How to Share Your Invisible Illness Story!

December 17, 2019

Hey guys! We’re excited to see YOUR videos for the “I Am Invisible No More” video contest. Quiet on the set please! Invisible disabilities video contest tips and tricks take one and action! Just kidding. You don’t need all this movie maker stuff or fancy editing software to share your story. Just pick up your phone or turn on your webcam. You can shoot selfie style or have someone else help you. Thanks! Cheese! You can shoot this in your living room or your bedroom. Standing up, sitting or laying down or from your favorite chair. You can pretty much shoot this however you feel comfortable. Here’s a few simple tips for you: If you’re using your phone, remember to shoot horizontally. It works better for the places you might upload your video to, like YouTube or Vimeo. To hold people’s attention, it’s best to keep your video under three minutes. But you can shoot as much as you want to. It’s your story! Make sure you’re in a place that’s not too loud or has too much background noise that would distract from your story. From a storytelling standpoint, here are a few ideas that might help: And don’t be afraid to … Oh! Use notes if you feel like you can’t remember everything that you want to say. Just write down some bullet points on a 3 by 5 card, to jog your memory. And remember! There are 25 prizes available! So tell your friends and family to vote for YOUR video! You can do this! See you in the movies! [music]

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