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How To Make A Yeast CO2 Trap To Kill Bed Bugs

August 20, 2019

Warming the water for the traps Aprox 2 oz of warm water Add one packet of yeast In warm kitchen Add 2 scoops of sugar Or 3 scoops of sugar Mix with finger or wooden spoon Place near heat Look for bubbles in about 5 min. Any kind of yeast will do While waiting for mixture to bubble begin preparing traps Using a clean plastic wide container and paper towels Use scotch tape to secure paper towel. The idea is to create a stair case for the bugs to crawl up By adding flares to trap it makes it easier for the bugs to crawl up Note the length of the paper towels as well. The warm water yeast and sugar mix is expanding, means the yeast is good, the water was not too hot nor too cold. Where the paper towel meets the top edge should be smooth so bugs can crawl across. Make holes in lid to water bottle, a nail and hammer would work too. I used scissors, but is dangerous for the inexperienced. Yeast mixture now has lots of foam. I use used cooking oil, but new oil will work fine. Use about 3 Tablespoons per trap. cover all inner sides of container with oil, including base of bottle The yeast gases will often create small fragment of mixture at base of inside of trap. Use funnel to add Yeast mixture Add more warm water Make sure that it’s not too hot nor too cold. Fill warm water a few inches from top of bottle. Shake mixture Goal is for gases to escape through the top of bottle and settle inside of container that has the cooking oil. Center bottle Using aluminum foil wrap bottle leaving space for gases to go down bottle. Aluminum foil must not touch edge of trap, because then bugs would climb up it, instead of falling in trap. These traps will often catch many different types of bugs including spiders. Traps work best if human victims are shielded by plastic, with clean linen, and mattresses lined in plastic secured with duck tape.


  • Reply Susan Stone Salas June 9, 2015 at 12:21 am

    This is how to create bed bug traps basically for free, with common trash and household products:

    1. used clean large margarine like container, 
    2. empty small water bottle 9 oz. (with lid)
    3. used paper towels, fabric or other paper will work too.
    4. 1 packet of yeast.
    5. 1/4 Cup sugar
    6. about 7oz of warm water (baby bottle temp)
    7. scotch tape, or duck, or masking tape will do. 
    8. aluminum foil about 12"x12" or plastic can be used.
    9. scissors, to make holes on water bottle lid. 

    1. Painters plastic drop plastics, or white trash bags (the black trash bags will work too, but its much harder to see the individual trapped bugs on the plastic, especially when it is used on as a floor liner. 
    2. thumb tacks, duck tape, scotch tape or masking tape will do to secure to create layers on plastic to cover chairs and beds.

    PLEASE NOTE* The traps will be in-effective without first creating a barrier between the humans family and the bed bug families, to do that one must line floors, under beds, under tables, under chairs, on top of walls, beds, chairs, with preferable painters plastic drop sheets, but white trash bags duck taped together overlapping will work. Over lap plastic sheets/bags several layers, then add bedding or seat covers that are clean, inspected closely, spay 91% Isopropyl on any live bug one sees and it will die. Depending on infestation, traps created, the time it can take can be as long as 6 months, in an apt, where other units are not treated, the plastic should remain in place. Keep plastic away from inside of cribs, clean cribs real good with the 91% alcohol in creases especially and place crib on top of plastic only and apply Vaseline to the legs, just in case. And place traps every where, and also place plastic liners under dog and cat resting areas, under other mammal cage like hamsters. Place plastic under computer, under keyboard, under mouse pad, under officer chair, under feet everywhere. Supervise children closely!

    PLACEMENT OF TRAPS* because the bugs have a hard time walking on the soft plastic with many inclines, they often will tire, and stay in one spot and appear dead, spray them with the 91% Alcohol, place traps under the plastic that is covering the bed, desk, recliner, office chair, and also in other areas of the home, because these creatures can reportedly travel 500 feet for a meal, and often live in the walls, so a trap below a light switch may be a good location, or an electrical plug.

     BE PATIENT* it can take 3 to 6 months to kill the babies, but the adults and eggs according to some reports can survive much longer like a whole year without feeding. One must inspect traps daily, empty and re-set as needed, if no bugs found in traps search for weaknesses traps, or in plastic layout as often it will tear or shift. Inspect family make sure no one is getting bitten usually on exposed skin as they sleep, but can be bitten during the day too. Some family members might not get bitten at all, while others will and might be allergic if areas are very swollen and painful, and that family member will need to be seen by a doctor for strong antibiotics, others the bites will not be annoying but evidence of the bites will be there as red small round marks, the classic bed bug bites is like a pattern that forms a triangle, sometimes one's whole back can be covered in bites and one will not know it. Inspect linen for blood spots, there should be none after placement of the layers of plastic, if there is then there is an opening somewhere, also look to the ceiling, light fixtures, tack thumb tacks with plastic to create a tent like shield, they are very smart animals, that's why the more traps the better. They can climb straight up a wall, but not up plastic trash bags, or other similar plastics. Keep children away from plastics, add a carpet on top of the plastics on the floor that is clean so that children and pets don't accidentally fall or suffocate, supervise children diligently.

  • Reply Susan Stone Salas June 25, 2015 at 4:18 pm

    *Please Note there is quite a controversy about these cheap inexpensive yeast made C02 traps, because other methods used to kill bed bugs cost the consumer hundreds and or thousands of dollars, and many industries are making a ton of money off of people who have been infested by bed bugs. These bugs can live up to 18 months, killing them is the only way to rid one of an infestation. Often times pest control will spray or one will use pounds of DE, and  yea  for a while no bites, but the problem is that then the major nest is now scattered in all directions. The main thing is not to panic, and even if they scatter, applying painters drop cloth plastic on top of beds, (not encasing beds) will create a barrier between the bug and the human.  Plastic on some flooring like where one sits can help too, and not get bit by the bugs.

  • Reply Ask The Pro DJ July 2, 2015 at 1:32 pm

    For some reason Meth Labs always get Bed Bugs?

  • Reply Skiidzman August 17, 2015 at 7:18 am


  • Reply Gra Piken October 7, 2015 at 11:43 am

    Sorry. This video is terrible. You know what you are doing but the viewer doesn't. You need to explain clearly

  • Reply Paula White August 5, 2016 at 8:22 pm

    How long does the yeast remain active and bubble?

    I have a different idea similar but different way of handling this. On the on set of an infestation. Do this in the first few days. I put masking tape all around a dog bowl and all over on the inside. Then I roughed up the tape with sandpaper so they have a good grip. I put the yeast in a cup in the middle and spread diatomaceous earth on the bottom of the bowl. Make it so they can escape and go back to where they hide.Place were it's more likely to be infested like your bed and couch. You want them to get it on themselves and take it back to their hiding place (you can't know every place they hide) so they can pass it to their buddies and babies! Bwahaha.

  • Reply philip mpa October 10, 2016 at 6:47 am

    Cimexa …. NOT D-EARTH…Cimexa …. NOT D-EARTH…Cimexa …. NOT D-EARTH…Cimexa …. NOT D-EARTH…Cimexa …. NOT D-EARTH…

  • Reply Megan S January 17, 2017 at 9:35 am

    does this work? I got bitten a couple few times on my couch. they've probably multiplied by now. Ive got carpet in my living room. but don't think I can't get painters plas tic rn. would it still be effective?

  • Reply holy green monkeys January 20, 2017 at 2:45 am

    the video could use some editing. i got impatient and skipped around. didnt catch what u put in the bowl but im gonna make it and i hope i dont have any or ive caught them early enough that the cold kills the eggs and the trap catches the few i have. im in a trailer and the house its parked at has them but they refuse to believe it. their bad. im gtfo come snow melt…

  • Reply janeth Masoud February 28, 2017 at 8:46 pm

    all I want to see is the ingredients and the 2nd morning the bugs on it.. to much time for those wrapping and whipping.

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