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How To Increase YouTube Watch Time

November 7, 2019

Would you like to know how to increase
your YouTube watch time? I currently produce 13 YouTube channels and I
figured out several things that I do that definitely increase my watch time.
Right now, I’m averaging between 6 and 7 minutes on every single video which is
really good. I’m going to show you all the things that we’re doing to achieve
that. Here’s what you can expect in this video.
We’re going to first dive into analytics. And I’m going to show you what average
view duration is and how you can find that out in analytics. Then I’m going to
talk to you about how you start your video and how that relates to the watch
time. And I’m going to talk about some ways that you can begin your content that
will really help people watch all the way to the end. I’ll actually talk about
editing and how you can tighten up a video. You can make a 12-minute video and
shorten it down to 10 minutes. But actually doing that increase the amount
of time people spend on your video. I’ve got a couple ninja tactics that I’m
going to share that really work to increase the energy of the video. And
then I’m going to talk to you about what not to do to wrap this discussion up.
Okay, let’s look at some analytics. We’re on
the Paul Jenkins channel that called Live On Purpose TV. And this video has
done really well. In the last 28 days, you see that it’s got over 33,000 views,
200,000 minutes of watch time. It’s brought in another 773 subscribers which
is pretty cool. To know that one video is doing that much work for your channel. We
posted this video a year ago or something like that longer. In fact, let’s
go check it out. The last 28 days, let’s go back cents upload lifetime. Okay, so
it’s actually added 26,000 subscribers to our channel. Right now,
we’re at about 85,000 on this channel. So, this video has really helped us out.
Aand I’m going to come here to the reach tab. I love this tab especially because of
this funnel right here. You see that cents upload. We’ve had 6.6 million
impressions. So, the thumbnail and the title of this video has been shown and
suggested to people 6.6 million times. And this is averaged a 3.9%
click-through rate. Let’s talk a little bit about click-through rate, okay? That’s
kind of a lower click-through rate. The more that YouTube promotes it to new
audiences, the lower your click-through rate will be. So, if at first, your videos
are shown mostly to subscribers or just to people that are the most relevant to
this topic, you’ll have a higher click-through rate. You know, it could be
7%, it could be 10 or 11 percent.
We see that often. But then when a video really gets heavily promoted by YouTube.
We do see click-through rates drop. In fact, one of my best performing videos
that’s got over 5 million views that click-through rate is between 1 and
2 percent. And we’re seeing what we can do to tweak that. Because just getting
that up to 5%. We’d get way more views than we already have. But just
know that the more audiences your videos shown to, the less relevant it is
to them and that’s why your click-through rate will go down. So from
that 3.9%, click-through rate on those 6 million
impressions, you’ll see that it leads to 258,000
impressions. Now, there is a discrepancy here that I’m not quite sure about.
Because this video does have more than that number of views. But if you look up
here, these impressions it says 87% from YouTube
recommending your content. But it may not count people searching for your content
or what not. I don’t really understand that. But in this funnel, it’s saying that
we have an average view duration of 6 minutes and 42 seconds.
You know, how this stat is calculated exactly? I guess I’m not clear. The one
thing that I do know is I can compare one video to another video and I can
compare them to each other and know which ones are performing better. At the
bottom of the funnel, you’ll see that that has resulted in 1.7 million minutes
of watch time. Which is pretty cool. So, that’s what average view duration is. And
if we’re wanting to know what can we do to increase average view duration,
because there’s plenty of videos that we’ve made that only had an average of
one minute view duration. This is the 10 minute video and people only watching
one minute. There’s a lot of things that we’ve done to be able to increase that
and get that up to this level here. How you start your video and how you start
your content really make a big impact. So, when you do your intro, you want to say
2 things. You want to tell them what the video is about and why they should
watch. So, if your video was on the topic of how to get rid of strep throat
without antibiotics, here’s how it might start that video. I might say, “Welcome
back. In this video, I’m going to teach you how to get rid of strep throat without
antibiotics.” I’ve been using this remedy for many many years it’s worked every
single time. And it’s with household ingredients. You probably already have
these ingredients in your kitchen.” Okay. See what I did there? I told you
what the video is about I mean how to get rid of strep throat
without antibiotics.Tthen I gave you some background or some credibility that I’ve
been using this for many years and you have these ingredients in your kitchen.
Right? So, that gave you some why. Like, “Ooh! Not only is he going to give me a remedy
but he’s used it. It works. It’s credible. It’s in my kitchen.” So, after you do your
intro then you’ll have a little branding piece. I call it a video logo. A lot
of other people will call it an opener. Maybe 5 or 10 seconds long at most,
right? Just something that’s got music and a lot of shots of you being cool, alright? That’s your video logo. Then it jumps
into your content. You’re not done setting the stage, okay? So, you set the
stage, you planted a hook in the intro. But when you drive into your content, you
still need a set more content hooks. Okay? These content hooks are like a
summary of what’s coming but delivered in a way that that helps them feel
curious or creates curiosity. So, if you notice in this video, I did that. I told
you what was coming and what to expect by watching all the way to the end of
the video. And I suggest that you do that. I mean if you prepare like I do with a
bullet point outline, you basically just say, “Well, first. I’m going to talk about
this.” And then I’m going to go into this. And then you’re going to learn how to do this.
And then you’re going to learn how to do that.”
That’s content hooks. By doing that, people won’t leave prematurely. They’ll
know, “Ooh, I want that. Ooh, I want that. Ooh! I want that. Ooh! I want that.” All the
way to the end. And so that’s a great way to increase your average view duration.
Now, let’s talk about editing in this video particularly, I’m actually feeling
a little bit flustered. I’m feeling 29 episodes today and that can kind of be
draining. So, I’ve had a lot of stop and restart. So I’ll say something like, “Oh!
and then I’ll redo it.” Also, I say, “um”, “ah”. a lot. Or a lot of things, I’ll say, “so” a lot.
So.. So… I keep saying “so”. Well hopefully you haven’t heard too many of them
because my team is really good at editing them. And if you take a 12-minute
video and you just tighten it up, you edit out a lot of the pauses, you’ll edit
out anything that’s repetitive or redundant, you edit out mistakes of
course, you tighten it up, so that it’s it’s a shorter video but
it’s it’s more fast-paced; that will actually get people watching further
into the video because they don’t get bored. Your videos moving along and
they’ll just move right along with you. Alright, how about I give you a ninja
strategy? I’ve been using one in this video. You notice how I’m switching back
and forth from sitting down to standing up? I’ve got two different tripods. I keep
my camera and my audio rolling. And I just move it to the other tripod.
Usually have a filming team but they’re actually filming with another client
right now. So, I’m doing this myself but I’ve got 2 tripods set up one that is
on right now. And another one right here that aims at the chair right there.
So, just by moving back and forth every bullet point in my notes, it keeps the
energy high and it helps me really focus on just one point at a time which makes
the content better. Which increases my average view duration. Okay, here’s
another ninja tactic. Okay, do Street interviews. You can go downtown to an
area where there’s always people and just ask people questions around your
area of expertise. So, I’m actually preparing a whole list of questions
right now that we’re going to be going downtown. And interviewing people on. And
so we’re going to be doing this for the Kris Krohn channel we’re asking things
like is real estate investing risky? I’m going to ask people for my channel
questions like, “Do you think everyone should be an entrepreneur?” And just by
getting quick responses or thoughtful answers or emotional reactions like, “No,
way!” Just by putting little clips like that at the beginning of your video or
throughout your video, can really help keep the energy high. Mix things up for
people and will keep people watching to the end. So, I want to show you a couple
examples of these. -To be honest, I don’t know a whole lot about real estate.
-Do you know anyone that’s gotten hurt or struggled in real estate? -Yeah. My family. -And
does that encourage you… That’s good. -Real estate can go up and down. The stock
market can go up and down. -Do you think you’ll ever invest in real estate? -I hope
to one day. -Okay, now let’s talk about what not to do. Alright? What you don’t
want to do is sound too professional. You don’t want to sound like a news anchor.
You don’t want to sound like too corporate. You don’t want to put a green
screen that looks too businesslike. You just want to have a conversation with
people. Just talk. You know have a conversation like you’re talking to
on the phone, answering their questions. On YouTube, you’re just talking to one
person at a time. So, I’m looking right into your eyes right now. I’m talking to
you. The mistake would be to talk to a whole group like, “Hey, everybody! Thanks
for joining me on this channel. How y’all doing?” Right? Because I’m just talking to
you. Okay, here’s a really big mistake that a lot of YouTubers make that get
people to leave right away. If I’ve been covering all this material and then I
say, “Okay. Let’s review what we talked about. First, we talked about this and
then we talked about this.” It’s like, “Oh, I guess this video is done. And it’s just a
review. If I wanted to review, I could rewind.” People leave. We’ve seen this in
analytics all the time. The view that retention rates going like this and then
when we start to review, it just drops off. So, that’ll kill your retention. Do
not review on your video. If they want to review it, they’ll rewind it. In fact, you’ll
see that a lot. Sometimes your attention or it will go like this and then it will
go back up. It’s like, “Oh! How did it go back up.” It’s because people rewind it
and re listened to that spot. Alright, now here’s another mistake that everybody
makes. I used to make this mistake in every video with all of my clients. We
get to the end of the video and we basically say goodbye. Okay, that’s a
mistake. You don’t want to say, “Hey, thanks for watching this video I hope you found
it helpful. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Why is that bad?
Well, YouTube has this stat that they track called session watch time. So, they
watch your video then they watch another video after that and beyond that, right?
But if they watch my video and they leave their session, watch time or their
session duration ends with my video. Ooh! Why would you tube show this video
because it knows it’s going to end their session. But if my video leads to another
video, YouTube is going to say, “Okay, if we show this video to them they’re still
going to be one more after this that they’re going to watch.” So, here’s what you
do instead of saying goodbye to people. What you do is you tell them what video
to watch next. And I’ll actually demonstrate that for it. Because I do
have another video linked to it right here that you have to watch next.
I made 42,000 dollars on one video in ad revenue. It’s a how-to video. Yeah, how to
videos don’t go viral. So, I made a video showing you how I did
this the title of this video is how I got 5 million views on a video. I
definitely recommend you check that one out. Now, that you know how to get high
average view duration, the next step is to get millions of views on us. So, go
check that one out.


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