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How to Manage Viral Induced Asthma During Cold and Flu Season

October 24, 2019

So let’s talk about asthma and the cold
and flu season. There’s a lot of viruses during the cold and flu season that are
present that can affect the child with asthma and make them more at
risk for serious complications. Flu is one of those viruses or influenza and
influenza can put a child with asthma at risk for serious complications such as
hospitalization and pneumonia. So we need to prevent the flu as much as we can. How
can we prevent the flu from happening? The number one and most important step
is vaccination. Vaccinations are available everywhere in your
pediatrician’s office, in the health care department, in your local pharmacies.
After you vaccinate your child, what other things you can do in your home to
prevent the flu or spread of any other virus? Number one hand washing also if
you do have a cold prevents the cold from spreading or that virus from
spreading by not coughing into your bare hands. So put a tissue into your hands,
cough into the tissue and throw it out. Or cough into your elbow or your shoulder.
Also frequently clean surfaces that are frequently touched in the house. This way
you can prevent the flu from spreading among family members and keep your
family healthy during the cold and flu season.

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