How to Treat Candida Yeast Infection in 3 Easy Steps : VitaLife Show Episode 102

September 17, 2019

Welcome to the Vitalife Show! I’m Doctor Janine Bowring today topic is how to cure
candida yeast infection in three easy steps. First and
foremost you have to stop eating sugar. Sugar
actually feeds the yeast and this is one of the prime causative factors why women
experience chronic candida and yeast issues. First and foremost whether its of course the worst sugar is the process
white sugar which may be you knowing candies and chocolates and baked goods on all things that we love but this really does feed the yeast. Also natural sugars as well you really have to watch things like fruit juices which are
higher natural sugars but still feed the yeast if you’re eating you know regular fruit
and whole one this is much better because at the fibre helps to balance the sugar and it’s not a concentrated
sugar in the actual fruit itself. Watch
the fruit even with my patients who have chronic yeast infections I say not
more than one or two pieces of fruit per day and especially no juice that first and foremost Number two is a easy step just take a bath in which you per one cup vinegar and about 10 drops of tea tree oil which
is a natural essential oil which helps to kill the
yeast kill the candida and also the vinegar does that as well
and helps to acidify the vaginal tract. This is
something that you can do especially at the first stages when you start to
notice the discomfort of a yeast infection do that take that bath and do it
consistently for 2-3 days you need to do to help to change the
environment of vagina Third on the list is taking a high quality probiotics that’s
designed for the human digestive tract and human vaginal track, so the best probiotics Vitatree probiotics were
design for the human digestive tract and contain the right strains of
Lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium. Bifidoban in the right amounts it’s always guaranteed to be live which
is really important because all the probiotics that you may have been exposed to whether it’s
in the health food store or in the pharmacies are often a dead bacteria they’re no
longer live whether they’re in the fridge or not and you want to make sure you’re
getting a live microorganisms your friendly flora that are naturally in the vaginal tract and the digestive tract and by taking them consistently you are
proactively able to stay off those chronic yeast infections which often do you come back
for most women also stay away from antibiotics because
every time you take an antibiotic it wipes out all of your good flora. You always need the good flora, the probiotics stay healthy and to fight the yeast
infection so again I’m Doctor’s Janine Bowring. Please
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