How to Remove Hair Dye Without Bleach

August 30, 2019

– [Maryam Voiceover] Hey it’s
Maryam, welcome to my channel. What if I told you, you
didn’t have to use bleach to lighten that semi-permanent
hair color in your hair? That’s cool, right? Today I’m gonna show you how
to do that using vitamin C. Yes, the same vitamin C that
we take everyday for our health we could use that to lighten up our hair. So, for this you’re gonna need vitamin C and inexpensive shampoo. It could be any type of shampoo you have and this one is optional, you
can get some hydrogen peroxide to speed up the process a little bit. Start by crushing 15 to 20
vitamin C tablets very finely. Once you’re done crushing that you can poor it into a bowl and then pour some shampoo into that bowl and start mixing the
vitamin C with the shampoo. Make sure to pour enough
shampoo to cover your hair. If you have long hair or very think hair. I don’t have an exact
measurement for this shampoo, I just pretty much eyeball it. Just make sure that you
can cover the entire area with the shampoo, so
you don’t have to remix. Now a this point, you
can put this vitamin C and shampoo straight onto your hair but if you want to speed up the process, you can add three tablespoons
of hydrogen peroxide to the mixture. Rinse your hair with water,
then apply the mixture of the vitamin C onto damp hair and lather it really well
to cover the colored area. I want to put a disclaimer in there that in order to make your hair color lift, you may have to do this
process two to there times. It all depends on how much
your semi-permanent hair color has been faded, if it’s
dark, if it’s light and it depends on your hair type, too. So you may have to do this
process several times. After your done lathering
your hair with the solution, put a shower cap on to
contain the heat on your head and then set your timer
for 45 minutes to an hour. Once your time is up,
shower and style your hair like you would normally. And here’s how my after looks like. It’s very much faded and I’m really happy. Best part about it is
that my hair looks soft and it’s not damaged by bleach. Thanks so much for watching, I hope that you enjoyed this video. If you did please give
this video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel
if you haven’t already. I will see you in my next video, bye.

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