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September 11, 2019

(relaxing guitar music) – Hey guys, welcome to my
weekly pregnancy update. This week I am 15 weeks pregnant, and our cute little baby has
grown to the size of an apple. You guys our baby is getting so big, yay. Our baby is about four inches long now, so that’s about the same as this. And just growing so much
every week, we’re so excited. Some of the exciting things that our baby is doing this week is
practicing breathing. Even though they are
not out of the womb yet to breath air, they practice
while they’re in the womb, but instead of breathing air they’re just breathing in the fluids
that are inside there. The amniotic fluid, just practicing bringing it in and out. So that’s kind of cool. And then also even though our
baby’s eyes are still closed, it can sense light, so
if you shine a flashlight or turn the lights on, often the baby will be able to tell or maybe
move out of the way if it’s really bright. So that’s super exciting. You can play some fun
games shining a flashlight on your belly and seeing
if you can get your baby to move around. Just because I was telling
you guys that I felt so good last week at 14 weeks,
as you can probably tell, I am sick this week, and it is miserable. So just because I started feeling better, now I am feeling so yucky and sick, and like we talked about last week, when you’re pregnant you’re immune system is really down, and part of
that is to help your body to not attack your baby
because it’s kind of you know a weird foreign substance in your body, so that’s one of the reasons
why your immune system is down. But that also means that
you can get sick easier than you normally would. So you want to make sure that
you’re washing your hands extra, especially making
sure your other kids wash their hands when
they come home from school or the grocery store or
wherever you’ve been. Just be careful about you
know touching your mouth, your nose, your eyes, all those things because you can attract
things a lot easier than you normally do. It can be really frustrating
getting the cold or the flu symptoms while you’re
pregnant because you wonder what am I going to do
because I feel miserable, and I know that I avoid most medications when I’m pregnant unless
I absolutely need them. And I think that’s a general rule that you don’t really want to take
medicine unless you have to when you’re pregnant. If you are running a high fever,
then you want to make sure that you’re taking Tylenol
and you’re not taking any NSAIDs like Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Aspirin, anything like that. There are some things that
are okay for chest congestion, like Mucinex and things like that, but the best rule of thumb
is to call your doctor or your nurse and just ask
them what would be okay to take while you’re pregnant. I do have a low grade fever right now, it’s like 99 to 100. If it gets any higher than that, I’m definitely going to call my doctor. They say you want to be
seen if it starts to get over 100 because then
it becomes a real fever. Right now mine’s just
kind of a low grade fever. Obviously I have a sore throat. I have a lot of chest congestion, which is a big concern
for me because last year I actually got pneumonia, and it was such a miserable experience
and so I’m terrified that this is going to turn into pneumonia, and I’m going to have to
go through that again, but being pregnant. And that would be so miserable, so if it gets any worse than this, I’m definitely going to call my doctor. I’ve only been having these symptoms, yesterday I woke up with a fever, and then today it’s still just low grade, so I’ve really just
only been doing this for two maybe three days. And so if it keeps going longer than this, I’m definitely going
to try to maybe go get some antibiotics, but
right now I’m just using home remedies to try to soothe everything. Something that I’ve always done is to do a salt water gargle. You just fill up you
water and then put about a teaspoon of salt in there. You want the water as
hot as you can get it. Salt just helps heal
and kill all that stuff that can be in your throat
and in your sinuses. It also just helps moisten that. You can also buy the saline
drops or sprays or sinus rinses. I like those too. If you’re having a lot of sinus pressure and things like that you
can rinse with those. Something else I love to do,
which I actually just did because I was trying to get my throat back to talk to you guys and it
didn’t really work too well, but a lemon, honey tea is
super good because lemons are super high in Vitamin C, which boosts your immune system, so you want to eat a lot of stuff like that. Honey is also a natural cough suppressant. They say sometimes honey, just
taking a tablespoon of that and coating your throat,
can work just as well as any of the over the
counter cough medicines. Lemons, also because
they are super acidic, they also have antibacterial
properties so that they can start to kill
that virus or bacteria or whatever it is in your
body and in your throat. So I really love to do that. Just heat up some water,
squeeze half a lemon in there, and then put about a teaspoon of honey in. It tastes great, and it
really helps to soothe you when you’re not feeling well. Also when you’re feeling not well, you can do things like sleep. I know that when you’re pregnant, you already feel like you’re
sleeping all the time, but really rest is so important. Running a humidifier. You always want to use the cold mist ones. Run those when you’re sleeping, just help keep all your
sinuses and passages nice and moist. Taking a hot bath or a shower. I know last night that made
me feel so much better. I just felt like I could breath again once I got out of the shower. Even though being sick
when you’re pregnant might seem like a very terrible thing, your body is actually creating all sorts of good antibodies that
are helping your body fight off the sickness. And because your baby is
directly connected to you through your placenta, your
baby is actually getting those awesome antibodies
that are going to stay in their body to help
them fight infection, and actually help them in the
future when they get colds. So you kind of think like, okay
this is really hard for me, but this is going to help my baby. And that’s true for anybody out there who might be nursing too. When you get sick and you’re nursing, it can actually pass through your milk, those good antibodies, to help your baby. So guys, if you’re having
cold or flu symptoms, try some of these home remedies. Remember if you have a high
fever over 100 degrees, if you have chest pain or wheezing, or you have a lot of green mucus, make sure you’re calling
your doctor on those because they could lead
to something more serious, like the flu or pneumonia. And just make sure to
take care of yourself so it doesn’t get any worse, and take care of that sweet little baby. So thanks for being with me, I hope that you got something out of this
and that you can hear me. And I am so excited to
share with you next week when I will be 16 weeks pregnant, we get to go back to the doctor. And for any of you that might be pregnant or are interested more
in our pregnancy journey, make sure you go to our channel
and click on the play list, and choose our pregnancy
journey play list, so you can watch more. So thanks guys, see you next week. (relaxing guitar music)

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