. It’s Eric Bakker, naturopath from
New Zealand, author of Candida Crusher and formulator of the Canxida range of dietary
supplements. Thanks for checking out my video today.
I’m going to do a series of videos regarding chronic Candida yeast infection. I did one
yesterday, I think, an FAQ, frequently asked question. How do I know if I have chronic
Candida? I’ve got another question here from a guy in Sydney, Australia. How do I treat
a chronic Candida yeast infection? Well, let’s talk about that today. How you actually can
effectively treat a chronic Candida infection. What are the steps you need to take in order
to nail this thing? Let’s go over this now. First thing I think is important to spell
out to you. It’s really important for you to look at the holistic picture of your health,
your life and health, in general. Many people who come to me for treatment of yeast infection,
they basically just want to treat yeast infection. They want to treat the toenail fungus, they
want to treat the vaginal infection, they want to treat the jock itch, or they want
to treat some sort of skin rash they’ve got. Now that’s what they want to treat. They want
to treat one particular thing. Now many practitioners are symptom prescribers. They will just placate
to the patient’s need and treat that symptom. Medical doctors are renowned for doing this.
You come to a doctor. They will treat the symptom.
I may have mentioned in a previous video. When I was in Australia years ago, I visited
a medical clinic, a friend of me, and there was a sign hanging up “Please present with
only one symptom today,” which shows you how stupid the medical system is when today they
treat the headache. You come back tomorrow for maybe a period pain. You come back the
following day for arthritis or something. As if, nothing is connected in the body. And
there are still many people who are looking for like natural cures. They’re looking for
pills for ills. Well, if that’s you, get the hell away from
my Candida Crusher channel. I don’t really want you watching my videos if you think that
I’m going to give you some magic cure or some magic answer for Candida because it’s not
going to happen. So switch off now. Go and have a look at a lot of the other channels.
There are a lot of other people that will certainly tell you how you can cure this thing
in five minutes or in half an hour or the 24-hour Candida cure. What a load of crap!
These things are not possible. You can’t cure Candida in 24 hours. If you really believe
that, switch off now. Because I’m going to tell you, it’s not going to happen, especially
chronic Candida. You need to look at the whole picture.
You need to look at everything that is going on in your health right now. And we’re going
to go over a couple of important points that I’ve written about in Candida Crusher, in
my book. The first thing I want you to look at, which I think is 80 percent of recovery
for not just chronic Candida, but any kind of chronic condition is you need to look at
your lifestyle. You need to look at what’s going on in your life right now. So I’ve written
a few points down here on paper, and we’ll go through these bit by bit.
The big things I like people to look at are where the stresses in your life are. What
are the holes that need plugging up? Do you have issues with people around you? Our biggest
stresses in life tend to be people. People that we work with or work for. People that
work for us. People that we’re close to in relationships, either professionally or personally.
People that we’re related to, friends, neighbors, all sorts of people, but people tend to be
our biggest stress. Most people I know who come to see me as patients have got one person
that’s stressing them out. So these are the sort of frictions that need to be resolved
because stress has an incredible way of undermining your health by working on slowly eroding your
adrenal and thyroid health. By creating hormone imbalances, and these hormone imbalances lead
to lots of different problems. So you need to sort these kind of stresses out. You can
read a lot more again about stress on or
The second area that we’re going to look at would be sleep, as sleep really falls under
that work/life balance doesn’t it. That’s an area that really needs sorting out. Thirty
to forty percent of people we see now don’t sleep properly. So getting to bed on time,
not drinking too much alcohol, these are the sort of things that need fixing up. If you’ve
got issues affecting your sleep, you need to get it sorted out. People with poor sleep
patterns usually have poor health. Poor health increases susceptibility to Candida infection.
I just watched a really interesting video yesterday by quite a well-known American doctor
with an incredible amount of views on his channel. He never spoke about sleep. He basically
said, “You need to treat the gut. You need to treat the spleen. You need to treat the
intestines.” It was all about the different body parts that needed treated, but there
was no real talk about lifestyle changes that need to be made.
Often poor lifestyle habits underpin many chronic illnesses that people have or lead
them to develop eating patterns that develop poor organ systems. The stresses are the big
thing. Sleep, you need to get that nailed. If you can’t sleep properly, get it sorted.
It can make a huge difference to your life. Eighty to ninety percent of the body’s recovery
and repair occurs during deep sleep. So if you can’t sleep, you don’t need to be a rocket
scientist to work out, you can’t recover. End of. Move on. So get your sleep sorted.
Work/life balance. Maybe you’re working too much. Maybe you’re not relaxing enough. Maybe
you’re relaxing too much. Maybe you’re not working enough. So again, you need to get
this work/life balance sorted. It’s very important for you to be happy with your work to earn
sufficient income. You’re starting to get the picture now, right. Lifestyle needs a
lot of attention. It needs fixing up. Many patients I see also need what we call digital
detox. They need to get away from these devices. Eating over laptops and liking people on iPhones
and things like that when they’re eating foods. You can’t chew food properly. You can’t digest
food properly if you’re constantly using digital devices, so you’ve got to get away from these
kind of things. I grew up in an era where we never had smart
phones. We had smart people, not smart phones. Now, we’ve got smart phones and dumb people.
Think about it. You might need to make a few changes there. Eighty percent lifestyle, twenty
percent we need to really look at the dietary modifications. I’ve written a huge amount
about diet. If you go to, there is probably about 500 plus articles
on diet. There are many YouTube videos I’ve also done on diet, so again, you can go and
watch those. I’ve made those for people like you. Suffice it to say, diet changes are in
order. Again, this video I watched yesterday from
this doctor didn’t mention how important it was to avoid all forms of alcohol, so you’re
not going to recover from any kind of Candida infection if you drink alcohol on a regular
basis. Even one alcoholic drink per week is too much, so that’s got to go. Soda drinks,
fruit juices, all those sorts of high fructose, high sugar drinks, carbonated beverages; you’ve
just got to can all those. Get rid of them out of your life. Green tea is one of the
best teas to drink with yeast infection. It’s got a lot of polyphenols in it. It helps to
restore the gut. What else can we talk about? Well, again the
diet change is everything. You probably need to make considerable changes in your diet
if you want to get a considerably good outcome. And I’ve written many times in my book the
definition of insanity is eating the same stuff or making slight changes and expecting
a really favorable outcome. You probably need to make a lot of change in your diet.
A patient I had yesterday on Skype from Australia has got major constipation because he’s eating
fried food all the time. Well, that needs changing. There is no one single diet that’s
going to help you recover from a yeast infection. It’s usually a combination of different things
that you put in and take out that will make all the difference. Some people argue that
you should go all carb free. Other people say fruit is fine. Other people say all grains
have to go. To be perfectly honest, it doesn’t make a huge bit of difference if there are
small variations from one diet to another. I’ve seen people recover eating a considerable
amount of fruit, and I’ve seen other people recover when they take all the fruit out of
the diet. And as I always write in my articles that if something is working for you, you
need to increase that. And if it’s not working, you need to change it. If it’s not working
at all, you need to completely change it. So a lot of experimentation is required on
your part if you really want to recover from a yeast infection.
Check out my article on I’ve written a considerably long article on antibiotics
and natural alternatives. And I think there is an article I wrote also regarding probiotics,
which is quite a good one for you read. And you can also have a look at the FOS and GOS
foods, the fructooligosaccharide foods and the galactooligosaccharide foods. So that’s
an article all about prebiotic foods. Prebiotic foods, in fact, it was only as recent as 1997
that a doctor discovered what prebiotics really are. And we know now that prebiotics form
an extremely important part of recovery from SIBO, Candida, parasites, and many of these
kinds of problems. In fact, I attended a very interesting presentation
in Australia. It was put together by a very clever guy from Tasmania, Australia, who has
studied probiotics now for nearly 20 years. And in this doctor’s opinion, the fermented
and cultured foods make hardly any difference to a person’s digestive system because they
only have a very temporary ability to recolonize the gut. In fact, this doctor believed that
the FOS and GOS foods were much more relevant and important for a person to eat. These prebiotic
foods supply sugars called oligosaccharides that help to build up lots and lots of beneficial
bacteria in the colon. Check out my article on prebiotic foods on It’s
quite a long page. You can read a lot more about it.
Supplementation is the last part I would like to talk about. So remember the 80/20 rule,
80 percent of the time look at lifestyle changes, including sleep and stress, working habits,
relationship habits, all those sorts of things; and about 20 percent you need to focus on
your diet, not the other way around. Many people believe that 80 percent of the time
they spend thinking about what they eat and 20 percent of the time about the other stuff.
It’s not my experience at all that way in clients. Supplementation forms a very important,
but minor, role in full and complete recovery from a chronic Candida yeast infection.
I’ve used many, many different supplements over the last 25 years with patients. All
the leading practitioner brands, most of the retail brands. And for that reason, I’ve basically
designed my own product brand because I really wasn’t happy with the outcomes I was getting
with patients. I want you to check out is just a small website, but we
developed it to showcase the products. I’ll just write down the domain here. So you’ll
see in the middle, it’s got an “X,” So a lot of people don’t know how to spell
it. The reason I developed that product range
was really to get superior outcomes with patients. Outcomes I wasn’t really achieving using all
the different brands on the market, and I used them all. Allergy research, corn[?] research,
Metagenics, Bio Research, and NutritionTech. I mean the list goes on and on. I’ve tried
all of these different brands, and usually the practitioner ranges are superior to the
crappy ranges you’ll find on Amazon, IHerb, or junk websites like that. Often these websites
sell retail products that are made from very cheap Chinese raw materials of inferior quality,
and the outcomes are very hit and miss. This is why a lot of naturopaths like me tend to
buy practitioner ranges and sell those onto patients. These are often made from a higher-grade
raw material from companies in like Germany. Raw material suppliers like DSM in Germany,
in Dema. These are people who make very high-grade products, but I found that many of these products
also didn’t work. Well, they only worked sort of partially for some people, but not for
others. So how I designed my product is I look at
everything on the market and I can see all the small mistakes that many companies make
and I just make a better product. And then I trial that product out on patients. And
if I’m not happy, I modify it and change it, and just change it and tweak it and make it
better and better over time. And that’s what I’ve done with the Canxida range. So far,
I’ve created Canxida Remove, which is an antifungal product, anti-parasitic, it works for SIBO.
It’s, I think, probably the best broad-spectrum product of its kind currently on the market.
I’ve seen no products that have come even close to Canxida Remove. You can use it for
constipation, food allergies, diarrhea, irritable bowel, inflammatory bowel disease. I’ve had
fantastic success with Crohn’s patients and colitis. I’ve used it for many different kinds
of people. Bowel cancers, I’ve use it for all sorts of things.
And the second product I’ve developed is called Canxida Restore, so it’s got seven different
enzymes in it and six different probiotics. There are no prebiotic sugars in this product.
I don’t believe in putting inulin or FOS in with a probiotic. I think it’s bad news. And
you can read about that also, and I’ve written about that why I don’t think it’s a good move.
Many studies now validate that using prebiotics along with probiotics can actually support
SIBO and increase brain fog and aggravate people, so I’ve given up using these. That’s
why I developed Canxida Restore. I’ve got in it six different digestive enzymes that
target proteins, carbs, and fats. And I put a systemic enzyme in there, serapeptase, that
helps to mop up and get rid of the small proteins formed when Candida die. It helps to clean
and mop up the Candida mess basically. It’s a fantastic product. It’s taken me 12 months
to develop this product, Canxida Restore. Painstaking research went into selecting the
exact right probiotic and enzyme blend, and I think it’s a perfect companion for the Canxida
Remove. They work together as a pigeon pair. You will be able to read a lot more about
that very soon at, so hopefully the Canxida Remove will be released again,
my new batch. We’ve had issues with the first batch because it’s a very, very difficult
product to make. It’s a tablet involving 12 separate ingredients. And to get the sustained
release in this tablet form is very tricky, so I’ve had to already reject one batch, dump
a whole lot of stuff, and remake a new batch because I want it to be absolutely perfect
for people. I hope that gives you some good information
today on chronic Candida treatment. You can read a lot more again on,, don’t forget to do my survey; it’s the best survey in the world to determine
whether you have mild, moderate, or severe yeast infection. And check out my Candida
Crusher YouTube channel. There are close to 500 videos on there now. All designed for
people like you to give you some quite good information. Will you leave me some comments
please? Subscribe to my channel. And also let me know what kind of topics you’d like
me to discuss because I’m always happy to introduce new topics.
So this is a long-winded reply to a question from a gentlemen in Sydney, Australia. How
to treat chronic Candida infection. Thanks for tuning in.


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