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How To Stop Flu Immediately (How To Kick Flu Fast)

September 17, 2019

Hello, I’m Dr Joe of Now sometimes in life You can’t do all the right things and the flu virus will still strike Now if you feel the signs of flu coming on Is there something you can do to actually stop the attack in its tracks? Of course there is and that’s what’s coming up next after the Channel intro so stay tuned Now for today is 2020 idea So what can you do to actually stop a flu attack if you feel the signs of flu coming on? Well there are have 2 things You can do. One is the first thing you must do is Suspend all exercise programs. Normally we say you should exercise But when you feel the signs of flu coming on; it makes sense for you to suspend all exercise activities The reason for this is; exercise actually is stressor to the body So if you go ahead and exercise when you feel the signs of flu coming on; you’re going to precipitate an attack You’re gonna bring it forward so Suspend all exercise activities. That’s the first thing you should do 2nd thing you should do is to actually use this agent we got here. We call it, Oregano oh, it’s an essential oil and it’s a very nice oil and I think it’s To make a very nice addition to your home. it’s a nice herbal remedy to have in the house Oregano oil And I’m gonna show you how to prepare it now One of the reasons why I like the Oregano oil is because of the active ingredient in it The active ingredient is actually called Carvacrol and this was a brand that I’ve got here has got 86% of Carvacrol in it Carvacrol is actually very nice herbal remedy. It’s got antimicrobial Properties and that will include antibacterial as well as antiviral properties That’s why I like it. Now You can actually use it to prevent a flu attack But you can also use it to actually stop a flu attack. Even if it doesn’t stop it it will reduce the severity of the flu attack if it does come through in the end. But It’s very nice one. Most of the time if I feel the signs of flu coming on I use this and it’s gone So I’ll advise you to get one of the I’m going to leave links in the video description If you want to get one of these for yourselves you go ahead and get it for yourself This one is this brand is the Zane Hellas brand. So, How do you prepare it? Well, there are various ways of doing it. I’m gonna show you just two ways of doing it today One of the ways I like to do it is; I use green tea Lemon as well as Coconut oil. Yes something I should say about the Oregano oil The Carvacrol is an essential oil but it needs an oil-carrier And what that means is you should not actually be taking it without any oil-carrier because it can irritate the GUT, you know The esophagus and your stomach. I know the manufacturer says you can add it to water and just drink it. Don’t do it Please always have an oil in it because it needs an oil carrier. And in this case We’re going to be using coconut oil You don’t have to use coconut oil. You can use olive oil, but I’m gonna use coconut oil here So essentially what do I do? I just add the green tea Inside hot water. There’s already hot water in here as you can tell it’s already boiled So you add a green tea in there? And then you’re gonna add the lemon juice from your squeezed lemons Okay, so this is natural lemon not Shop bought one. So I’ve already squeezed it ahead of time. So I’m just gonna add the Lemon juice here. This freshly squeezed lemon juice right in there and Then you add just a teaspoon of oil. So if you want to use olive oil, that’s fine But in this case, I’m going to use the coconut oil So I’m just gonna scoop just a teaspoon of it right there. Of course, you know, it’s All clogged up so it’s gonna thaw out when this thaws out this would be a teaspoon of coconut oil So you add it into the tea. So that’s gonna serve as the carrier. That’s the oil carrier for the Oregano essential oil So you do that and then just stir Stir it and then you add about 2 to 4 drops You can always start on…, you know, the beautiful thing about this container is that it’s got its own pipette Okay, so you just squeeze squeeze in? The oregano oil and then you add, you know 2 to 4 drops. Um, in this case, I’m gonna use about 4 drops so one two three Four. That’s it. And Everything is all sorted. So what you just need to do then is Stir. Stir it and That’s it. It’s ready for you to drink. Okay, so that’s your oregano oil mixture then You go ahead and drink it and that’s very good. That prevents or stops any flu attack. In fact, it can actually prevent it. Indeed, you should be using this about Two to three times a week to actually prevent a flu attack But if you feel the signs of flu coming on use this as well Another way you can use the oregano oil is you can use a full fat milk. Okay full fat milk you use that and then you just heat up the milk First of all, and then you add the same thing about 3 to 4 drops of the oregano oil. So, one two, three, Four. That’s it. You add that. You stir it and You’re done. Okay, so this one is just milk now It’s a full fat milk because you don’t need to Use an oil carrier for this because the full fat milk actually has oil in it. It’s got fat in it, I should say. So you don’t need any Oil-carrier. The fat in the milk would serve as a carrier for the oregano oil That’s all you need to do. But I like to warm the milk First of all, before I do that, okay. So, you try that. That’s another way of doing it So those are my preferred two methods of actually using the oregano essential oil But my daughter has come up with her own style. Her own technique Essentially what she does is she uses Lemon juice along with honey And then she adds a teaspoon of olive oil and then she adds about you know, 2 to 4 drops of the oregano oil So she uses lemon juice, honey olive oil, teaspoon of olive oil and then the Oregano oil. So, that’s another way you can do it But these are my preferred 2 methods. Using the green tea method as well as the full fat milk, so That’s it. I’ve actually enjoyed making this video. If you liked it, please give it a thumbs up Just hit the ‘LIKE’ button right there. If you’ve got anything to say, say it in the comments section Now the other thing is if you haven’t subscribed well, you should subscribe Ok, if you haven’t subscribed to this channel if this is your first time on this channel, please subscribe hit Subscription button. It’s just right there in the bottom right corner because that way you get notified of future videos that I make and if you think someone else You know might actually get value from watching this video, please share this video with them as well. Ok That’s it. I think until next time Like this video, share it, subscribe. Until next time, well this is. Dr. Joe signing out

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