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How to Reduce Eye Swelling and Treat Dry Eyes Naturally – TRANQUILEYES Goggles Review

November 23, 2019

So are you researching how to reduce eye
swelling and treat dry eyes naturally by performing a hot and cold compress? Well
in today’s video I’m doing a quick review of the tranquiileyes XL eye mask so
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about everything that I mentioned here today now there are many benefits to
performing hot and cold compresses on the eyes hot compresses are generally
really good for anybody with dry eye disease as well as other problems such
as chalazion sand styes those are really inflammation cysts of the eyelid and
styes which are infections of the eyelid. otherwise cold compresses are good for
anybody with swelling around their eyelids such as their waking up in the
morning and with a swollen eyes or maybe they have bad allergies and their eyes
are swollen from that then cold compresses can help reduce and control
that swelling and there are several different products on the market that
can either help with warm compresses by themselves or just cold compresses by
themselves but there’s not many that do both at the same time and so I was doing
some research and found that Tranquileyes XL the tranquileyes XL eye mask allows
you to actually use it a couple of different ways both as a heating mask
and as a cooling mask so if you’re somebody who’s having trouble with dry
eyes not only will it have the benefit of actually putting some heat to your
eyelids for just a few minutes but actually a long time it actually goes up
to about 25 minutes of constant heat with this eye mask but it actually
produces moist heat it actually has these little slippers that you put the
heating pack into and that actually something that you can soak in water so
it’s not just releasing heat but moist heat which makes it even more effective
now this mess actually comes with a couple of different ways you can use it
it includes these kind of green little beads in this package here that you can
either heat up in the microwave if you’re doing a warm compress for dry
eyes or you can actually freeze it use it for a cold compress if you’re
having the eyelid swelling it even includes this all there way to use it
which are called instance these little blue packs actually have a little metal
disc inside that you make little snapping click sounds with and then it
actually instantly turns a little bit harder and starts to radiate heat these
ones I actually like a lot because I can keep them by my bedside at nighttime
before I want to do my warm compresses before falling asleep but I’m just too
tired and don’t want to get up out of bed to walk all the way to the kitchen
and use the microwave to heat up the green beads so these ones are excellent
for that purpose and they are reusable to reuse them you simply have to put
them into boiling water for about three minutes after about three minutes you
remove them let them cool off and then you can reuse them again and with the
green beads and the blue instant pack you can actually use a little tiny sock
that comes along with it for those packs these little socks you’re supposed to
actually rinse under cool water so that when you put the heat pack in and you
hold it to your eyes with the eye mask it actually released moist heat and this
moist heat actually not just gives you the heat to melt the oils in the oil
glands for dry eyes but actually helps cool and soothe the eye with this moist
release of water toward the surface of the eye to help prevent dryness and
irritation now if you’re doing a warm compress for something like dry eyes a
chalazion or sty that heat that you’re applying to the eyelid is gonna help
melt of the solidified oils in your meibomian glands those are the glands on
the eyelids and by melting those glands they’re going to secrete easier but
it’ll actually be more effective for you if you do the wand compress and then
follow it with an eyelid massage and there’s a couple of different methods to
do an eyelid massage and if you want to check out that I have another video here
and I’ll hook it up in the YouTube card above as well as in the description
below if you want to check that out and learn a little bit more but if you’re
using the tranquilize XL for a cold compress it works pretty simple you just
put the eye mask itself with the beads inside the freezer for about 20 minutes
when it’s cool enough then you can take it out you put it on the eyes and relax
the coolness effect of the eye mask is going to help reduce
any sort of swelling of the eyes and the eyelids and that’s gonna help a lot if
you again you have really bad allergies or maybe you have bad salt retention and
you woke up with really swollen eyes again these are excellent for reducing
those swollen eyelids now another cool benefit that I found when using this eye
mask was that my wife she likes to stay up at night and read in bed with a book
light on and I’m somebody who’s very light at sleeping when there’s a lot of
light in the room so the real benefit of putting these on is that it completely
removes all of the light coming in from the sides so it also works as an
alternative sleep mask and I think that’s pretty cool now if you end up
purchasing one of the tranquileyes XL masks it does come with this nice little
pamphlet booklet that explains more how to use the mask for either hot
compresses cold compresses whether you’re using the green beads or using
the instant blue packs it’ll go through exactly how to reset those how to use
those how to clean it and some safety precautions so that you don’t end up
burning yourself or anything and you can pick up these eye masks at most eye
clinics most eye doctors can order them for you otherwise you can of course
check them out online I have hooked up some links in the description below if
you wanna check out updated prices but I do think that the tranquilize eye mask
is one of the more higher quality hot compresses and cold compresses that I’ve
seen on the market it is something certainly you can look into if you are
having bad problems with either dry eye symptoms or if you’re trying to relieve
some eyelid swelling from either allergies or if you’re somebody who just
wakes up with bad puffy eyelids so eye health question of the day have you done
either cold or hot compresses for your eyes whether it’s something like dry
eyes you’re using them for something like eye puffiness eye allergies go
ahead and comment the section below let us know what you’re using them for
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  • Reply youngimages2000 May 23, 2019 at 9:27 pm

    Awesome info, ty! I used a regular eye patch at night. One that is solid and convex so that it doesn’t push on the eye at night when I might sleep on the side. U don’t really think of that, but u can pressure the eyes if u sleep on the eye(s) when u sleep on your side…

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    so warm if dry eyes and cold if puffy eyes? And can you make a video about dark circles, puffines, symptoms, is it genetic, whats the cure? Great video once again!

  • Reply Fizzy Lizzy May 23, 2019 at 10:55 pm

    Hot compress damages your cornea and eyelid massage if done incorrectly could eventually cause glaucoma,don’t listen to this guy he’s a money grabber.

  • Reply therese cornelius May 23, 2019 at 11:45 pm

    You are Thee Best!! Thank you! You are addressing problems I’ve been painstakingly trying to remedy for a few years. Your eye mask I have never seen, and they combine not only a remedy for my gland clogging, but for my puffy eyes from severe dust allergies. It’s a double edge sword and I am so going to buy this thing. I massage the eyes after heat, but look forward to watching your video on that! You are really good at this so thank you for creating a channel!

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  • Reply grey shades October 31, 2019 at 4:13 am

    Hey doc, in performing the two compresses, would it be better to have the hot first and then the cold or cold then hot? What could be the least appropriate interval if it cant be in subsequent manner? Because ive been doing it for almost a week, i just wanted to know if im doing it right. The effect is barely observed. So asking a few, hoping you can throw light. Thanks. <3

  • Reply KATHRYN FRANZ November 7, 2019 at 11:42 am

    ??? I have inflammation of the eye and severe dry eye that has been diagnosed after cataract surgery. I tried the Tranquileyes goggles for nighttime use as an alternative to ointment, but found it was uncomfortable and ineffective.
    I use a heated mask 10 minutes morning and evening for severe dry eye. The preservative free eye drops and nighttime ointment I use have resulted in extremely noticeable swollen bags under my eyes. It seems that using a cold mask to reduce the bags would work against the benefit of the warm compress. What to do about those unsightly BAGS??!!

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