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How to Pronounce EPIDEMIC – American English Pronunciation Lesson

January 3, 2020

hey Jennifer from Tarle speech with
your pronunciation question today’s question is how do I say the word
epidemic or an outbreak of an infectious disease that is widespread so to say
this word we are going to focus on that little short schwa syllable the uh sound
the mistake that I hear most people make in this word is that they make the
vowels long and there are several short vowels in this word so let’s take a look
the word is epidemic and we’re going to look at four syllables ep uh dem ik so
you could hear that we have very short vowels in this word so we have this
short e here ep and then we add the super short schwa syllable uh another
short e sound dem and then another short i vowel ik so as a tip think about saying
this word in two parts epidemic epidemic epidemic epidemic epidemic the doctors
are concerned with the widespread epidemic of the flu so give that a try I
know people are going to notice the difference and don’t forget the key here
is to focus on all of those short vowels short short short short epidemic all
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