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How to Remove Any Virus From Windows 10 For Free!

December 22, 2019

Whats going on guys, Today we gonna show you
a perfect remedy for many windows users who suffering from extreme virus attacks.
Yes, I mean it, by watching and following today’s episode. You can 100% get rid of
any virus from your Windows 10 PC for absolutely free, whether it would be, File Infector Virus,
Macro Virus, Boot Sector Virus, Browser Hijacker, Direct Action Virus, Resident Virus, Polymorphic
Virus, or any other Virus type, including Spyware, Malware, Adware and worm! I think
this video would be a perfect solution for that.
First I suggest you use the build in anti-virus program on your Windows 10, which is the windows
defender security, but this is not the best thing I have to show to you today. But it
worth running a scan using the build in tool, let me show you how to do it first.
Go to the hidden icon on the taskbar, and there you will find the windows defender,
double-click on it and it will launch the windows defender security center app. Now
go to the virus and threat protection, and click on “run a new advanced scan”. And
It will run a full system scan and try to find and remove some threats, but if your
problem worse than this. Don’t worry, We got the solution for the high intense situation. Go to this website and download the following
tools, and don’t worry about getting any additional viruses by downloading these tools, because
I tested them for sever time and it’s from a trusted source as well.
So firstly you have to download Rkill and then Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes is a popularly
know antivirus, so if you want you can directly go to their website, the official webiste, and download it from there
but it’s basically the same because you will get the same official and updated
version from here as well. and lastly, download AdwCleaner. I will explain why we need these
tools later, as we get closer to them. So let’s begin the process. Firstly we have to install the Malwarebytes,
it’s a simple process a matter of clicking couple of next (buttons)
So let’s do that. As you
can see we have finished the installation process as well as you can see it’s a trial
program, that will give you it’s full features for an entire 10 days, but I already used
it for several days, so therefor there are only a few days reaming for me!
Some of the features like, “Prevents virus, spyware, and malware infections, stops ransomware
attacks, shields programs and system from hackers, automatic protection updates” are
disabled when the trial the expires, But no problem, we only need a single feature from this entire
anti-virus program, and it called “cleans infected device” fortunately it free forever, even
if the trial period ends you can manually full system scan your device and clean the
infections. But before scanning, we have to do one more thing Let run the Rkill tool, it is a portable software
means its designed to run without installation, because while you are dealing with a dangerous
virus it may even stop you from installing a program. So I think developers decide this
tool by having this on the mind! Its direct purpose is not virus removal, but attempts
to terminate known malware processes, so that your normal security software can then run
and clean your computer of infections, and that why we still not run the Malwarebytes
scan, but we need to have Malwarebytes installed on the computer. because we have to run a
scan immediately once the Rkill completed its job!
So It looks like Rkill, temporarily stopped the threats in process, if any. If you wanna
see the details click on ‘OK’, And it will show you this a log file. Which contain
the information of the activities performed by the RKill. Fortunately, we haven’t found
any, because I removed most of the viruses from this computer at the time of the research.
But yours might be a different case. If you are under attack it can definitely show you
it’s power. As well as after running the Rkill you should not reboot your computer
as any malware processes that are configured to start automatically will just be started
again. Instead, after running RKill you should immediately scan your computer using some
sort of anti-malware or anti-virus program. So let’s proceed to scan with Malwarebytes,
and for that you have to open Malwarebytes and navigate to scan, and make sure you have
selected threat scan, then click on scan, now it will scan your entire system and find
and remove the viruses as well as clean the infected files! If it’s asking for a system
restart after finishined the scan just allow it. At this point you are pretty much clean from
most of the viruses, but if your experienced or doubted your device is infected by an adware,
you can run the AdwCleaner, which I definitely recommend to do to make sure you’re completely
safe from any kind of virus attacks. So allow me to show you. Double click on the AdwCleaner,
and click on I agree to the term, and it will launch the AdwCleaner, it’s also a portable
software, so you don’t have to go through any installation process. Anytime you wanna
scan with it just launch it and click on scan, Now it will scan your entire system specifically
for adware and remove them from your computer, it may ask you for a system restart again,
in that case just give it the permission… So it seems now my computer is completely
free from virus attacks, hope yours as well. If you want you can keep the malwarebytes
in trail mode, so you can scan your computer for threaters, whenever you need, as well
as you can purchase a priemuime licence for additional protection if you want, but it’s
not a nessory you can go through all these steps when ever you’re computer infected
by a virus and hopefully remove it completely. and hopefully this method will remove it. So that’s for today, If you like this video
leave a thumbs up, and share it if you think it helps others, also subscribe to the channel for
more helpful content. This is your host Amal Rafi
from Geeks tutorial. See you around!


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