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How to Naturally Cure a Yeast Infection with Yogurt

August 15, 2019

(up beat music) -Hey Guys welcome back to another episode of (Both) So Easy a Can Do It -In Today’s episode, we’re going to teach you a natural cure for a yeast Infection -Yeah so, we’re going to help here that Vagina yeah so what you’re gonna need Is a Tampon and -Some Plain Greek Yogurt and then Also like a little Spoon or A knife or something -Alright so you’re gonna take your Tampon you’re gonna open it up -Yeah so you want to get this, the Tampon part actually out so once you get the tampon part out, Then you want to go ahead and try and fill like the empty cylinder with some of the Natural Greek Yogurt -Yes and it can be like um Non Greek Yogurt but it needs to be plain. Ya like plain, original. Ralphs didn’t have plain and non greek. -Well Greek is still it’s good. You just want. The reason you want plain your going to put the Natural Good Bacteria that’s inside the Yogurt -in your vagina -yeah it’s gonna fight the overgrowth of the yeast in a yeast infection -You could probably use like a syringe -yeah yeah Just make sure it’s something that’s sanitary like don’t go grabbing an old tampon from the trash can. Don’t go like grabbing like something that isn’t gonna be Sanitary because you’re putting this in your Vagina and You don’t want to put just anything in there. Unless you that type. -People put lots of things in their vagina. -That’s true. What you put in your vagina? (laughter) -Nothing I’m not suppose to. Okay, okay so Josh hold out your hand, and we’ll give it , like hold it like a little Cup, ok so Again you don’t need like a ton of the Yogurt to get up There But you just want to go ahead and use your Tampon now that’s all together at the Yogurt Inside to push out that Yogurt into the vagina -Oh yea. No more yeast infection. -So yea just do that once and then wait a couple of days If your still having issues of course like see a Doctor,but this should really clear up that the yeast infection. Ok. -Spoon that Yogurt Up in the Vagina. -Get it up there. -So now you know how to cure a yeast infection if you Haven’t already subscribe this Channel, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and follow us on Tumblr, Vine, and Periscope. Also leave a comment below and tell us what you’d like to learn next. -Okay guys thank you so much for watching we’ll see you next time. (both) Bye.


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