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How to PERFECT your videos INTROS

January 27, 2020

If you’re looking for a way to convert
more video views into sales or business leads, I’m gonna teach you how to craft
the perfect intro for your ideal customer. I’m Mark Brown with Epidemic
and in this video I’m gonna teach you new ways to craft the perfect intro to
your video messages, so it really laces in and grabs the attention of your ideal
customer. Now a lot of you will already have some kind of small audience already, whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, hopefully a growing YouTube
channel and you may even have an email list, but are you currently crafting your
intros a bit like this: Hey guys, it’s Mark here, I’ve just got into the office today,
it’s absolutely horrible out there today it’s raining in Manchester, England and
anyway I wanted to get on Instagram because there’s something I want to tell
you about, I think it’s gonna be something you’re gonna quite like and
let’s get into the video. Stop, whoa, that is the wrong way to do it. You need to be grabbing the attention of your business viewer in the first 8 seconds and why do
I say 8 seconds? Well Microsoft in Canada did a recent
study and it shows that our attention span in the year 2000 was around 12
seconds, in 2018 and 2019 it’s gone down to a pitiful eight seconds so you really
do need to be mindful and thoughtful about the intro of any video that you’re
putting out on YouTube or even on Instagram stories. You need to start crafting intros that are less generalized and more laser-targeted in
to your ideal customer. So two really powerful words that you can start off with are the words “if” or “are”, so for example, if you’re a small business owner, right, see how that works already if you are a small business owner I’ve probably
already grabbed your attention because you are a small business owner, okay? So
we’ve got the who, next we want to work out the one, what does the customer want
that you can actually deliver on? So if you’re a small business owner and you
want to reach more customers I’m going to give you two techniques in this quick
video, so you can see how simple but yet powerful that is, we’ve got the who and we’ve got what they want they’re a small
business owner and they want more customers, so you can see how this works
together very fast and it lasers in on your ideal customer. So let’s say you’re a coffee shop owner, you could say if you love coffee in this video I’m gonna
teach you three ways to create better coffee at home. Pretty simple, yeah? If you’re a fitness brand, it could be if you want to lose
weight fast, I’m gonna show you three techniques you can use this week. And it’s just gonna grab people much, much faster. So start using this and play around with different variations and different words you can use to start in
intro-ing your video and it will be super successful. What I would recommend though
is don’t use this for every single video that you put out, only use this on
business videos or videos where you’re trying to get someone to take some kind
of action because if you start every single video like this it will seem a
little bit spammy. Now when I’ve suggested this in the past people have said “Well, if I use this technique won’t I alienate certain viewers?” The way I
look at it is like this, if you own a gym for example, and you start a video with
“if you’re into fitness…” and you have people who are not into fitness, they’re
not really the right fit for your brand anyway, you know this will laser target
in on your current followers, it’s just going to stop them in their tracks, so I
wouldn’t worry too much about losing customers because really this dials in
to your perfect customer and you shouldn’t be trying to target everyone
anyway because you know the old saying if you target everyone, you’re not really
targeting anyone. So there you go, that’s a bit of a blueprint that I want you to start trying out today in your Instagram stories or your YouTube videos and let
me know in the comments section below how it works for you. I mean, we did some
AV split tests on this and we found that when we changed our intros and made them much more grabbing and direct, we had a 53 percent retention rate over videos
that didn’t have this kind of intro so it really is powerful and it really does
work. In the next video I’m gonna show you how you can take this and previous
lessons to the next step by using paid advertising in Facebook and this is
super powerful now you know what video topic you should be doing and how you can laser target your message, we’re now
going to show you how you can use these techniques together to laser target your
ideal customer on Facebook and doing it the right way, so you’re not wasting
money on ad spend. Hit that subscribe and that notification bell and watch the entire series all the way through and you’ll soon be a master of your video
content strategy


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    Great tip! Definitely going to incorporate this into my Trading videos

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    These are the tips I love most, super simple to implement with a big bang for your buck (assuming it works as expected) 👍

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