How to Go VIRAL on YouTube

December 26, 2019

– The biggest YouTubers on this planet, folks like Rosanna Pansino,
Casey Neistat and MrBeast all have the secret that has
to do with viral triggers and it allows them to go viral
again and again and again. Now, it’s your turn. (calming music) – [Man] Brian G Johnson. – Brian G here and to grow
YouTube, stake your claim and amplify your message. Do that by subscribing. Click on the bell notification
and you’ll be on your way. This is video number one in the series on going viral here on YouTube. And know this, these viral
triggers can be incorporated into your videos no matter what, And viral trigger number
one is the pleasure in the misfortune of others. You see this all the time on YouTube, in fact, I just ran into
this video The End of Ninja. That video draw 4.2 million views. And this next one cracks me up. Hey, whatever happened to Casey Neistat? You see these videos cause
viewers to take a side, you’re either for Casey or you’re against. And often times, you’re
gonna leave your thoughts in the comments below and that creates this huge raging debate, it keeps viewers coming back. Smart. And speaking of Casey, this
video here was published back in 2003 before
there was even a YouTube. And already back then, Casey
really knew how to incorporate these viral triggers and he did that in this particular video. And that brings us to
viral trigger number two, the underdog story. This video leverages the
classic underdog story line. It’s David and Goliath. It’s Casey Neistat against
the Apple corporation. Casey’s iPod breaks, he calls up Apple, and they tell him, “You know,
instead of trying to fix it, “why don’t you just go buy a new one?” And that brings us to
viral trigger number three that’s social injustice. Now, how this trigger
works is pretty simple. The YouTuber creates a video and the goal is to draw attention to
somebody or something or a company that’s
doing the YouTuber wrong. And in this case, Apple
is doing Casey wrong. They recommend he just goes
out and spend his money. And what does Casey do? He takes to the street to draw attention, spraying graffiti messages about how Apple is doing him wrong. What makes this trigger so very powerful is they’re relatable. We’ve all been in their
position where the man is doing us wrong. Growing up as a kid, you
ever remember your parents telling you you had to do something and it seems so wrong. When you incorporate these story elements, these viral triggers,
it becomes really easy for the audience to empathize with the message you’re delivering. And thus, viewers become
more emotionally invested and that leads to more
sharing, more at the time. As creators, we can
predict how the audience is gonna respond. And all of a sudden, going
viral becomes very predictable. And that’s why Casey Neistat
has done that so many times over and over again. It’s all about empathy and understanding. If you’ve ever watched
a documentary on animals and you see one suffering,
it really pulls you in. You feel terrible for that animal. Maya Angelou said this,
“At the end of the day, “people won’t remember
what you said or did, “they will remember how
you made them feel.” And that’s the goal, we
wanna really trigger emotion or to get people to think on a deep level. And MrBeast, just like Casey
Neistat, really understands the power of these viral triggers and he incorporates them
again and again and again. And that brings us to our
fourth viral trigger, OMG. This is all about getting
people to have that like, I can’t believe he just did that moment, crazy moments but it’s also genius ’cause it’s worked over and over again. Bu there’s a catch, you’ve gotta be first. It’s gotta be an original idea or you’re not gonna drive
millions of views like MrBeast. Now, today, MrBeast is doing amazing. He’s got brand deals. He’s making all kinds of money, and thus he uses that
money to his advantage. For example, 2,256 miles in
one Uber ride, world record. Now, if you’re just getting started, you probably don’t have
the time or the $10,000 for a crazy Uber ride. But either did MrBeast when
he started back in the day and yet, check this out, crazy, stupid human tricks. Counting to 10,000 in one sitting. The video is three hours and 29 minutes. Excruciating. SpendinG 24 hours straight under water. That doesn’t cost anything but time and really a desire, a burning desire. And how about this one here, standing still for 24 hours straight. MrBeast creates videos
that people have to see and not only do they see it,
they feel and they share. Next up is topically
trending and this one’s one of my favorite. Now, if you think trending is good, it is, but topically trending
is so much more powerful. And this is the viral
trigger that Rosanna Pansino uses all the time. And doing so has allowed
her to drive millions and millions of views
again and again and again. How to make Disney Princess sister cake, My Little Pony cupcakes,
Angry Bird cupcakes. And if you look closely,
you’ll notice that these videos are all part of a playlist. I can imagine Rosanna, “Wow, millions of views,
I think I’ll repeat that, “it’s predictable.” And she did just that and crushes it. Now the way this works is simple, you begin with a niche,
you stay in your lane, you don’t deviate from that niche but you leverage the
power of trending topics. I mean it’s not that much harder to make an Angry Birds cupcake
than a regular cupcake. I mean, sure, you’re gonna
spend a bit more time, you’re gonna research but
this is how you go viral. And the result, 23 million views. Crazy. Now I did a bit of digging and I found that this video is published
on June 19th of 2012. And this was right around when Angry Birds was really trending. It was popular, it was top of mind. And clearly, this kind
of strategy can allow you to stand out in a competitive,
oversaturated niche like baking on YouTube. For example, I leverage a
strategy from time to time myself, and recently, I published a video that drove six times my normal views. Normally, I would drive
maybe three or 5,000 views in a couple or three days but by leveraging this very strategy, this particular video
drove over 44,000 views in only three days and 17 hours. That’s crazy. And that’s the power of leveraging the topically trending strategy. Learn more about the
topically trending method, watch that video right there. I’ve also got a link to it in
the top comment listed below. And if you’re new to the channel, consider subscribing, click
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do, you’ll feed a poodle. I got two and they’re hungry. I’ll see you next time, you dig?

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