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How To Know The Difference Between Yeast vs. Bacterial Infections | Madge the Vag | Scary Mommy

August 13, 2019

– What? This wasn’t like this before,
now what the heck is going on? (playful music) (’50s sitcom music) It happens to the best of us. Everything seems normal,
and something’s fishy. Twhat’s up, ladies? I’m Madge the Vag, and today
we’re finding out what goes on when something goes wrong with our vag. That’s right, we’re talking about yeast and bacterial infections. Now, let’s get down to it. (swiping sound) Yeast infection versus
bacterial infection, do you know the difference? – No. – No. – I’m gonna say, no. – Brianna? – I don’t. – Myrna?
– No. – Maybe? (laughs) (bass music and finger snapping) – Okay Doctor Angela,
what is a yeast infection? – How about awful? (Madge laughs) My gosh, itchy, burning, irritation. – Ew. – Discharge. – Ugh, well what the heck causes them? – It’s a shift in the
bacteria that normally live in the vagina, so with
yeast it’s, you know, too much of the bad bacteria has
overtaken the good bacteria. – What other things can
cause a yeast infection? – Lots of things. Antibiotics are one, we already talked about hormonal shifts. Certainly tight clothing. I always recommend non-scented,
non-perfumed soaps. Go boring in the vagina. – [Madge] Oh, really? – Use the Bath and Body Works,
whatever, everywhere else, but go boring in the vagina. If you’re someone that works
out you want to get out of those wet workout
clothes as soon as possible. Make sure that you’re working out in clothes that are highly-absorbent, panties that are highly-absorbent. – Is there anything you
can eat to control it? Like does a yogurt a day
keep the doctor away? Does that work? – Yeah, there are a lot of people that advocate things,
like eat more yogurt. I’ve even had people go a step further, and like actually put
yogurt in their vagina. – Oh, my goodness.
– I know. (Madge laughs) Do that if your partner likes yogurt. – Oh, my g– – Or do that because you like yogurt. – Oh, okay.
– Okay? You know some people like to promote a lot of probiotic
intake, because they think it kind of staves yeast infection away. It may or may not work. (swiping sound) – What are three things that
cause a yeast infection? – Wet swimsuits.
– Uh-huh. – Sex. – Not consuming enough
live and active cultures. (laughs) – (laughs) That’s very technical. Do you know that yeast infections are not the way you make bread? – I’m sure.
– Okay, good. (swiping sound) (bass music and finger snapping) Well now, what causes BV? – Oh, smoking. – Smoking?
– [Dr. Angela] Yes. – Out of your vagina? (Doctor Angela laughs) Who’s doing that? What year are we in? – Smoking can certainly
cause BV, or an early to an increased risk of BV, sometimes that as opposed to multiple sexual partners. – So the minute you think
something’s funny about that, you should definitely go to the doctor. – You should go and see the doctor. And the other thing that I
wanted to say is discharge. We should get some t-shirts
that say, “Got Discharge,” because it’s like the most
non-talked-about thing. Everybody has discharge. All women have discharge. It can change in amounts, consistency, depending on where you are
in your menstrual cycle. Having said that, as
long as your discharge doesn’t itch, burn, or smell
bad, it is likely normal. Par for the course. Annoying, but normal. – Just a sec, checking my discharge. Check your discharge.
– Yes. – Are you itchy?
– Yes. – Is it burning?
– Yes. – Is there a smell?
– Yes. – Now is the treatment the same
for BV as a yeast infection? Can I self-treat?
– No. This is why you don’t self-treat, okay? Because the antibiotic regimen
is completely different. – Is it gonna go away on
its own, by any chance? Like, once I had strep throat, and it just went away on its own. – It could. – Oh. – It certainly could, but if it doesn’t, you’ve gotta get seen. Either that, or be
uncomfortable, or smell bad. (swiping sound) – Whew, well that clears
that up, well kinda. If you’re feeling cheesy,
smelly, or itchy down there, or you don’t know what
it is, don’t wonder. Just go see your doctor. You may have an infection. If you have any questions or
comments, put them in my box. My inbox, that is. (cha cha music) (guitar notes play) What? This will– (laughs) Too soon.


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