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How To Give Yourself A Cold | 3 NINJA TECHNIQUES!

September 12, 2019

Hello Boys and Girls. In this video I’m going to be showing you
how to give yourself a cold. So lather up your luffa’s with some hot
soapy water and let’s get sick. “Queries of the Interweb.” I just want to start this video off by giving
a huge thank you to Lumogram for hooking me up with this sweet logo. It used to just be a still image and now it’s
this fly animation. Look at it. Look at the rocket blast off. Ahh, that it so cool. Lumogram is a company that animates logos. Lumogram is offering my viewers five hundred
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price of a used Jeep Wrangler. The link to Lumogram’s website and the five-hundred-dollar-off
coupon code is in the description. Okay, your cousin D, who started his own business
and has a logo and didn’t animate his logo, he needs your help. Send them this video and hook them up! With that out of the way, let’s talk about
Let’s talk about how to give yourself a cold, how to catch a cold. Can you give yourself a cold? Can someone give their self a cold? Here are three ways. This first way to give yourself a cold is
to walk around barefoot. Walk outside barefoot. Take those socks off and be one of those creeps
who doesn’t wear any footwear. Come on. Those aren’t shoes, those are foot prisons. Am I right? If the weather is cold even better. Walk outside on the sidewalks without any
shoes. Your cold is gonna be huuuuge! This second way to give yourself a cold, is
to hang around a lot of people. So find out where people are and go there. If you live in a city, perfect. Go downtown if you live in a small town. Right, you got a bunch of family around, chances
are, one of them’s catching the flu. Go hang around people. Be around the air they’re breathing in. You’re gonna catch something alright, it’s
inevitable. It’s like the law of cold catching. This third and final way I’ll show you how
to give yourself a cold is, don’t be hygienic. Don’t wash your hands and be touching everything. You know how in the hospital they’re always
like oh, wash your hands. Even in school, they’re like, always wash
your hands. Never wash your hands, okay. Be touching all the light switches, be pulling
all the door handles, be high-fiving everyone, don’t wash your hands after you do your
business in the rest room, just don’t tell anyone about that. You are a germ warehouse. Now that you know how to give yourself a cold,
go ahead and give yourself an animated logo okay. Five-hundred dollars off of your first logo
animation, and these are professionally animated logos. The link to the website and the five hundred
dollar off coupon are in the description. Stay classy guys. I’ll see you in the next video. Peace. Social media links are below my face for those
of you who want to stalk me. You guys like this new background music that
was made for me, huh? It’s got that mysterious vibe. It just makes you want to subscribe… or
not. I don’t care, I’m doing fine without you.


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    [Thought I'd post my own little tips here too XD] Pro tip: Do this at night, this minimizes your chances of being caught.

    1. Take a REALLY cold shower/bath. Do this for as long as you can, this puts stress on the immune system and basically makes harder for it to fight bacteria. After the shower/bath DO NOT DRY OFF! This will keep the body cold and immune system will stay stressed. I recommend putting on wet clothing as well (not warm clothing, but shorts and sleeveless thin shirts), it makes sure you stay cold.

    2. Lick doorknobs around your house. Make sure you do this right after step 1. People touch doorknobs all the time and the chances that someone has bacteria on their hands or that someone didn't wash are high.

    3. Weaken your immune system. Stay up as late as you can or wait until the last minute to go the sleep. Ex: Say you normally get up at 6:00am to get ready for school, go to sleep at 5:00am or 4:00am. One, this just put more stress on the immune system. And second, you will naturally seem more tired and slow. If you want to stay up all night then try looking up how to pull an all nighter there are plenty of videos on it. Some other way to weaken the immune system are: Poor hygiene, and dehydration. Just in case you wanna hit those extra marks. DO NOT SLEEP UNDER WARM COVERS. Either sleep with thin covers or none at all, you cannot risk getting warm.


    Now have fun getting sick 😉

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