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How to Pronounce VIRUS – American English Pronunciation Lesson

March 7, 2020

hi everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech
with your pronunciation question today’s question is how do I pronounce the word
virus or an infection you will hear virus related to an
illness and you might hear that with the flu or with the corona virus that we’re
hearing a lot about in the news or you can also use a virus to talk about a
computer infection so let’s go ahead and learn how to pronounce this word virus
super easy to pronounce this word we’re going to look at two syllables for this
word vie Russ virus and this is technically the schwa but I’m writing it
as Russ the boy’s name because it might be a little easier to remember so let’s
start with the vie this first sound in the word is key you want to make sure
that you say the V sound vvv and to do this you’re going to gently bite the inside
or the outside of your bottom lip while the air keeps moving out and your voice
box box is on vvvv I do not want you to say wwww and that would happen if you
rounded your lips too much so your lips are a little bit pulled back and again
you’re gently biting the outside or inside of your bottom lip and the air is
moving out vvv next we’re going to move to the I the long I sound do this you’re
going to open your mouth and then close into a smile vie then we’re going to end
with Russ and to do this you start with that are if you’ve watched my videos
before you know this you’re either going to point your tongue tip down to the
bottom of your mouth or flip it back just do not touch your teeth and do not
let the tip of your tongue move rrrr your lips should be in a square tense shape
and then we’re going to relax the mouth for the uh and then end with that s ssss and
to do that the tip of your tongue is either pointing down or pulled back away
from the teeth again no touch the teeth and the air is going to move
out of your mouth virus virus virus virus now I am going to talk about how
do you say the word corona we’re going to just briefly touch on this because
really the lesson today is about the word virus but if you are curious think
of three syllables short syllables short syllable the long syllable here kah
Rhona corona corona corona and because this would technically be a compound
noun you’re going to make sure you stress word 1 corona that word is going
to be louder longer and higher than virus which will be softer shorter and
lower in pitch and those two words are going to link together coronavirus
corona virus corona virus so i hope during this cold and flu season you do
not get a virus so give it a try I know people are going to notice the
difference have you found this helpful please give
us a like and share us with your friends don’t forget to subscribe check out our
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stay healthy bye


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    According to the the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), governments should carefully and calmly approach the area of coronaviruses (CoV)โ€”which are a big family of virusesโ€”providing analyses and assessments based on science, not on politics; thus let's assume nothing without panicking. ๐Ÿ’• โ˜ฎ ๐ŸŒŽ ๐ŸŒŒ

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    I really want to know how to pronounce the -ble ending words in US accent. Pls make a video of it ma'am.

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    Due to a virus in your computer, you have to go to the repair shop to have it fixed.

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    11 years. Thank you

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    Hi! Tarle. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement, it's so inspirational. You're inspiring , I appreciate it.I can't agree with you more, your pronunciation is impressive, you correct my prounciation that I pronounced wrong before. You know what, I fall in love with accurate pronunciation , and I'm into pronunciation. I understand that it's important for non-native speakers.You know, if you have bad pronunciation, even you speak perfect grammar, people can't understand you. I want to speak clearer English, not to sound like a native speaker. My goal is to be able to communicate with confidence as a speaker and as a listener. I trust that you can help me become a NEW SPEAKER of English. Thanks so much, Have a wonderful beautiful day. Take care, Tarle. Bye for now.I'll see you soon for your new lesson.

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    Is this tense correct?
    Why have you not been replying?
    Or much better to say why we're not replying?

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    Thank you very much.i ask Allah protect every one from this virus.

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