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How to Inject Cosentyx® (Secukinumab) | Johns Hopkins Medicine

February 15, 2020

(optimistic music) Hi. Today I’m gonna teach you how to use Cosentyx. Cosentyx is one of our new biologics, and it comes in an auto-injector pen. It’s called Sensoready, is the name of the pen. To use this you’re gonna first gather your supplies. You’ll need a sharps container, you’ll need alcohol wipes, and you’ll need your medication. This is going to be my pretend skin today. So the first thing you’re gonna do is select where you’re going to do your injection. That can be on your stomach, say about an inch away from your belly button, or on the outsides of your thighs. The next thing you’ll do after you’ve selected the site, is to clean that area off. You can use an alcohol wipe or you can use a bottle of rubbing alcohol and cotton ball. You’re gonna go in a circular motion for about 20 seconds, to get that area nice and clean. Then go ahead and set that aside. The next thing you’re gonna do is get your medication ready. This is very simple. You’ll be able to see the medication is in there, and you’re going to just twist this cap, and it comes off. What you’ll see is that way deep down inside here, there will be a little needle. It’s very short, and it will not go down into muscle, it should not go down into any kind of vessels. So you don’t have to worry about that. This part here, is the part that will go against your skin. And what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna hear two loud clicks. When you push this against your prepared skin, you’re going to push it with enough force that you depress this little blue cap. So you’re gonna hear two clicks. (click)
One, and you’ll see this indicator come down, and when the medication is all the way in, you’ll hear another click. (click)
Two. You just take it away. That’s it. You’re gonna dispose of it in your sharps container. You may see a little clear liquid or a little spot of blood, just wipe that away. You might need a Band-Aid, but most of the time you shouldn’t. (optimistic music)
And that’s all there is to injecting Cosentyx.

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